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Jan 6, 2015

EARTHQUAKE News, Jan 06, 2015

American Red Cross Issues Five-Year Update on Haiti ... Cached
WASHINGTON, Jan. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Five years after the 2010 earthquake, the American Red Cross has improved the lives of millions of Haitians by ...

DIED, Killed, Jan 06, 2015

New York Times

BESS MYERSON, American Model, Television Actress, Politician, Info, Jan 06, 2015

BESS MYERSON, American Model, Television Actress, Politician
American Model, Television Actress, Politician 
Bess Myerson
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Bess Myerson (July 16, 1924 – December 14, 2014), was an American model, television actress, politician, and civil rights activist who was crowned Miss ...

Bess Myerson, New Yorker of Beauty, Wit, Service and Scandal ...
Jan 05, 2015 · Bess Myerson, a New York favorite daughter who basked in the public eye for decades — as Miss America in 1945, as a television personality, as a force in ...

ST. ANDRE BESSETTE, Info, Jan 06, 2015

St. André Bessette
 | Saint of the Day |
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Brother André expressed a saint’s faith by a lifelong devotion to St. Joseph. Sickness and weakness dogged André from birth. He was the eighth of 12 children born ...

St. Andre Bessette - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online › Saints & Angels
Brother Andre died soon after on January 6, and didn't live to see the work on the basilica completed. ... More about St. Andre Bessette from Wikipedia

Patron Saints: St. Andre Bessette - Cached
Jan 06, 2012 · Feastday: January 6 When Alfred Bessette came to the Holy Cross Brothers in 1870, he carried with him a note from his pastor saying, "I am sending you a ...

BAPTISM of Jesus Christ, The Epiphany, Jan 06, 2015

BAPTISM of Jesus Christ
BAPTISM of Jesus Christ
Baptism of Jesus
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Baptism_of_Jesus Cached
... Jesus' baptism is commemorated on 19 January ... Media related toBaptism of Jesus Christ at Wikimedia Commons - Catholic Encyclopedia; Major ...

The Baptism Site of Jesus Christ Cached
This is the official website of the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ, where 2000 years ago Jesus came to be baptised by John: "Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the ...

What is the Baptism of Jesus Christ? - Guided Bible Studies ...
001wbap2.htm Cached
Cite Article Source. MLA Style Citation: McFarland, Kathy L. and Joanne Holstein. "What is the Baptism of Jesus Christ?." The Foundation of Jesus Christ Jan 2004.

THE BAPTISM Apolytikion, Greece, Jan 06, 2015

Εν Ιορδάνη βαπτιζομένου Σου, Κύριε,

Η της Τριάδος εφανερώθη προσκύνησις.

Του γαρ γεννήτορος η φωνή προσεμαρτύρει Σοι,

αγαπητόν Σε Υιόν ονομάζουσα.

Και το Πνεύμα εν είδει περιστεράς,

Εβεβαίου του λόγου το ασφαλές.

Ο επιφανής, Χριστέ, ο Θεός,

Και τον κόσμον φωτίσας, δοξα Σοι

The priest then blesses the entire church and congregation with the newly consecrated water. All come forward to be sprinkled over the head with the Theophany Water as the kiss the hand cross, and to drink some of it.

The priest will then set out to bless the homes of all of the faithful with Theophany Water. In large parishes, this process will take some time. However, the priest must bless all of the houses of the faithful before the beginning of Great Lent. In monasteries the Hegumen (Superior) will bless the cells of all of the monks.

Orthodox Christianity teaches that the Great Blessing of Waters actually changes the nature of the water, and that water so blessed is no longer corruptible, but remains fresh for many years.  (K. Kounalaki)
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