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CDS (Credit Default Swaps) Info, May 10, 2011

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If the borrower defaults on the loan, not only does the lender receive payment by ..... Withoutspeculators buying and selling naked CDS, banks wanting to hedge might ... the newsmedia) learns that the bank is selling the loan, then the sale may be ..... Intercontinental said in the statement today that all market ... - Cached - Similar

Big Money List - How to?: Credit default swap (CDS) – All about ...
15 Apr 2011 ... If a lender has purchased a CDS on that loan from an insurance company, ...the speculator can then take that default, turn it into a credit, ... Posted by MF/News at 2:22 AM. Labels: All about money, Money with Banks ... - Cached

Big Money List - How to?
15 Apr 2011 ... If a lender has purchased a CDS on that loan from an insurance ... thespeculator can then take that default, turn it into a credit, and swap it for a cash payment from an insurance company. ... Posted by MF/News at 2:22 AM 0 comments ... Research published today by the Internet Advertising Bureau ... - Cached - Similar

$573 Trillion With a "T"
24 posts - 3 authors - Last post: 26 AprUsers Online Now: 1841 (Who's On?) Visitors Today: 175246 ... If a lender has purchased aCDS on that loan from an insurance company, ... only way that the speculator can then take that default, turn it into a credit, ... It's was bad news that we handed out all this money to bankers but the real ...

The derivatives beast: The monster awaits | eats shoots 'n leaves
1 May 2011 ... When a lender purchases a CDS from an insurance company, the liability of the loan becomes a credit that may be swapped ... For example, a speculator may sell deep in-the-money naked calls on a .... Bolivia Rising · Crossed Crocodiles · Food Crisis and the Global Land Grab · Pambazuka News [Africa] ... - Cached

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Daily mortgage rate news, predictions, commentary and updates. ... Speculation about what he will say is running wild as the policies the Federal Reserve chooses to... Read More» ...Loan Type, Today, +/-. 30 yr fixed, 4.69. 15 yr fixed, 3.96. 5/1 ARM, 3.26 is not a lender or a mortgage broker. ... › News And Advice - Cached - Similar

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Credit reports are unlikely to contain significant errors, ... - Cached - Similar

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You need a bit of razzle-dazzle to nab a buyer today. These attention-grabbing strategies will... Oil price collapse pays off for one speculator. The week ahead in stocks ... Mortgages; Home Equity Loan; Insurance; Credit Cards; CDs ... - Cached - Similar - Add to iGoogle

11 posts - 9 authors - Last post: 2 days agoIf I have a bank, and I have 1 million in reserves, I can loan out anywhere from 25 to 50 million dollars. ... When a lender purchases a CDS from an insurance company, the liability ... Only then will the speculator receive credit that, in turn, ... Quote from: cyclonicjunkie on Todayat 04:07:10 PM ... › ... › OSAMA BIN LADEN DEAD! - Cached

Credit Default Swap
If a lender has purchased a CDS on that loan from an insurance company, the lender can ...his loan and "default" because that is the only way that the speculator can then take ....News for Credit default swap · Tweets from ... - Cached - Similar

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Finding a Mortgage: Hard You've heard it on the news, read the “price reduced” ... “To be a successful borrower today at the best possible rate available, ... Should a borrower default on their loan, the second mortgage lender gets paid ... of speculation and incorrect information with regard to credit cards has to ... - Cached
Credit default swaps, or “CDS” as they are commonly known, have ...
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market today. Having arisen partly in response to the desire of bondholders to reduce creditrisk without having to ... tive of a lender in a syndicated loan facility, this structure ... CDS or LCDS as a means of financial speculation, in effect .... a “notice of publicly available information,” usually a news ...

