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Sep 9, 2012

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LONDON PARALYMPICS News,Closing Ceremony, Sep 09, 2012

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    The 2012 Summer Paralympic Games, the fourteenth Summer ParalympicGames, are taking place between 29 August and 9 September, as governed ... feared that the end - Cached - More from this site
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RADIO TIMES - Paralympic Games 2012 Closing Ceremony, Sep 09, 2012

 "After 12 days of triumph and tears, the curtain closes for the final time on our great summer of sport with the Paralympics closing ceremony, and if it’s half as good as the opener on 29 August it will be something special.
It’s not quite the end however, as Monday’s victory parade in London will be the final chance to celebrate the achievements of Gereat Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic teams, but tonight is a great excuse for one heck of a party. A live performance from Coldplay will lead a 2,000-strong cast performing in a Festival of Flame. Jon Snow and Krishnan Guru-Murthy will guide us through the ceremony.
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BRAND JOURNALISTS - Why Clint Eastwood's RNC Speech Is a Model For Brand Journalism, Sep 09, 2012

"Everybody’s talking about the great Clint Eastwood’s speech last night at the Republican National Convention — man, what an unexpected stem-winder!
What was great about it is that it was genuine and unscripted, authentic communication, just like the best brand storytelling."
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DAILY GLOW - Beyoncé Knowles - What's Behind That Celebrity Glow? Sep 09, 2012

 "Superstar BeyoncĂ© seems to be in a state of perpetual glow — she is a new mama, after all! What's her everyday beauty secret? You may be shocked, but she says she doesn't feel put together without wearing perfume — calling it her "icing on the cake." And she's not just a "spritz on the wrist" kind of girl either — she told People's StyleWatch her favorite place to spray perfume is in her hair "because a lot of people get a nice whiff of your hair when they give you hugs." Sweet!"
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