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Dec 16, 2018

LATEST World News, Dec 16, 2018

'One of a kind' 4400-year-old tomb discovered in Egypt - Haaretz › Middle East News › Egypt

1 day ago - Decorated with hieroglyphs and statues, the untouched burial place ... The Associated Press ... Israeli excavation reveals new findings about the Ark of the Covenant .... How Putin and the Far Right Played the Paris Yellow Vests Protests ... Why Are Netanyahu, Erdogan, Trump and Orban So Afraid of Soros ...

EGYPT: 4000-Year-Old Tomb in Saqqara Newly Discovered, Dec 16, 2018

Egypt has announced the discovery of a 4400 year old tomb belonging to a senior official from the fifth ... December 16, 20181:52pm ... Unable to playback video.

PUTIN Wants to 'Control' Rap Music in Russia, Dec 16, 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to 'control' rap music in Russia
Alarmed by the growing popularity of rap music among Russian youth, President Vladimir Putin wants ... December 16, 20181:58am ... Unable to playback video.

INVENTIONS News, Dec 16, 2018

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Jewish Inventions that Have Impacted the World - Special Content ...

3 hours ago - While the West has made some remarkable discoveries, one cannot deny the ... The Jerusalem Post - Israel News ... December 16, 2018 19:10.

SCIENCE News, Dec 16, 2018

ScienceDaily: Your source for the latest research news
Breaking science news and articles on global warming, extrasolar planets, stem cells, bird flu, autism, nanotechnology, dinosaurs, evolution -- the latest ...

LIFESTYLE News, Dec 16, 2918

Chef Giorgio Locatelli: 'You can have a delicious meal without meat ...

16 hours ago - Chef Giorgio Locatelli: 'You can have a delicious meal without meat and fish'. We talk to ... 'We cannot carry on eating the way we are eating'.

PHILOSOPHY News, Dec 16, 2018

Jobs in Philosophy - PhilJobs:JFP

We are also interested in philosophers with the potential to create links outside of philosophy, to other disciplines, and .... AOC: Ancient Greek Philosophy.

Feb 22, 2016 - In conventional Islamic teaching philosophy is not considered favourably; ... of Greek philosophy without the help of Arab/Muslim philosophers.

JOSE CASTILLO, Venezuelan Professional Baseball Infielder, Info, Dec 16, 2018

José Castillo Rondón was a Venezuelan professional baseball infielder. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants, and Houston ... In 2003, Castillo was both the starting shortstop for the World Team in Major League ...
Major league career · ‎2006 · ‎2007 · ‎2008

Jose Castillo, former Giants third baseman, dies in car crash | NBCS ...

Former Giants third baseman Jose Castillo and Luis Valbuena, who played with the Angels in 2018, died Thursday from a tragic car accident in Venezuela.

GIRMA WOLDEGIORGIS, Former Ethiopian President, Info, Dec 16, 2018

IMG GIRMA WOLDEGIORGIS, Former Ethiopian President

Former Ethiopian President Girma Woldegiorgis Dies At 95 • Channels ... › Africa

1 day ago - Former Ethiopian president Girma Woldegiorgis died on Saturday, two weeks short of his 95th birthday, state media reported.

BIG South Cape Island, Taukihepa (New Zealand) Info, Dec 16, 2018

The ship rat invasion of Big South Cape Island/Taukihepa in the 1960s was an ecological catastrophe that marked a turning point for the management of rodents ...

MOTITI Island, Motiti (New Zealand) Info, Dec 16, 2018

Motiti Island-What to see in our Wildlife and Scenic Cruise | Bay Explorer

Motiti Island, a sightseeing point on our must-do tourist attraction cruise, home to tropical fish, dolphins, and perfect for diving and snorkeling.

ANCHOR Island, Puke Nui (New Zealand) Info, Dec 16, 2018

File:Anchor Island Puke Nui Fiordland New Zealand Aotearoa.jpg ...

File:Anchor Island Puke Nui Fiordland New Zealand Aotearoa.jpg. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media ... Usage on Anchor Island ...

COAL Island, Te Puka-Hereka (New Zealand) Info, Dec 16, 2018

Sanctuaries of New Zealand: Te Puka-Hereka / Coal Island

Location of Te Puka-Hereka / Coal Island The South West New Zealand Endangered Species Charitable Trust aims to eradicate Coal Island of introduced pests ...

MAYOR Island, Tuhua (New Zealand) Info, Dec 16, 2018

Tuhua (Mayor) Island | Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Tuhua (Mayor) Island. Mayor Island (Tuhua) is a dormant volcano off the Bay of Plenty coast. It is a sanctuary for wildlife, both above and below the water.