HelocBasics | List of Non-Recourse Mortgage States and Anti ...
The lender may recoup some of its loss through foreclosure. ... recourse loans and lendersfor these loans may sue borrowers to recoup loss. ... There has been some speculation that mortgage refinances do not constitute ... Common HELOC Questions · Home Equity Line OfCredit · Second Mortgage · What is a HELOC? ... -Cached - Similar

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13 Jan 2011 ... Although the details are unclear, the effect today seems to be that others ....As both the buyer and one of the lead lenders—a dual role that many ... In the current creditcrunch, student loans have been flying under the ... Like subprime mortgages, there's a lot ofspeculation involving people ... - Cached

Fixing economic meltdown
Mortgage lender Daniel Sadek, head of Quick Loan Funding, .... Wall Street sold CDO's andCDS's to greedy speculators who wanted to make money. ... Step 19 Toxic Poison Today: Swaps poison debt Non-liquid mortgage assets that have lost value. ..... Mayerowitz Scott, “ECON 101: Credit Crunch for Dummies,” ABC NEWS ... - Cached

Credit Default Swaps: What You Need to Know NOW - Secured Lender ...
Credit default swaps, or "CDS" as they are commonly known, have emerged from virtual obscurity only five years ago to become a multitrillion dollar market today. ... From the perspective of a lender in a syndicated loan facility, ... as a means of financial speculation, in effect "shorting" the underlying credit. ... - Cached - Similar

Tying Interest Rates to CDS Is a Recipe for Main Street Disaster ...
24 Nov 2008 ... Speculator #1 sells CDS to Speculator #2 at an artificially inflated price. ...Unfortunately, Friday's news doesn't reflect today's realities and illustrates how .... The CDSas a business credit score and every loan an ARL. ... I learned early that sometimes you just have to say NO to the lender. ... -Cached

Tyler Credit
We offer information on banks, credit unions, and other lenders in the Tyler East Texas area.... Give it a look today, Shop Online With Tyler Credit! ... Credit unions will allow you to compare CD rates, loan rates, checking account rates, and help ... Shop Tyler Credit,Speculation, Telco Plus Credit Union Tyler ... - Cached

Commercial Mortgage Lender Explains Credit Default Swaps - What ...
3 Oct 2008 ... Stupid loans originated by lenders, greedy for profit, ... in the functioning of thecredit markets, today they represent a ... A credit default swap (CDS) is simply a contract that acts as an ... It didn't take long for speculators to figure out there were no rules when it came to the CDS market. ... › News and SocietyEconomics - Cached - Similar

The End of the Beginning for the Global Credit Crisis | Graziadio ...
To satisfy the demand for loans, lenders sold the mortgages they originated to Wall ... CDSbecame an instrument for speculation after the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of ...The bad news continued with the downfall of IndyMac Bancorp, .... Choose Tomorrow's Leaders Today · Editor's Note · Editorial: Will ... - Cached

The News Tribune (Lite) - Be wary with credit counseling groups
17 Apr 2011 ... These low-documentation or no-documentation loans tend to be subprime ones ... lenders and borrowers – thus, the term “liar” loan. ... It would have been smart to demand proven performance, not just “potential” patents and speculation. ... Today I'm the world's top chemical company, with some 109000 ... - Cached

Your credit score may rise or fall depending on loan type, lender ...
13 Apr 2008 ... You may think you know your credit score, but it's a number that changes more rapidly than many consumers realize. ... Dornhelm says these industry-specific loansgive lenders the ability to ... Speculators, Fed share blame for higher gas .... Key data included news of slower growth in services and ... -Cached - Similar - Add to iGoogle

The Motley Fool 4/17/2011 » Abilene Reporter-News Mobile
16 Apr 2011 ... One resource is the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), ... A: Liar loan is a term that popped up during the recent ... lenders and borrowers — thus, the term "liar" loan. ... not just "potential" patents and speculation. ... Today I'm the world's top chemical company, with some 109000 ... - Cached

NetBanker: P2P Lending Archives
This week, a new multi-company effort called, Coalition for New Credit .... Peer-to-PeerLender Prosper Reopens Today at FinovateStartup ... There's good news in peer-to-peer lending today as Prosper reopened for business. ...... loan have been covered for the first year by the company's first 13 CD depositors. ... - Cached - Similar

Mortgage Rate Trend Index
5 May 2011 ... Quick links: Bank ratings | Graph rates | 100 High Yield CDs .... Refinance while loan rates are rock bottom · 5 refi blunders to avoid ... - Cached - Similar

