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Aug 12, 2022

LATEST World News, Aug 12, 2022

  1. Aug 12, 2022 · WORLD Radio - The World and Everything in It - August 12, 2022 On Culture Friday, John Stonestreet discusses how to fight for our kids, and Collin Garbarino takes us back to 1982 to rediscover the magic of E.T. (now playing in theaters). Plus: CCM artist John Martin Keith opens up about the dangers of comparison, and the Friday morning news.

KALPATTI Island (Lakshadweep, India), Info, Aug 12, 2022

  1. Kalpatti Island is an uninhabited island of Agatti atoll in Lakshadweep, India. There were plans to extend the runway of the airport on the nearby Agatti Island to Kalpati Island to accommodate jet aircraft. The plans were rejected on environmental grounds because the proposed runway extension would have passed a turtle colony. Country India

TAMERLANE THE GREAT, Info, Aug 12, 2022

  1. Tamerlane was born in 1336 in Transoxiana, a modern-day Uzbekistan. His actual name was Timur, which means iron inthe Chagatai language. Contrary to the popular belief, he was not a Mongol; he was a Muslim Turk. He became the most powerful ruler of the 14th century. In his youth, Tamerlane sustained an injury in battle, which made him disabled. He ...

GEORGE (Giorgos) KAPOUTZIDIS, Showman, Info, Aug 12, 2022

  1. Giorgos Kapoutzidis (Greek Γιώργος Καπουτζίδης; 31 July 1972 (age 49), Serres) is a Greek screenwriter and actor. He is the creator of the critically successful television series Saturday born (original title "Σαββατογεννημ ...

ILE AGOT Island (France), Info, Aug 12, 2022

  1. Ile Agot (Agot Ile) (France) Map, Weather and Photos. Ile Agot (Agot Ile) is a island (a tract of land, smaller than a continent, surrounded by water at high water) and has the latitude of 48.6333 and longitude of -2.16667.