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Dec 31, 2019

NEW YEAR 2020 Celebrations Around the World, Dec 31, 2019

New Year 2020 Celebrations in Australia

New Year 2020 celebrations around the world as Australia ... › News › World
3 hours ago - A new decade has officially arrived as Australia and Japan celebrate New Year 2020 alongside a host of other countries across the world. The south Pacific island nation Somoa was the first to mark the new year at 10am GMT, followed by New Zealand at 11am GMT. The country welcomed ...

LATEST World News, Dec 31, 2019

Russian Terror Suspects In Custody Following U.S. Tip-Off › russian-terror-suspects-in-custody-following-u-s-tip...
16 hours ago - December 31, 2019 03:34 GMT Updated December 31, 2019 15:44 GMT ... telephone with U.S. President Donald Trump to thank him for the intelligence. ... States provided that helped foil a potential holiday terrorist attack in Russia." ... to continuing counterterrorism cooperation between the two countries.".

WEDGE Island (Western Australia, Australia) Info, Dec 31, 2019

Wedge Island is a settlement located north of Lancelin and south of Cervantes on the Western Australian coast. The name mainly refers to the mainland ...

SHARK BAY Islands (Western Australia, Australia) Info, Dec 31, 2019

Many of Shark Bay's islands are nature reserves and protect native species that ... Hemidactylus frenatus, is common in Carnarvon and northern Australia and can ... A fatal wart virus affects the threatened western barred bandicoots on the ...

SCOTT & SERINGAPATAM Reefs (Western Australia, Australia) Info, Dec 31, 2019

Scott and Seringapatam Reefs is a group of atoll-like reefs in the Timor Sea more than 300 kilometres (190 mi) northwest of Cape Leveque, Western Australia, on the edge of the continental shelf. There are three or four separate reef structures, depending on whether Scott Reef Central is counted separately.

ROWLEY Shoals (Western Australia, Australia) Info, Dec 31, 2019

The Rowley Shoals is a group of three atoll-like coral reefs south of the Timor Sea, about 260 km (160 mi) west of Broome on the northwestern Australian coast, ...
Location‎: ‎Indian Ocean
Population‎: ‎0

SYD MEAD, American Industrial Designer, Visual Futurist, Info, Dec 31, 2019

SYD MEAD Visual Futurist

Syd Mead - Wikipedia › wiki › Syd_Mead
Sydney Jay Mead (July 18, 1933 – December 30, 2019) was an American industrial designer ... 2007, he completed work on a documentary of his career with the director Joaquin Montalvan entitled Visual Futurist:The Art & Life of Syd Mead.

NEIL INNES, English Writer, Comedian and Musician, Info, Dec 31, 2019

NEIL INNES, English Writer, Comedian and Musician

Neil Innes - Wikipedia › wiki › Neil_Innes
Neil James Innes (/ˈɪnɪs/; 9 December 1944 – 29 December 2019) was an English writer, comedian and musician. He collaborated with Monty Python and played in The Rutles and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.
Instruments‎: ‎Vocals; piano; guitar; banjo
Born‎: ‎9 December 1944 (age 75); ‎Danbury, Es...
Years active‎: ‎1960s–present

Dec 30, 2019

LATEST World News, Dec 30, 2019

The great lie of Istanbul – Duvar English › columns › 2019/12/30 › the-great-lie-of-i...
So why would it press forward with the Kanal Istanbul project? December 30 2019 .... As Syrian and Russian forces have intensified their bombardment of targets in Idlib, Trump on Dec. ... U.S. President Donald Trump has announced his approval of a .... Putin, Erdoğan plan to launch TurkStream pipeline on Jan 8: Kremlin.

ROTTNEST Island (Western Australia, Australia) Info, Dec 30, 2019

Rottnest Island is an island off the coast of Western Australia, located 18 kilometres (11 mi) west of Fremantle. A sandy, low-lying island formed on a base of ...
LGA(s)‎: ‎A-class reserve administered by the R...
Federal Division(s)‎: ‎Fremantle
Established‎: ‎1830s
Area‎: ‎19 km2 (7.3 sq mi)

RECHERCHE Islands (Western Australia, Australia) Info, Dec 30, 2019

The Archipelago of the Recherche, known locally as the Bay of Isles, is a group of 105 islands, and over 1200 "obstacles to shipping", off the south coast of Western Australia.
Geography · ‎Groups · ‎Islands · ‎Flora and fauna

MONTEBELLO Islands (Western Australia, Australia) Info, Dec 30, 2019

The Montebello Islands, also known as the Monte Bello Islands, are an archipelago of around ... The islands form a conservation park administered by the Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation, and it is likely that the ...
Description · ‎History · ‎Islands

MARY ANNE Group (Western Australia, Australia) Info, Dec 30, 2019

The Mary Anne Group is an archipelago off the north west coast of Western Australia, nominally located at 21º17'S 115º30'E. Together with the Mangrove ...

