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Feb 10, 2022

LATEST World News, Feb 10, 2022

February 10, 2022 Calendar with Holidays & Count Down - USA

2 days agoFebruary 10, 2022 Calendar date and day info with US & International Holidays as well as Count Down.

PERU: Bus Crash Kills at Least 20, Feb 10, 2022

7 hours agoAt least 20 people have been killed in a bus accident in Peru, local media reported citing the health authority of the La Libertad region.

COLOMBIA Military Seizes "Drug-Submarine" , Feb 10, 2022

2 hours agoCOLOMBIA — Abortion rights: An abortion-rights activist with the ... ARGENTINA — Toxic cocaine: A girl carried a toddler in Puerta 8, ...

HOMO SAPIENS in Europe , Feb 10, 2022

Neanderthal extinction not caused by brutal wipe out

Europe's First Homo Sapiens May Have Lived in a Rock ...

7 hours agoA new study published in Science Advances on Wednesday argues that the first Homo Sapiens in Europe took shelter in a cave in France.

CAMEROON Cholera News, Feb 10, 2022

2 hours agoCall comes as country marks its annual Youth Week activities by focusing for the first time on the its Anglophone separatist conflict.

THE CHANCES of Early Life on Mars Faced a Meteorite Problem, Feb 10, 2022

The chances of early life on Mars faced a meteorite problem

Early chances for life on Mars might have been diminished by meteorites.

A new study suggests that a period of heavy cratering on the Red Planet (and elsewhere in the solar system) persisted 30 million years longer than thought. Studies of the Late Heavy Bombardment, as this period is called, also has implications for the rise of life on Earth.