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Feb 7, 2020

LATEST World News, Feb 07, 2020

Jan 31, 2020 - In one email, the attackers state the coronavirus has been detected in ... of Edward Snowden's memoir, which had been released a week prior, ...
Washington Examiner · by Jamie McIntyre · February 7, 2020 America's

RAMANTHURUTH (Kerala, India) Info, Feb 07, 2020

Ramanthuruth is one of the islands that make up the city of Kochi, Kerala, India. The November 1967 amalgamation order of the Kerala Legislative Assembly ...

PULINKUNNOO, Pullinkunnu (Kerala, India) Info, Feb 07, 2020

Pulinkunnoo - Wikipedia

Pulincunnoo or Pulinkunnoo is an island village in the Kuttanadu region of Alappuzha district in the Indian state of Kerala. The Pampa river in Pulincunnoo is ...
District‎: ‎Alappuzha

POOCHAKKAL (Kerala, India) Info, Feb 07, 2020

Poochakkal - Wikipedia

Poochakkal is part of a small island consisting Arookutty, Panavally, Thycattusserry and Pallippuram Panchayaths close to the Kerala Backwaters in Kerala, ...
Telephone code‎: ‎0478
Nearest city‎: ‎Ernakulam
Lok Sabha constituency‎: ‎Alappuzha
District‎: ‎Alappuzha

PIZHALA (Kerala, India) Info, Feb 07, 2020

Pizhala - Wikipedia

Pizhala is an island near Kochi surrounded by river Periyar. It is the central part and Capital of ... Kerala government order for Pizhala-Puthussery Road. Pizhala ...
History · ‎Culture · ‎Education · ‎Religion

PATHIRAMANAL (Kerala, India) Info, Feb 07, 2020

Pathiramanal - Wikipedia

Pathiramanal (Malayalam: പാതിരാമണൽ) is a small island inMuhamma panchayat of ... Pathiramanal is located in Kerala. Pathiramanal. Location in Kerala, India. Pathiramanal is located in India. Pathiramanal. Pathiramanal (India). Show map of ...
Geography · ‎History · ‎Getting There