Metrobank List Of Repossessed Cars
Tap into our large network of direct lender without broker costs. ... speculator could lead you to earth-shattering gains by learning the news before ... Anyone can get a credit card or a payday fast cash loan in today s world everyone ... The lowest average as the survey began tracking month cd rates in january. ... - Cached

Why Non Owner Occupied Mortgage Rates Are Higher Than Owner ...
2 Apr 2011 ... A less risky loan is a safer loan for the lender and less likely to go in to default. ... one that might be given to a speculator that has more than one property. ... It is very possible that someone with excellent credit can buy a rental ... Rate Center. Today'sAverage Rates Across the Country* ... - Cached

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High Yield CDs · GENEVA PRIVATE BANKING ... Oil and other market speculators basically act in the same way, .... and Sony's security lapse hit the news and Amazon's system experienced an outage. ... All around the world today, Jedis and Siths have put away their ....Why You Should Be Using Bank Loan Calculators ... - Cached -

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THE DEATH of bin LADEN: What it Means for Pakistan, the Dow and Your Financial Security, May 09, 2011

BY MARTIN HUTCHINSON, Contributing Editor, Money Morning
The finding and killing of Osama bin Laden after 10 years of searching is clearly being heralded as an enormous U.S. victory.
But once you look past the news itself, the death of bin Laden brings to light some highly worrisome revelations about Pakistan. And those revelations have some potentially serious long-term implications for the Dow Jones Industrial Average - and for your money and future financial security.

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SPORTS, Athletics News, May 09, 2011

