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SPACE, Astronomy News, Jul 31, 2011

Hubble's successor in trouble as costs soar
Detroit Free Press
The 21-foot-wide James Webb Space Telescope would see the faint light of the first stars and peer within dust clouds to see planets growing. / HO/Agence France-Press/Getty Images BY DAN VERGANO For years, astronomers have set their sights on launching ...
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Canceling The James Webb Space Telescope Redux
Science 2.0
We know that answer, astronomers not working on JWST expressed it for years about the Webb Telescope overruns and what it was costing space science overall. Finally, he invokes the "it is a drop in the bucket compared to X" argument. ...
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Mozark Moments: From Missouri to the Stars
Christian County Headliner News
Astronomer Edwin Hubble, top left, and astronauts Behnken, Magnus, Godwin, Kavandi and Akers all have Missouri connections. Posted: Sunday, July 31, 2011 12:00 am | Updated: 10:17 am, Mon Jul 25, 2011. With the ending of the space shuttle program, ...
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IDYLLWILD: Astrocamp soars beyond shuttle
Several commercial space flight vehicles are being developed by private entrepreneurs Still, Idyllwild instructors say, teaching the fundamental science programs can keep students intrigued and prepared for the next level of astronomy and the space ...
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Late nights and early mornings give way to Saturn and Jupiter
Washington Post
7 — Take a Sunday stroll seeing Saturn and stars, with “Sidewalk Astronomy,” hosted by the Astronomical Society of Greenbelt, Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt, near Crescent Road and Centerway. 8 pm www. • Aug. ...
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Summer is prime time for stargazing in New Jersey
Conod learned to love astronomy growing up in Fair Lawn, where he was lucky enough to have a planetarium at his school. He is now an astronomer and the planetarium manager at the Newark Museum's Dreyfuss Planetarium, as well as vice president of the ...
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Earth Has a Long Term Traveling Companion
Online News Heard Now
This discovery shows that we still have a lot to keep an eye out for regardingastronomy. Our solar system is full of planets, asteroids which are nothing more than small to large rocks that are caught within the orbit of the Sun. ...
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Online News Heard Now
Science books galore
With the help of Astronomy Magazine editor Steve Nadis, Yau tries his best to make his work intelligible to the lay reader. Though Yau's book is not easy reading, particularly when he delves into high-level, nontraditional geometry, the effort is well ...
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Air pressure is all-important measurement
San Luis Obispo Tribune
A diverse group of presenters from NASA to the State Parks Department spoke about a wide range of science subjects from astronomy to biology over a five-day period. Cal Poly professor Bob Echols and I had the honor to teach about weather. ...
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Get spaced out at Gravity Centre
Stock and Land
"There is a lot more focus on science and astronomy is growing politically in this State as well as among the general public. "We get good feedback with a limited advertising budget so there are still many people we haven't reached but we are getting ...
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Penultimate Space Shuttle Crew Discusses Recent Mission
The astronauts will share their video presentation and answer questions from the audience at the Bloomberg Center for Physics and Astronomy's Schafler Auditorium. Free parking is available in the Muller parking deck on San Martin Drive, ...
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Space and Earth Sciences News :: Planetary nebula dazzles astronomers
The discovery of a previously undetected planetary nebula could teach astronomers a lot.

