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Mar 30, 2023

EMIL BOCEK, Last Czech RAF Pilot During WWII, Info, Mar 30, 2023

Emil Bocek, Last Czech Royal Air Force Pilot During World War II, Dies at  100 | LatestLY

Emil Bocek, Last Czech RAF Pilot During WWII, Dies at 100

4 days agoThe last living Czech pilot who fought the Nazis while serving with Britain's Royal Air Force during World War II has died at age 100,.

GORDON MOORE, Intel co-Founder, Info, Mar 30, 2023

Intel co-founder, philanthropist Gordon Moore dies at 94 | News |

Intel Co-Founder, Philanthropist Gordon Moore Dies at 94

4 days agoGordon Moore was the co-founder of Intel Corporation and the author of Moore's Law. He co-founded Intel Corporation in July 1968. Strictly ...

PAUL O'GRADY, TV Presenter and Comedian, Info, Mar 30, 2023

Paul O'Grady: TV presenter and comedian dies aged 67 - BBC News