KELLY FRASER, Inuit-Canadian Singer, Info, Dec 30, 2019

KELLY FRASER, Inuit-Canadian Singer

Kelly Fraser, Inuit-Canadian Singer, Dies at 26 - The New ... › 2019/12/29 › obituaries › kelly-fraser-dead
20 hours ago - Kelly Fraser, a Canadian singer who gained attention for an Inuit-language cover of Rihanna's song “Diamonds,” died on Thursday. She was 26. Thor Simonsen, her producer, confirmed the death. No other details were given.

Dec 29, 2019

LATEST World News, Dec 29, 2019

Turkey to evacuate wounded after deadly Mogadishu blast ... › 20191229-turkey-to-evacuate-woun...
8 hours ago - Wounded people are being dispatched to Turkey for medical treatment ... capital Mogadishu on December 29, 2019 [Emin Sansar / Anadolu Agency] ... Somali Information Minister Mohamed Abdi Hayir Mareye told state media ... in competition with Gulf rivals like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

LOWENDAL Islands (Western Australia, Australia) Info, Dec 29, 2019

The Lowendal Islands comprise an archipelago, with a total area of about 160 ha of land lying off the coast of Western Australia. It is important for breeding ...

LACEPEDE Islands (Western Australia, Australia) Info, Dec 29, 2019

The Lacepede Islands, sometimes referred to simply as the Lacepedes, are a group of four islands lying off the Kimberley coast of Western Australia, about 120 ...
Description · ‎Environment · ‎Birds · ‎History

WALLABI Group (Houtman Abrolhos,Western Australia, Australia) Info, Dec 29, 2019

The Wallabi Group is the northern-most group of islands in the Houtman Abrolhos. Nominally ... The main islands are North Island, West Wallabi Island, East Wallabi Island, Long Island and Beacon Island. The group is part of the ... Department of Maritime Archaeology, Western Australian Museum. ^ Dash, Mike (2002).

PELSAERT Group (Houtman Abrolhos,Western Australia, Australia) Info, Dec 29, 2019

The Pelsaert Group is the southernmost of the three groups of islands that make up the ... This article about a location in Western Australia is a stub. You can help ...

EASTER Group (Houtman Abrolhos,Western Australia, Australia) Info, Dec 29, 2019

The Easter Group is the central of three groups of islands that make up the Houtman Abrolhos ... (1993) Historic sites of the Easter Group, Houtman Abrolhos, WA : report prepared for the Abrolhos Islands Consultative Council other authors ...

THANOS MIKROUTSIKOS, Greek Composer, Info, Dec 29, 2019

Thanos Mikroutsikos - Wikipedia › wiki › Thanos_Mikroutsikos
Athanasios "Thanos" Mikroutsikos (Greek: Αθανάσιος (Θάνος) Μικρούτσικος; 13 April 1947 – 28 December 2019) was a Greek composer and politician. He was considered one of the most important composers of the recent Greek musical scene.
Biography · ‎Music · ‎Politics

Dec 28, 2019

LATEST World News, Dec 28, 2019

Erdogan to seek parliament's approval to send Turkish troops ... › 2019/12/28 › turkey-erdogan-troops-libya-gna
Erdogan announced plans to send Turkish troops to aid the Libya's UN-backed ... President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir ... Staff Writer December 28, 2019 .... Somalia: Dozens killed in massive car bomb in Mogadishu ... Taliban kill Afghan soldiers in Helmand base attack.

