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Mar 25, 2018

LATEST World News, Mar 25, 2018

Pope urges youth to raise voices at Palm Sunday service ...
Pope Francis has urged young people not to be silent and let their voices be heard during Palm Sunday celebrations. ... March 25 2018 9:57 AM ... they want a more transparent and authentic church, and a day after tens of thousands of young people marched in the United States with others to demand greater gun control.

GREECE's Independence Day Celebrations, Mar 25, 2018

Google honors Greece's Independence Day with a special Doodle › News › Society › Very Mix
12 hours ago - Google honors Greece's Independence Day and the Greek Revolution of 1821 March with a special doodle. Graphic designers of the company used a pair of the traditional shoes - tsarouchi -

POPE Francis Celebrates a Palm Sunday Mass, Mar 25, 2018

 The Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican

Pope Francis urges young people to raise their voices in Palm Sunday ...
2 hours ago - Pope Francis urges young people to raise their voices in Palm Sunday address. Pope Francis waves from his Papamobile after the Palm Sunday Mass in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican, March 25, 2018. STEFANO RELLANDINI / REUTERS. Share; Tweet; Reddit; Flipboard; Email. VATICAN CITY ...

QANTAS Launches First Direct Flight From Australia to London, Mar 25, 2018


Qantas Launches First Direct Flight From Australia to London - The ...
15 hours ago - MELBOURNE — Australia's first direct flight to Britain took off on Sunday from the western city of Perth, cutting flying time roughly three hours by skipping stopovers in Singapore or the Middle East, Qantas officials said. The 17-hour flight, operated by a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, will touch down in London at ...

U.S. Gun Control Movement Pushing Congress to Act, Mar 25, 2018


U.S. Gun Control Movement Pushing Congress to Act: Lawmakers ...
1 hour ago - The youth-led U.S. gun control movement that flexed its public muscle with huge weekend rallies has already nudged Congress to enact minor firearms changes, but must remain active if it hopes to win more meaningful regulations, lawmakers said on Sunday.

GHOUTA News, Mar 25, 2018


Syrian Regime Forces Control Almost All of Eastern Ghouta (VIDEO)
6 hours ago - The Syrian government began its campaign to take Ghouta in February.

CARLES PUIGDEMONT Detained in Germany, Mar 25, 2018


Catalan Ex-Leader Carles Puigdemont Detained in Germany - The ...
8 hours ago - Mr. Puigdemont was on his way back to Belgium from Finland, where the authorities had received an international warrant for his arrest.

LYS ASSIA, First Eurovision Winner, Info, Mar 25, 2018

 IMG LYS ASSIA, First Eurovision Winner

First Eurovision winner Lys Assia dies at 94 | World news | The Guardian
4 hours ago - The Swiss singer Lys Assia, the first winner of the Eurovision song contest, has died aged 94. Assia, who won with the song Refrain in the first edition of the contest in 1956 in Lugano, Switzerland, died on Saturday in a Zurich hospital, Eurovision said in a statement. Assia, whose real name was Rosa Mina ...

INDIAN Cinema News, Mar 25, 2018

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Bollywood News, Latest Movies, Celebrities ... - The Indian Express
Remembering Farooque Shaikh: A gentleman actor who brought nazakat to cinema. March 25, 2018 8:28 am. Farooque Shaikh was an actor of ineffable gladness and a gentleman of civility and nuance, who brought a vanishing 'nazaakat' to his lines. With his passing, Hindi cinema and theatre lost a terrific artiste, and a ...

INVENTIONS News, Mar 25, 2018


Pillcam's inventor regrets sale of 'Biblical' tech to foreign firm | The ...
Apr 23, 2015 - The Pillcam, the gastro-intestinal endoscopy video device developed by Given Imaging, is more than just a better diagnostic system for doctors; ... With the Given technology, patients swallow a tiny color camera that is cleverly hidden inside a pill that does not get broken down or absorbed by the body.

SCIENCE News, Mar 25, 2018


Top Science News -- ScienceDaily
Top science stories featured on ScienceDaily's home page. ... Scientists Develop Tiny Tooth-Mounted Sensors That Can Track What You Eat. Mar. 22, 2018 — Engineers ... 21, 2018 — A new study has identified two genes associated with hyperemesis gravidarum, whose cause has not been determined in previous studies.

LIFESTYLE News, Mar 25, 2018

How healthy eating has changed: 10 ways to eat better in 2018 | South ... › Lifestyle › Health & Wellness
Jan 9, 2018 - A way of life. The notion of dieting, with its obsessive calorie counting, weighing and measuring is out, and “lifestyling,” with a focus on overall eating ... We now know that the good bacteria in our guts are key not only to digestive health but to overall wellness, and the foods that support the microbiome are ...

PHILOSOPHY News, Mar 25, 2018

Young minds wrestle with big philosophical questions - CBC Player
Young minds wrestle with big philosophical questions. Sunday Edition. March 25, 2018. 10:05. “Who am I?” “What is happiness” and “What is real?” A teacher in B.C., Tiffany Poirier puts philosophy in the classroom, along with the 3 Rs.
Mar 4, 2018 - A lot of atheists dismiss religious believers as... how to put it politely... not too bright. Philosopher and atheist Tim Crane believes his fellow atheists should develop a more sophisticated understanding of religion and be more tolerant of religious believers.

The Coffee House Philosopher - Alva Review-Courier
The Coffee House Philosopher. The most trusted man in America – Part 2. Share ·

FASHION Models News, Mar 25, 2018

Spring 2018 Menswear Fashion shows - Vogue
Jun 9, 2017 - All the Spring 2018 Menswear fashion show coverage in one place. Designer collections, reviews, photos, videos, and more.

JOSE ABREU, Founder of World Renowned El Sistema Music, Info, Mar 25, 2018

 IMG JOSE ABREU, Founder of World Renowned El Sistema Music

José Abreu, founder of Venezuelan El Sistema youth orchestras, dies ...
7 hours ago - “With devoted love and eternal gratitude to my mentor and father of El Sistema,” tweeted Gustavo Dudamel, the Venezuelan conductor and director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, alongside a photo of himself with Abreu, who died on Saturday. Abreu was born on 7 May 1939 in the small Andean city of Valera.