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Sep 2, 2022

LATEST World News, Sep 2, 2022

Ukraine Latest: Gazprom Won't Reopen Pipeline; Oil Price Cap

1 hour agoG-7 to Back Plan to Introduce Cap on Russian Oil Price. Bloomberg News. September 1, 2022 at 11:00 PM PDT Updated on September 2, 2022 at ...

Is Buenos Aires a better version of Paris? Sep 2, 2022

No… It may be a cheaper version at best. I have been to Paris at least 10 times… In Buenos Aires, I was 10 days more or less… I like Argentina and its people much more than France…. However, it is impossible to compare Paris with Buenos Aires…

The biggest problem with Buenos Aires, is that the standards change completely from neighborhood to neighborhood… Paris also has some dangerous neighborhoods, but always at a certain level of standard… Take a taxi from Recoleta to anywhere within 30 miles (48 km approx. ) around Buenos Aires and see how the scenery changes.