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Jan 4, 2020

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... ECONOMETRICS AND STATISTICS | Contact: CMStatistics 2019January 4, 2020, 01:32 ... Panayiotis Andreou, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus. ... Essam Atta Arsanious Ghaprial, Banque Misr, Egypt. ..... Cristina Gutierrez Perez, University of Extremadura, Spain. ..... Zinoviy Landsman, University of Haifa, Israel.

WILLIS Island (Coral Sea, Australia) Info, Jan 04, 2020

Willis Island is the only permanently inhabited island in the Coral Sea Islands Territory, an external territory of Australia, located beyond the Great Barrier Reef in ...

MIDDLETON Reef (Coral Sea, Australia) Info, Jan 04, 2020

Elizabeth Reef is located in Australia and New Zealand. Elizabeth Reef. Location of Middleton Reef east of New South Wales. 1934 map of Middleton Reef. Middleton Reef is a coral reef in the Tasman Sea. It is separated by a deep oceanic pass some ...

ELIZABETH Reef (Coral Sea, Australia) Info, Jan 04, 2020

... 159.07556Coordinates: 29°57′25″S 159°4′32″E / 29.95694°S 159.07556°E ... The Environment, Sport and Territories Legislation Amendment Act 1997 included Elizabeth Reef in Australia's Coral Sea Islands Territory. It is the ...

CATO Island (Coral Sea, Australia) Info, Jan 04, 2020

Cato Reef, is a part of Cato Bank, an area in the Coral Sea off the central coast of Queensland, Australia. Contents. 1 Geography; 2 Cato Island; 3 History.
Geography · ‎Cato Island · ‎History · ‎Shipwrecks

CORAL SEA Islands (External Territory, Australia) Info, Jan 04, 2020

The Coral Sea Islands Territory is an external territory of Australia which comprises a group of small and mostly uninhabited tropical islands and reefs in the ...
Population‎: ‎4 (2018)
Major islands‎: ‎1