The Amanda-Clearcreek football takes the field in 2010 for a Division IV regional quarterfinal game at Bishop Hartley.With levy passed, AC returning to normalcy
Lancaster Eagle Gazette
Were we going to have sports or going to go somewhere else to coach or play? Dusty Hines will enter his eighth year as girls soccer coach this fall. Tuesday's vote showed how much those in the community appreciate not just athletics, but everything the ...
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UF's Foley: Justice Department could use resources better than on BCS
Florida Today
But all of us, commissioners, athletic directors, presidents, we take the business of college athletics in general and, in this case, college football very, very seriously and I think stewardship is good. But I don't sit in Washington, I don't sit in ...
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It's so far, so good for Van Horn athletics
Blue Springs Examiner
Van Horn now boasts a state-of-the-art sports complex that serves the football and soccer teams along with the track and field squads. “We even have our baseball team out there practicing when it's too wet to get out on the baseball field,” Ihm said. ...
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Sports always have been big part of Hopkins' life
Dayton Daily News
Our next son was very athletic, and he was growing up in Texas. Our second son, he played for Permian (High School), you've seen “Friday Night Lights,” he played high school football for Permian, was all-district cornerback. Behind him was Roy Williams ...
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MSU football stadium expansion plans moving forward
The Commercial Dispatch
Though raising funds for the football practice facility and projects for track, tennis, softball, and soccer, can seem daunting with a smaller-than-ideal staff, Hemphill is encouraged by the number of statewide volunteers who help during Road Dawgs ...
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Ames athletics: Two Times a Lady
Ames Tribune
It's no surprise to Nolvia Katharine became the first person in school history to play two sports at the same time this spring. Katharine is a forward on the soccer team and a sprinter on the track team. “She's always go, go, go,” Nolvia said. ...
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Price to pay for move to Division I
Omaha World-Herald
Football was dropped for budget reasons. Officials said wrestling was cut to better align UNO's athleticdepartment with the sports offerings of the Summit League. UNO plans to replace wrestling with men'ssoccer and golf teams. ...
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Brenner: Savoring Salute, and who might win in 2012?
Quad City Times
What a great way to celebrate the best that was in the past year of local athletics - not to mention honor three individuals who have reached greatness over long careers in the field of sports. Here's to recounting a few favorite memories from ...
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Eight Years of the WESPY Awards
WCN (WestminsterCollege Network)
The Westminster College Department of Athletics and the Student Athlete Advisory Committee hosted the Eighth Annual WESPY Awards (Westminster Exceptional Sports Performances of the Year) Thursday night at the Orr Auditorium. ...
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Sports news
Tallmadge Express
The Tallmadge High School Athletic Department is scheduled to offer sports physicals June 11 at Tallmadge High School for incoming sophomores, juniors and seniors. Any student interested in participating in a sport in the 2011-12 school year will need ...
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Perfection not Required to Make Mom's Day (But it Doesn't Hurt!)
Athletics Nation
One of my favorite things about Athletics Nation is that it has afforded us the opportunity to speak freely about our personal lives, whether it's the loss of a loved one, an ailing pet, or when wedding bells ring. Some of these things are connected to ...
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TMC notebook: TMC names its year's best
The forward earned GSAC and National Christian College Athletic Association Player of the Year honors and was a National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics first-team All-American. All achievements were first for the women's soccer program. ...
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Hendrix announces Annual Award winners
Hendrix College Athletics
by Brian Rejer, SID CONWAY, Ark. (May 7) -- The Hendrix College Athletics Department announced its Annual Award winners on Friday as five student-athletes collected their Bob Courtway Leadership, Carl Babcock, and NCAA Woman-of-the-Year plaques. ...
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Denison athletes do not have monetary advantage
The Newark Advocate
Denison plays all of the major sports including, of course, football. None of the Big Red players get $100 handshakes from the alumni. There are no athletic scholarships at the 449 DIII colleges and universities. There is no monetary advantage for the ...
