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Dec 21, 2019

LATEST World News, Dec 21, 2019

Thousands flee bombardment in northwest Syria, head to ... › News › middle-east › 2019/12/21 › Thousands-flee...
Thousands of people have fled to the Turkish border from the last big opposition ... People walk near rubble of damaged buildings in the city of Idlib, Syria.

CLAUDINE AUGER, French Actress, Info, Dec 21, 2019

Claudine Auger was a French actress best known for her role as Bond girl, Dominique "Domino" Derval, in the James Bond film Thunderball (1965). She earned ...

ROSALEE CLASS, Holocaust Survivor, Info, Dec 21, 2019

Rosalee Glass, a Holocaust survivor whose life story and decision to follow as many passions as she could through her 80s and 90s was immortalized in a ...

ROBERT MOIR, Alzhemer's Researcher, Info, Dec 21, 2019

As I was deciding whether to write about neurologist Robert Moir's long years of researching Alzheimer's disease — and repeatedly getting slapped down for his ...

JOAN Irvine SMITH, Philanthropist and Environmental Activist, Info, Dec 21, 2019

Joan Irvine Smith, an arts patron and philanthropist who played a pivotal role in the founding and advancement of UC Irvine, has died, the university announced ...

JUNIOR JOHNSON, Robert Glenn Johnson Jr., a NASCAR Driver of the 1950s and 1960s, Info, Dec 21, 2019

Jump to As a NASCAR owner - As a team owner, he worked with many NASCAR drivers, including Darel Dieringer, LeeRoy Yarbrough, Cale Yarborough, ...
First race‎: ‎1953 Southern 500‎ (‎Darlington‎)
Last win‎: ‎1965 Wilkes 400‎ (‎North Wilkesboro‎)
Last race‎: ‎1966 American 500‎ (‎Rockingham‎)
Best finish‎: ‎6th (‎1955‎, ‎1961‎)

MAMA CAX, American-Haitian Model and Disabled Rights Activist, Info, Dec 21, 2019

Mama Cax (born Cacsmy Brutus, 1989 – 16 December 2019) was an American-Haitian model and disabled rights activist.