EUROZONE Debt Crisis News, Jul 31, 2011

The cost of Europe's unity
Boston Globe
The debt crisis in the euro zone, and the Greek calamity within it, is basically a political crisis with economic consequences - not the other way around. For the European Union is above all a political project, initially for peace (immediately post ...
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'Gold could lose $30/oz if US debt crisis is solved'
Hindu Business Line
The ongoing debt crisis in the US and Europe has helped precious metals as investors seek refuge from uncertainties which may arise if peripheral economies in theeuro zone or US default. Further downgrades are expected for European peripheral ...
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Hindu Business Line
Europe's Sovereignty Crisis
Project Syndicate
Further aid packages for Greece may seem impossible to avoid, because the losses imposed on Greek debt holders have been too modest. Other crisis countries in the eurozone have not been stabilized, because Germany – fearing a domestic political ...
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ECB chief to face questions on Greek bail-out
On July 21, leaders of the 17-nation eurozone agreed on a plan worth 160 billioneuros (230 billion dollars) to help Greece and to keep the debt crisis from spreading to more critical economies like Italy and Spain. The plan follows an initial bail-out ...
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Global economy; behind deadlock in US, a nervous world is on the edge
The Guardian
Until recently the French finance minister, she is acutely aware that Europe'ssovereign debt crisis is far from over and last week the euphoria that followed the new bailout for Greece proved short-lived. China, the third global economic powerhouse, ...
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The Guardian
Enforce EU budget deficit rules, says German finance minister
Deutsche Welle
Violations of the pact are partially responsible for the current debt crisis that threatens to spread beyond insolvent Greece, Ireland and Portugal and jeopardize the stability of the euro, the currency used by the eurozone. ...
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Korean won's steep rise feared to hurt exporters
The Korea Herald
Europe, another important export market for Korea, is grappling with one sovereign debt crisis after another across the euro-zone, casting a cloud over the economic outlook. To take advantage of a widely expected rise in the value of the Korean won and ...
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Swiss central bank urged to curb franc's rise
He rejected claims that franc's current record-high standing against the euro and dollar are due to the strength of the Swiss economy, which has attracted investors looking for a "safe haven" amid an intensifying eurozone debt crisis. ...
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COMMENT: On the brink of an abyss Lal Khan
Pakistan Daily Times
The raising of interest rates by the European Union (EU) in a slump is a short-term desperate attempt to save the euro. Increases in public spending in these deficit-ridden economies will not solve the problem but further aggravate the crisis. ...
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US debt crisis: Britain, Japan warn of disastrous consequences for global ...
Economic Times
Euro zone leaders are struggling to control sovereign debt crises in several countries in their region, and the US debt problem is making this more difficult by adding to upward pressure on the yields of government bonds in those weak states. ...
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Poll gives Spain's PP a 14 point lead on ruling party
A worsening euro zone debt crisis has raised Spain's financing costs and created fears that it will be next in seeking an EU bailout after Greece, Portugal and Ireland . It has also made unpopular austerity the order of the day for Zapatero. ...
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Foolishness in high places
The Nation Newspaper
I wanted to dispense with the American debt ceiling crisis as there were other issues such as the tragedy of Somalia I would rather discuss. Yet, I am compelled to focus on Washington. Should Washington falter, the world economy would traverse the lips ...
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31/07/2011No more 'absolutely safe investments': Munich Re chief
Expatica Germany
"Europe cannot bear new crises and new remedies to crisis" such as the efforts made to sustain the Greek economy, he said. He said he was also worried by the failure to reach a deal on raising the USdebt ceiling. "We could still bear a partial payment ...
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Austerity Bites: A Tough Outlook for Stocks, Risk Assets
Seeking Alpha
For once investors move past the debt ceiling debate, they will turn to find a weakening economy and a lingering crisis in Europe that aren't going away any time soon. And with the massive fiscal and monetary policy tailwinds now gone from the system ...
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I know how to get things moving. The BBC will hate it (apart from my plan for ...
Daily Mail
Last week's eurozone summit agreement to spend billions, not to resolve but just to postpone dealing with the Greek crisis, was hardly signed off before Cyprus became dangerously exposed to a debt crisis. In America, whatever happens in the political ...
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Daily Mail
The perverse politics of financial crisis
Today's Zaman
The European Stability and Growth Pact was an effort to accomplish exactly that – by creating incentives for eurozone countries to steer clear of the danger zone for debt. Unfortunately, the pact failed miserably. But if the euro is to survive – and if ...
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Euro's Sovereign Debt Crisis Simmering Behind US Deficit Headlines
Forex News Now
There's still a financial crisis simmering in Europe. Yet, with all the market headlines from the past week, it is almost possible to forget that the Euro-region is still struggling to halt the spread of fear that a technical (or not so technical) ...
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Ackermann being chairman would skirt Deutsche Bank governance rules
Business Standard
Since then, European leaders have agreed on a ¤159-billion ($228-billion) plan to prevent the Greekdebt crisis from spiralling and empowered their ¤440-billion rescue fund to buy debt across stressedeuro nations. They also persuaded private investors ...
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Europe must learn to diversify and share risks
Gulf Times
For the last 18 months, this has been Europe's method for confronting its sovereigndebt crisis as well: it has taken the necessary decisions, but always as a last resort. Once again, on July 21, the eurozone's leaders proclaimed that what was ...
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Gulf Times
E-commerce Operations, 3000 Euro Im Monat Anleitung Zum Geld ...
Loved and loathed, Roxanne Quimby remains determined - Bangor Daily News. But persuading, say, the Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce to entertain the ... You do know what a s s u m e spells? Don't you? You remind of someone . ... Futures Dip After U.S. Debt Impasse; GDP Eyed - Int'l Business Times. * The Commerce Department releases its first estimate of ... Top After-Market NYSE Movers (IM, CMC, IVC, KBR ... * The euro zone debt crisis is also a concern to . ...
eBooks Reviewing for iPad, iPhone,...
Debt Crisis: Euro Zone Deal Will Not Stem the Tide Investor - CNBC
If There's a Debt Deal, These Four Will Make It Happen .... euro zone have led some to question whether the single European currency can survive the crisis. ...
DJ Euro-Zone Debt Crisis Likely To Affect Hungary Monetary Policy
Commodity futures news: DJ Euro-Zone Debt Crisis Likely To Affect Hungary ... of European Union decision makers to find a solution to the euro-area crisis, ...