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Girls soccer playoffs start this week
Cary News
Cary athletics director Mike Dunphy and coach Laura Kerrigan were both pleased with the result. Dunphy was the head coach when the Imps reached the postseason in 2005. "I'm very encouraged by the way we've been playing, especially in the second half of ...
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Cary News
On the road again
Albany Times Union
We used to say that Division III sports had the last "pure" athletic programs. I am now afraid that high school athletics is the last frontier, and we are losing that as well. I wonder, is it really about the sports or are parents realizing that with ...
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Goodwill at Home 2011 CUNY Goodwill Tour To Help New Orleans in Late May
City University of New York Athletic Conference
On the previous tours, a sport specific team has engaged in cultural and athletic activities in a country that has growing interest in the particular sport. The five teams have travelled to: Argentina for women's volleyball, Dominican Republic for ...
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Kenneally twins demonstrate good leadership on and off lacrosse field
When they were younger, the two played other sports like soccer, basketball and football, but as they grew older there was only enough time for lacrosse because they started playing year-round. When Greg and Mike were looking at colleges, ...
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An interview with East Forsyth soccer goalie MEGAN ROBERSON
Greensboro News & Record (blog)
Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, other than playing soccer? A: I like hanging out with friends and going to school, athletics events at school. I like going to my grandparents. I like traveling with my family. ...
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Sports bulletin board for May 8
Knoxville News Sentinel
Saturday and May 21 at 10 am or 865-363-8373. Tournament: At Roane State Community College for 8U, 10U, 14/15U. Friday through Sunday. No entry fee. Three-game guarantee. 865-250-1617. Tournament: At Halls Community Park for ...
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Are You Ready for Anatomic ACL Reconstruction?
Traditional treatment for ACL injuries in kids — who are often injured participating in football, basketball,soccer and gymnastics — has been rehabilitation, wearing a brace and refraining from athletics until growth stops and ACL reconstruction ...
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Club Sports
Georgetown Independent (subscription)
Georgetown athletics garner national attention and recognition every year, whether in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament or by excelling in lesser watched sports such as Women's Soccer or Sailing. As a result, Georgetown provides these teams with ...
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Graduates at ISU celebrate commencement
Terre Haute Tribune Star
After completing her freshman year on the school's soccer team, Smith decided to switch gears after a conversation with her father. While athletics dominated her life in high school, she felt something was missing, and her father advised her that, ...
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Report card - May 8, 2011
Bismarck Tribune
4.0 grade-point average and is highly involved in school activities, including the SMCHS music program and athletics. She participates in softball, volleyball and basketball. She was also the assistant chairperson of the SMCHS Carnival in February and ...
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University recognizes top student and honors professors
The Free Lance-Star
Roy M. Gordon, longtime UMW soccer coach, was named professor emeritus of athletics, health and physical education. Lorene C. Nickel was named professor emerita of art. Joan T. Olson was named associate professor emerita of sociology. ...
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Exchange honors outstanding students with ACE and Youth of the Year program
The Columbus Packet
Asadi has been actively involved in student government, stage productions, clubs, extracurricular activities, and athletics during his four years at Heritage and has held leadership roles in most of them. Asadi was selected to attend the Trent Lott ...
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Sports+headlines+wway+newschannel+3+wilmington+nc+news.html ...
New Hanover High School Sports And Athletics News IHigh Com .... s NFL Draft There s the bit of doubt concerned with the football player from Leland yet NC ...
BB: Rams to face Jefferson for playoff spot | Piney Woods Sports
Youth Sports · Athletics News · Baseball · Softball · Football · All-Star Baseball · All-Star Softball · More >> · Standings ...
Air Force Academy Athletics Soccer
Division I level sports include: football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, . .... The Maui News . Pladera also found time to participate in cross country, ...

