IMG KAREL APPEL, Dutch Painter, Sculptor, and PoetNetherlands has known a lot of artists. Artists who have become world famous. Unfortunately, many of them have since died. But their work lives on. One of these artists is Karel Appel. You've probably seen his works pass by. But maybe even without you realizing it. Below you can read more about his life and works of art.

Karel Appel in his younger years

Karel Appel grew up in Amsterdam. He began painting impressionist landscapes at a young age. But his parents would rather have him work in his father's hairdresser's shop. When he went to the art academy in Amsterdam, he was put out of the house. He followed his training here during the German occupation. People have blamed him for that for a long time. Some even thought that he cooperated with the Germans. Apple has always denied that. He was even fleeing the Germans for a while. Karel