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Aug 30, 2022

LATEST World News, Aug 30, 2022

5 things to know for August 30: Flooding, Trump, Ukraine ...

3 hours agoUpdated 11:31 AM ET, Tue August 30, 2022 ... If your day doesn't start until you're up to speed on the latest headlines, then let us introduce you to your ...

BERNARD of Quintavalle, Servant of God, Info, Aug 30, 2022

Bernard of Quintavalle, First Companion of Saint Francis | Franciscan Media

Servant of God Bernard of Quintavalle - Catholic Fire

Dec 10, 2013It was a source of great joy for Francis to receive so distinguished a man as his first companion in the perfect service of God. But he said to ...

ST MARY MacKILLOP, Info, Aug 30, 2022

Saint Mary MacKillop of the Cross, a Great Australian | Living Maronite

Saint Mary MacKillop | Biography, Patron Saint Of, Feast Day ...

Aug 4, 2022St. Mary MacKillop, in full Saint Mary Helen MacKillop, also called Saint Mary of the Cross, (born January 15, 1842, Melbourne, Victoria, ...

PICA BERNARDONE, Blessed, Info, Aug 30, 2022

Apr 14, 2016Blessed Pica Bernardone has never been formally beatified. Reflection: Motherhood and rearing children is always a sublime task a married woman ...

ST. ADELARD, Patron Saint of Gardeners, Info, Aug 30, 2022

Today's Patron Saint - St. Adelard of Corbie | Transmissible

Today's Patron Saint - St. Adelard of Corbie - Transmissible

Adelard of Corbie, patron saint of typhus sufferers. Adelard (752-827) was the grandson of Charles Martel, nephew of King Pepin and first cousin to Charlemagne.

Saint Adelard - The Daily Gardener › ota20200102
Jan 2, 2020Today is the anniversary of the death of Saint Adelard (pronounced ... Corbie - a patron saint of gardeners - who died on this day in 827.