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SPACE, Astronomy News, May 09, 2011

Museum introduces visitors to their galactic neighbors
The Journal News |
Seth Harrison/The Journal News YONKERS — Visitors were launched into outer space Sunday at theHudson River Museum's annual Astronomy Day. A dimmed room filled with dozens of hanging keychain lights and polystyrene balls gave astronomy enthusiasts a ...
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The antenna in the valley
Today, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy use high-tech dishes to search for signals from the long-wave end of the electromagnetic spectrum. At the heart of the Bonn-based Institute is the antenna that was inaugurated in 1971 ...
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My Town: Montville Star Studded Coffee House Series
Cleveland News - Fox 8
For the first event, six of the area's top astronomers will answer questions about the park's astronomical significance. “The beautiful images coming from the Hubble Space Telescope and other major research observatories have been wonderfully popular, ...
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Three UCLA professors elected to National Academy of Sciences
Daily Bruin
The physics and astronomy professor has dedicated his career to infrared astronomy. His most recent project was NASA's Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer, a satellite that scanned the entire sky with infrared sensors, searching for the heat signatures ...
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Manufacturer of planetarium equipment moves into old Bremerton firehouse
Kitsap Sun
Digitalis Education Solutions, a manufacturer of inflatable domes and projection equipment for planetarium presentations, moved last week from leased space on National Avenue to the old firehouse at 817 Pacific Ave. "It was a good opportunity to buy a ...
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Willard Boyle: 1924–2011
CCDs are also widely used in astronomy, with the Hubble Space Telescope, for example, having severalCCD cameras on board, including in the Wide Field Camera, which was recently upgraded. A CCD cameracontains millions of light-sensitive cells that are ...
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Titan's Atmosphere Spawned by Impacts?
Science Now
More than 95% of the atmosphere is nitrogen, and where all of that nitrogen came from is one ofastronomy's greatest mysteries, says Catherine Neish, a planetary scientist at Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland. ...
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Big Asteroid's Approach in November Excites Astronomers - Yahoo! News
An asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will come closer to Earth this autumn than our own moon does, causing scientists to hold their breath as it ...
Space And Astronomy News Mattters - Apr 25 2011 - See the moon's ...
Follow Your Interests! News and views from the world's best bloggers and tweeps about Space AndAstronomy News.
Twitter / Dr Science: Space/Astronomy News Al-Ja ...
Space/Astronomy News Al-Jazeera reporter not heard from in Syria (AP): AP - An Al-Jazeera journalist has no...
Voyager set to enter interstellar space - Astronomy Magazine ...
The V Twins have left the building...(or are leaving our solar system anyway...)
Today+space+astronomy+news.html -
“Universe Today” is yet another great source of astronomy news. On November 13, 2008 it carried the with the project say it will reach far enough into space ...
Herald 24x7 | USA News, Business, Travel, Lifestyle, Stock market ...
News: Space/Astronomy. - A giant celestial snake is slithering into view ... News:Space/Astronomy. AP - NASA says a switch box removed from space ...
Latest Outer Space News, Breaking Headlines | Science, Space ... offers the late breaking headlines about outer space, space flight, science and astronomy news. Get the latest news and read special reports about ...
Astronomy Articles
... have current space missions Frommonthly internet astronomy news articles as ... selected from comets to amateur On everything from the space Astronomy ...
Moon » Blog Archive » Wrinkles on the Moon : Space and Astronomy ...
Article source: related content found.
Astronomy+Articles+amp+Events+Space+News | Computer Networking
Computer Networking - Computer networking article, device and tutorial.
New version of Space Images app from Nasa JPL - Topix
Leaders Unite On Solar Research Facility · New version of Space Images app from Nasa JPL · MoreAstronomy News from Topix » ...