HOUTMAN Abrolhos (Western Australia, Australia), Info, Dec 28, 2019

Jump to Western rock lobster - The Houtman Abrolhos is a chain of 122 islands, and associated coral reefs, in the Indian Ocean off the west coast of ...
Total islands‎: ‎122
Population‎: ‎6 (2016 census)
Area‎: ‎16.4 km2 (6.3 sq mi)
Location‎: ‎Indian Ocean

GARDEN Island (Western Australia, Australia), Info, Dec 28, 2019

Garden Island is a narrow island about 10 kilometres (6 mi) long and 1.5 kilometres (0.9 mi) wide, lying about 5 kilometres (3 mi) off the Western Australian coast ...
History · ‎Current use · ‎References

DIRK HARTOG Island (Western Australia, Australia), Info, Dec 28, 2019

Dirk Hartog Island is an island off the Gascoyne coast of Western Australia, within the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. It is about 80 kilometres (50 miles) long ...
State‎: ‎Western Australia
Area‎: ‎620 km2 (240 sq mi)
Highest elevation‎: ‎188 m (617 ft)
Length‎: ‎80 km (50 mi)
History · ‎Description · ‎Environment

DAMPIER Archipelago (Western Australia, Australia), Info, Dec 28, 2019

The Dampier Archipelago is a group of 42 islands near the town of Dampier in the Pilbara, Western Australia. The archipelago is also made up of reefs, shoals, ...

CARNAC Island (Western Australia, Australia), Info, Dec 28, 2019

Carnac Island is a 19-hectare (47-acre), A Class, island nature reserve about 10 km (6.2 mi) south-west of Fremantle and 3.5 km (2.2 mi) north of Garden Island in Western Australia.

SUE LYON, American Actress, Info, Dec 28, 2019

Suellyn "Sue" Lyon (July 10, 1946 – December 26, 2019) was an American actress. She joined the entertainment industry as a model at the age of 13, and later rose to prominence and won a Golden Globe for playing the title role in the film Lolita (1962).
Children‎: ‎2
Born‎: ‎Suellyn Lyon; July 10, 1946 (age 73); ‎Da...
Years active‎: ‎1959–1980

LEE MENDELSON, American Television Producer, Info, Dec 28, 2019

Lee Mendelson (March 24, 1933 – December 25, 2019) was an American television producer, best known as the executive producer of the many Peanuts animated specials.

JERRY HERMAN, American Composer and Lyricist, Info, Dec 28, 2019

Gerald Sheldon Herman (July 10, 1931 – December 26, 2019) was an American composer and lyricist, known for his work in Broadway musical theater.
Years active‎: ‎1954–present
Parent(s)‎: ‎Harry Herman; Ruth Sachs Herman
Home town‎: ‎Jersey City, New Jersey‎, U.S
Genres‎: ‎Musical theatre

Dec 27, 2019

LATEST World News, Dec 27, 2019

International News - The Japan News › news › world
11:56 am, December 27, 2019 ... 11:50 pm, December 26, 2019 ... slammed into Banda Aceh on the northern tip of Indonesia's Sumatra island on Boxing Day in 2004, ... ANKARA (Reuters) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan paid a surprise visit to .... Crocodile attacks in East Timor increase over 20-fold in 20 years.

DAVID FOSTER, Movie Producer, Info, Dec 27, 2019

2 days ago - Veteran Hollywood producer David Foster died Monday. He was 90 years old. Foster's career spanned 60 years and he produced such films as ...

CAPE LEEUWIN Islands (Western Australia) Info, Dec 27, 2019

Cape Leeuwin is the most south-westerly point of the Australian mainland. Cape Leeuwin may ... lophantha or Cape Leeuwin Wattle, a species of wattle tree native to the coastal regions of south-west Australia; The St Alouarn Islands off Cape Leeuwin are sometimes referred to as the Cape Leeuwin Islands ...

COCKATOO Island (Western Australia) Info, Dec 27, 2019

Cockatoo Island is an island in the Buccaneer Archipelago off the coast of Western Australia near the town of Derby. It was mined for iron ore by the Broken Hill ...

BUCCANEER Archipelago (Western Australia) Info, Dec 27, 2019

The Buccaneer Archipelago is a group of islands off the coast of Western Australia near the town of Derby in the Kimberley region. The closest inhabited place is ...

BONAPARTE Archipelago (Western Australia) Info, Dec 27, 2019

The Bonaparte Archipelago is a group of islands off the coast of Western Australia in the Kimberley region, within the Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberley.

