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Jun 4, 2016

LATEST World News, Jun 04, 2016

The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia
Find global breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion, business, sports, ... a three-time world heavyweight boxing champion who transcended sports and ... Donald J. Trump shows contempt for the First Amendment, separation of .... What in the World: When West Africans Dress, the Fabric Is the Message ... Science » ...

HILLARY - TRUMP News, Jun 04, 2016


Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton slam Trump over racial criticism of judge ...
23 hours ago - ... and Jim Acosta, CNN. Updated 12:21 AM ET, Sat June 4, 2016 ... Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton is 'guilty as hell' · Republican Presidential ..

BRAZIL News, Jun 04, 2016


Brazil vs. Ecuador - Football Match Preview - June 4, 2016 ... - ESPN FC
14 hours ago - Brazil to unveil new stars in Copa America opener vs. ... feature while Marcelo, triumphant in the Champions League final with Real Madrid last ...

SPACE, Astronomy News, Jun 04, 2016

Astronomy News -- ScienceDaily
Earth-like extrasolar planet found; double helix nebula; supermassive black holes, ... June 4, 2016 ... NASA Tries out New Fabric to House Astronauts in Space ... May 25, 2016 — A new analysis of the ALMA data for a young star HL Tauri .... ESA · NASA · Satellites · Space Missions · Space Probes · Space Station · Space ...

MIGRANT Crisis, Jun 04, 2016

Europe Migrant Crisis - Huffington Post
Over 100 Killed In Migrant Shipwrecks Between Libya And Italy Over Weekend. Reuters .... This Tiny African Nation Plays A Huge Role In The Refugee Crisis.

DIED, Killed, Jun 04, 2016

ABC News

MUHAMMAD ALI, Boxer, Philanthropist, Info, Jun 04, 2016

img MUHHAMAD ALI, Boxer, Philanthropist Muhammad Ali - Boxer, Philanthropist -
Arguably boxing's most celebrated athlete, Muhammad Ali is also known for his public stance against the Vietnam War and his longtime battle with Parkinson's disease. ... Born Cassius Clay in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1942, Muhammad Ali became an Olympic gold medalist in 1960 and the

ST. SOPHIA of Ainos, Info, Jun 04, 2016


Venerable Sophia of Ainos - Orthodox Church in America
Commemorated on June 4. Our venerable Mother Sophia was born in the province of Ainos in southeastern Thrace , and was the daughter of pious Christian ... Because of this, she is sometimes called St Sophia the Mother of Orphans.
4 Jun 2005 - Commemorated on June 4 St. Sophia was born in Aenus, Rhodope, and ... After her children died, she became a mother to orphans, and gave ...

Saint Sophia of Ainos, Mother of Orphans and Assistant To Those In ...
4 Jun 2011 - St. Sophia of Ainos (Feast Day - June 4). Our Holy Mother ... She became the mother of

ST. JOHN, abbot of Mongaria near Cyzicus; Info, Jun 04, 2016

June 4 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) - Project Gutenberg Consortia Center
June 4 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) ... Saint John, abbot of Mongaria near Cyzicus; Saint Alonius of Scete in Egypt (5th century); Saints Eleazar and Nazarius, ...

June 4 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) | Project Gutenberg Central ...
June 5 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) June 4 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics), June 6 ... Saint John, abbot of Mongaria near Cyzicus; Saint Alonius of Scete in Egypt ...

ST. JOANNICIUS Hieromartyr of Serbia, Info, Jun 04, 2016

IMG ST. JOANNICIUS  Hieromartyr of SerbiaHieromartyr Joannicius of Serbia - Orthodox Church in America
Hieromartyr Joannicius of Serbia. Commemorated on June 4. No information available at this time. Feasts & Saints · The Lives of the Saints ...

a..sinner: Hieromartyr Joannicius of Serbia
Monday, June 04, 2012. Hieromartyr Joannicius of Serbia ... SAINT OR FEAST POSTED THIS DATE 2010(with 2009's link here also and further, 2008's, even ...

St. John of Damascus, patron saint of OrthodoxWiki ... June 4 2016: ... and those with them; Hieromartyrs Joannicius and George of Serbia; Saint Petroc, Abbot of ...

ST. EADFRITH of Lindisfarne, Info, Jun 04, 2016

Feast of Sts. Edbert and Eadfrith of Lindisfarne (May 6) - sundry thoughts
22 Mar 2012 - ... SAINT EADFRITH OF LINDISFARNE (DIED 721) Roman Catholic Bishop His feast transferred from June 4 St. Edbert, a monk at Lindisfarne, ...

Feast of St. Francis Caracciolo (June 4) | SUNDRY THOUGHTS
6 May 2012 - Feast of St. Francis Caracciolo (June 4) Leave a comment ... EDBERT AND EADFRITH OF LINDISFARNE, ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOPS.

ST. MEDAN, Disciple of St Petroc in Cornwall, Info, Jun 04, 2016

29 May 2010 - He returned to England immediately and was arrested with St. Edmund ... A Celtic bishop who promoted the faith in his native Cornwall, ... A disciple of St. Petroc with St. Medan and Degan. June 5. St. Tudno, 6th century.

English Speaking Saints And Martyrs: May 2010
29 May 2010 - They immigrated to Cornwall in England and settled at Lanwethinoc ... A disciple of St. Petroc with St. Medan and Degan. June 5. St. Tudno, 6th ...

ST. DEGAN, Disciple of St Petroc in Cornwall, Info, Jun 04, 2016

a welsh classical dictionary - National Library of Wales
by D ap CINIS SCAPLAUT - ‎Related articles
Cornwall, which was in the care of Coll ap Collfrewy. .... called St.Degan's. ...... mother of St.Cyriacus (Curig) who are together also commemorated on June 16.

Full text of "Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall" - Internet Archive
It is said to have brought as much as £101 a ton for black tin, in June, 1872, which is ..... There is a remarkable habit, of this said St. Degan, preserved for several ...

ST. CROIDAN, Disciple of St Petroc in Cornwall, Info, Jun 04, 2016

St. Croidan - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online
Feastday: June 4. Death: 6th century ... St. Croidan Products by · Learn More! ... St. Croidan Comments. We were unable to load Disqus.

Saint of the Day for Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 - Saints & Angels ...
4 Jun 2014 - Saint of the Day for Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 ... Aretius St. Breaca St. Clateus St. Cornelius of Armagh St. Croidan St. Elsiar St. Metrophanes ...

ST. BREACA, Now Breague, Virgin, of Ireland, Info, Jun 04, 2016

Saint Breaca, Now Breague, Virgin, of Ireland. June 4. Rev. Alban ... › Reference › Rev. Alban Butler › Lives of the Saints › June
St. Breaca, Now Breague, Virgin, of Ireland. June 4. Butler, Rev. Alban. Volume VI: June. The Lives of the Saints. 1866.

St. Breaca - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online
Short Cuts. Author and Publisher - Catholic Online. Image of St. Breaca. Facts. Feastday: June 4 ... St. Breaca Products by · Learn More!