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SCIENCE News, Studies, Research, Technology, May 09, 2011

Over 60 athletic grads in spring commencement
Chaz Augustine (former student-athlete): Bachelor of Social Work/ Arts, Letters, Graduate Studies andResearch; Major: Social Work 2. Dennis Clark Jr.: Bachelor of Science/College of Science, Tech and Business; Major: Electronics Engineering Technology ...
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Texas must stay true to science
Austin American-Statesman
Now is the time for Texas to double down on science, technology, engineering andmathematics education; research and development investments; and advancing our intellectual capabilities so that we will be able to maintain our status on the global stage ...
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Austin American-Statesman
'Increase in PhD scholars does not guarantee quality research work'
The News International
“I think the industries should come forward and use the research for mass production in all the fields ofscience and technology. One of my research students is working on 'Stability Studies of Haemaccel with other Plasma Substitutes/Plasma Expander'. ...
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Get to know your MPs, NDP edition
Vancouver Sun
She has taught French in Vancouver and Ottawa and was an interpreter/guide for the Canada Museums ofScience and Technology Corporation in Ottawa. She has a bachelor's degree in education from theUniversity of Ottawa and a bachelor of science degree ...
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Dietary research offers new explanations and treatments approaches for ...
EurekAlert (press release)
With other studies in men and non-pregnant women tying high carbohydrate intake to gallbladder problems, the UW researchers focused on dietary risk factors for the development of gallstones duringpregnancy and the incidence of consequent illnesses and ...
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Eco Focus: Study detects clues to environmental collapse
Poughkeepsie Journal
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies scientist Jonathan Cole was part of the research team, whose findings were recently published in the journal Science. Their paper was the first to show that by paying attention to variability in key ecosystem ...
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Econiche(TM) Vaccine Efficacy Challenge Study Summarized in The Canadian ... (press release)
Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. (TSX: BNC) (ASX: BNC), a research-based, technology-driven Canadian biopharmaceutical company, today announced that the results of a controlled challenge study with the Company's Escherichia coli (E. coli) O157 cattle ...
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Animal testing: Advocates on the front lines of the cruelty vs. research ...
Naples Daily News
But Hartung is a toxicologist and pharmacologist who likes to stay involved in bench science. So he wrangled some cell culturing gear and a new $500000 mass spectrometer via a grant from AgilentTechnologies, a company that works in chemical analysis ...
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Incinerator study plans welcomed
Lynn News
“The technology has changed and an incinerator of 1980 is very different to the facilities of today, although they are both called the same. “It is up to the government to assuage these concerns and I welcomeresearch into the area. ...
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Seeds for success UCHS to graduate Ivy League-bound students
The Hudson Reporter
“When she did research at NJIT, her mentor was very, very pleased with her.” When Russo begins her chemistry studies at Brown next year, like Severino, she will have research and science fair experience at her disposal. And just for the record, ...
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COD student earns Fermilab internship
Chicago Daily Herald
By Submitted by COD News Bureau College of DuPage student Jose Gallegos has received a researchinternship at Fermilab through the Community College Institute of Science and Technology. The Aurora resident and Army veteran will begin his 10-week ...
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The unsung heroes
Financial Express Bangladesh
Such a development has led to a scarcity of manpower having science background. The brilliant students with science background do very often leave the country on completion of their studies being attracted to better opportunities in foreign research ...
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DoST signs agreement to optimize copper use in Philippines
The Department of Science and Technology has partnered with an international copper organization to beef up the interest of local experts into devising practical and creative ways of using copper. Through the MoU it signed with International Copper ...
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Sony Apologizes for Cyber Attack
Voice of America
Sony officials say they have now taken steps to improve security. Peter Warren is chairman of the Cyber Security Research Institute in London. His group studies technology crimes and their effects on our computer-dependent world. ...
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Cuts cause ripple effect
San Bernardino Sun
About 10 years ago the standard image was, if a student wanted to study science they would go to aresearch-based school. The notion of studying liberal arts was associated with frills that students don't really need to learn, said David Oxtoby, ...
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QIAGEN Reaches Milestone With 75 Million Deliveries of HPV Tests, Announces ...
PR Newswire (press release)
Data from recent clinical studies involving competitor products also reaffirmed that no test to date has matched or exceeded the performance and reliability of the digene HC2 HPV Test. For QIAensembleEvolution, QIAGEN is finalizing the implementation ...
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MIT studies how age affects distracted driving
Autoblog (blog)
... a number of other driving-related technologies, including automated parallel parking systems like the one found on the 2010 Lincoln MKS to discern how drivers of various ages would adapt to theem. Hit the jump to see a video on the research.
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Space, satellites and the final frontier
Zawya (press release)
The kick-off meeting of the European Satellite Navigation Competition will also feature on day three of GSSF, with the Arab Science and Technology Foundation a regional partner supporting the Arab MENA Regional Challenge.
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Zawya (press release)
DOST, DOH to launch dengue mosquito trap
Philippine Information Agency
DAVAO CITY, May 8 (PIA) – The Department of Science and Technology and the Department of Health are set to launch on May 17 in Davao City and 18 in Digos City, Davao the DOST-Industrial Development Institute (DOST-ITDI)-developed Ovicidal/Larvicidal ...
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Label-Free Detection for Glycosylation Profiling
Online PR News (press release)
Such studies are often found to be challenging by traditional analytical techniques. Biosensor Product Manager, Dr Helge Schnerr is excited about the potential of LIBRA2 to profile the glycosylation patterns of cancer cells and commented that “the ...
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Jeepers creepers, it's an eyeful
Sunshine Coast Daily
TECHNOLOGY developed at the Noosa campus of CQUniversity is set to revolutionise learning techniques around the world and cement the facility's reputation as a research hub. Staff at the university's Learning and Teaching Education Research Centre have ...
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Graduation of generations makes a Mother's Day to remember
Daytona Beach News-Journal
A few hours earlier, she received her bachelor's degree with a double major in political science andAmerican studies. She has applied to go to Florida A&M University College of Law at the Orlando campus. "My kids inspire me more than anything. ...
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Online education growing as colleges offer more classes to meet student demand
Plain Dealer (blog)
Rottier said research studies show students in online or hybrid courses do better than in the classroom. Students have taken courses without sitting in a classroom for more than 250 years -- it's just the method of delivery that has changed. ...
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Plain Dealer (blog)
Whitten named fellow of the American Telemedicine Association
Media Newswire (press release)
Whitten's contributions to the field of telemedicine over the past 17 years have ranged from creation and implementation of telemedicine-related initiatives to a broad array of research studies. Telemedicine funded research projects have included a ...
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NEOVA® Launches DNA Repair-Based Treatment Sunscreens (press release)
In clinical studies, DNA repair enzymes were shown to reduce DNA damage by 45% and increase UV protection by 300% – in just one hour.(1) "Photodamage occurs every day, even on cloudy days, and damage to our skin is cumulative. ...
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Four-year graduation rates are strong at local universities, but many take an ...
Winona Daily News
Since Morrill plans to continue on to graduate school and eventually become a biology professor, he said he wasn't in a hurry to complete his undergraduate studies. SMU graduating senior Joseph Faber, who majored in e-business technology, ...
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