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Sep 1, 2022

LATEST World News, Sep 1, 2022

5 things to know for September 1: Ukraine, Mar-a-Lago, Covid ...

8 hours agoUpdated 7:22 AM ET, Thu September 1, 2022 ... Few of us want summer to end, but there's some good news coming this winter: holiday discounts.

THE JELLYFISH that never dies, may hold the "key" to humanity, Sep 1, 2022

Η μέδουσα που δεν πεθαίνει ποτέ, μπορεί να κρατάει το «κλειδί» για την ανθρωπότητα

Mapping the genome may lead to discoveries that will improve our mortal lives

A team of scientists in Spain has managed to map the genome of a jellyfish known for its ability to cheat death with successive rebirths.

The tiny sea creature, dubbed the immortal jellyfish, can turn back its biological clock and return to a mass of youthful cells — even after sexual reproduction, the Wall Street Journal reports.

MIKHAIL GORBZCHEV, Russian and Soviet Politician, Info, Sep 1, 2022

Mikhail Gorbachev: Last Soviet leader dies aged 91 - BBC NewsGorbachev mourned as rare world leader but some still bitter | AP News

Mikhail Gorbachev - Wikipedia

12 minutes agoMikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev (2 March 1931 – 30 August 2022) was a Russian and Soviet politician who served as the last leader of the Soviet Union.

MITSUKEJIMA ISLAND (Honshu, Japan), Info, Sep 1, 2022

Miyake Island (Miyakejima) | Travel Japan (Japan National Tourism  Organization)

Ishikawa | Dive Japan

... is a prefecture of Japan located in the Chubu region on Honshu Island. ... The prefecture also has some islands, including Notojima, Mitsukejima, ..

PAUL MIUNI, Actor, Info, Sep 1, 2022

Paul Muni - Turner Classic Movies

How'd Charleton Heston win an Oscar? - Datalounge

Oct 28, 2016Paul Miuni and James Stewart had won Oscars. (Jack Lemmon did too, but comedic performances rarely win) and Lawrence Harvey was British.

GENGHIS KHAN , Info, Sep 1, 2022

X10 Things You May Not Know About Genghis Khan - HISTORYGenghis Khan - Wikipedia

Genghis Khan was the founder and first Great Khan (Emperor) of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his death.

NAYACHAR Island (West Bengal, India), Info, Sep 1, 2022

Nayachar Island Development – Hydraulic Study, Shore Protection & Bunds –  Greenfield Naval Base at West Coast of India

Nayachar - Wikipedia

Nayachar is an island in the Hooghly River, off Haldia in Purba Medinipur in the Indian state of West Bengal. The island inhabited by few fishermen, ...