BARROW Island (Western Australia) Info, Dec 27, 2019

Barrow Island is a 202 km2 (78 sq mi) island 50 kilometres (31 mi) northwest off the Pilbara coast of Western Australia. The island is the second largest in ...
Location‎: ‎Indian Ocean, off the Pilbara coast of ...
Length‎: ‎27 km (16.8 mi)
Area‎: ‎202 km2 (78 sq mi)

ASHMORE & CARTIER Islands (Western Australia) Info, Dec 27, 2019

The Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands is an uninhabited external territory of Australia ... The Territory comprises Ashmore Reef, which includes West, Middle, and East Islands, and two lagoons, and Cartier Reef, which includes Cartier ...
Location‎: ‎Indian Ocean
Population‎: ‎0 (1 January 2011)
Geography · ‎History · ‎Governance · ‎Migration

GREECE News, Dec 27, 2019

News | › news
FRIDAY DECEMBER 27, 2019 ... Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis reiterated on Wednesday that Greece will defend its sovereignty in the Aegean while ...
FRIDAY DECEMBER 27, 2019 ... NEWS. The slopes of Mount Parnitha, north of Athens, were covered with ... Greece's Public Debt Management Agency (PDMA) is expected to raise between 4 and 8 billion euros in 2020, the agency said in a report released Tuesday, adding it will maintain the current level of cash reserves.

Dec 26, 2019

LATEST World News, Dec 26, 2019

Turkey to send troops to Libya at Tripoli's request: Erdogan ... › article › us-turkey-libya-erdogan › erdogan-say...
December 26, 2019 / 1:04 AM / in 15 hours ... Haftar's forces from eastern Libya, which have been supported by Russia, Egypt, the ... Erdogan visited Tunisia on Wednesday to discuss cooperation for a ... Exclusive: The Brits who won't Brexit.

PENTAL Island (Victoria, Australia) Info, Dec 26, 2019

Pental Island is a rural locality in Victoria, Australia, bordering Swan Hill, Victoria in the north. It is an island bounded by the Murray River in the north and the ...

HERRING Island (Victoria, Australia) Info, Dec 26, 2019

Area, 0.032 km2 (0.012 sq mi). Administration. Australia. Demographics. Population, 0. Herring Island is a small 3.2 hectares (7.9 acres) artificial island located in Melbourne's Yarra ...
History · ‎Sculpture park · ‎Cairn · ‎Stone House

GUNBOWER Island (Victoria, Australia) Info, Dec 26, 2019

Gunbower Island, Australia's largest inland island is located between the Murray River and Gunbower Creek. It is also internationally recognised as a wetland of ...

COODE Island (Victoria, Australia) Info, Dec 26, 2019

Coode Island is a former island at the convergence of the Yarra and Maribyrnong Rivers, 4 km west of central Melbourne, Australia. The island was formed by ...
Area‎: ‎0.97 km2 (0.4 sq mi)

BEVERIDGE Island (Victoria, Australia) Info, Dec 26, 2019

Beveridge Island is an island in Victoria, Australia, within the locality of Tyntynder in the Rural City of Swan Hill. It is enclosed by the Murray River, and an ...

Dec 25, 2019

CHRISTMAS 2019 News, Dec 25, 2019


December 25, 2019 Calendar with Holidays & Count Down ... › Calendar › Date › December-25-2019
12 hours ago - December 25, 2019 Popular Holidays & Observances Worldwide. Christmas; Hanukkah 3rd Day - Isreal; Armed Forces Day (Dia das Forças ...

LATEST World News, Dec 25, 2019

Enough 14 -- Its time to revolt! - -
#Chile: The way to do it is to be it. An anonymous text from Chile from early December. … Continue reading → · December 25, 2019 Leave a reply ...

CHUCK PEDDLE, American Electrical Engineer, Info, Dec 25, 2019

Charles Ingerham Peddle (November 25, 1937 – December 15, 2019) was an American electrical engineer best known as the main designer of the MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor, as well as the KIM-1 SBC (single-board computer) and its successor the Commodore PET PC (personal computer), ... Died, December 15, 2019(2019-12-15) (aged 82).
Notable work‎: ‎6502 microprocessor; KIM-1 SBC; ...
Born‎: ‎1937 (age 81–82); ‎Bangor, Maine‎; United ...