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Sep 3, 2022

LATEST World News, Sep 3, 2022

Ukraine Latest: IAEA Says Zaporizhzhia Plant Is Offline Again

2 hours agoBloomberg News. September 2, 2022 at 11:50 PM PDT Updated on September 3, 2022 at 12:51 PM PDT. Share this article. Copied. In this article.

ST. SERAPION, Bishop of Thmuis, Egypt, Info, Sep 3, 2022

Saint Serapion the Scholastic, Bishop of Thmuis | ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY  THEN AND NOW

Sacramentary of Serapion of Thmuis - Wikipedia

The Sacramentary of Serapion of Thmuis is a work of Saint Serapion bishop of Thmuis (today Tell el-Timai) in the Nile Delta and a prominent supporter of ...

ST. PROBUS, Bishop of Rieti in Central Italy, Info, Sep 3, 2022

Diocese of Rieti - Catholic Answers

Rieti, Diocese of (REATINA), Central Italy, immediately subject to the Holy ... The first known Bishop of Rieti is Ursus (499); St. Gregory mentions Probus ...
The first known Bishop of Rieti is Ursus (499); St. Gregory mentions Probus and Albinus (sixth century). The names of many bishops in the Longobard period are ...

SINOY HILL Island (Maharashtra, India), Info, Sep 3, 2022

Islands of Maharashtra -

Nov 28, 2016The state of Maharashtra is situated in the western part of India. ... are Old Woman's Island, Marve Island, Hog Island and Sinoy Hill.
This is a partial list of islands of India. There are a total of 1,382 islands (including ... Panju Island · Salsette Island · Sinoy Hill Island · Suvarnadurg Island ...

CUMBARJUA Island (Goa, India), Info, Sep 3, 2022

Cumbarjua - Wikipedia

Cumbarjua, is an island and town within the Mandovi River in Goa. ... On 25 November 1510, the Cumbarjua island was annexed by the Portuguese from the ...

SVINOY Island (Faroe Islands), Info, Sep 3, 2022

Svínoy - Wikipedia

Svínoy (Danish: Svinø) is an island located in the north-east of the Faroe Islands, to the east of Borðoy and Viðoy. It takes its name from Old Norse, ...