Today: Saturday, August 07, 2010

Aug 7, 2010

Putin sparks food worries after ban


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits Gazprom Scientific and Research Institute of Natural Gases and Gas Technologies (VNIIGAZ) outside Moscow, on August 3, 2010.Picture: AFP

7 dead in collision between train and bus in Israel

Naomi Campbell testifies at Taylor war crimes trial - CNN

Poland: Alleged Israeli agent to be extradited to Germany - CNN

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a founding member of Hamas' military wing, was found dead in his hotel room in Dubai in January.

Colombia's leader to take office amid tensions with Venezuela - CNN

Death toll in Karachi violence rises to 81 - CNN

Misery, frustration rise in Pakistan flood areas - CNN

The Pakistan Navy rescues a family on August 6, 2010 in the village of Panu Akil, near Sukkur, Pakistan.

Michelle Obama goes walkabout in Marbella after 'racist' Spaniards gaff

Dutch combat troops leave southern Afghanistan

New Zealand suffers first combat death in Afghanistan

Skier Fredrik Ericsson dies in accident on K2

Professional skier Fredrik Ericsson was attempting to become the first man to ski from the summit to base camp.

Professional skier Fredrik Ericsson was attempting to become the first man to ski from the summit to base camp.
(CNN) -- Swedish mountaineer and professional skier Fredrik Ericsson died Friday while trying to summit K2 in Pakistan, his friend David Schipper told CNN in a telephone interview.

South Korean maneuvers draw threat from North

A South Korean navy ship participates in drills in the Yellow Sea this week.Just two weeks after joint drills with the U.S. Navy, South Korea's military is carrying out five days of military exercises in the Yellow Sea.
The South Korean navy, army, air force and marines are practicing techniques for detecting and evading North Korean submarines and guided missiles, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported Saturday. The exercise involves 20 ships and 4,500 troops, according to Yonhap.

Castro addresses Cuba's parliament for first time in years - CNN

6 Americans among 10 on medical team killed in Afghanistan - CNN

Maharlika, Ex-students of baking, culinary arts classes hold reunion

CNMI surpasses '06 gold-medal haul

Memorial service at Tinian's A-bomb assembly pit

Tinian runs out of gas supply

Ashika victims remembered

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Huge ice island calves off Greenland glacier

The snow-covered landscape is seen in an aerial photo near the town of Uummannaq in western Greenland March 17, 2010. (Xinhua/Reuters file photo)

192 Chinese rescued from flood-hit Pakistan arrive home

Russia claims U.S. breaches nonproliferation obligations

Fidel Castro appears in parliament, warns of nuclear war

Bodies of foreigners found in NE Afghan province identified

U2 News, U2 Lyrics, U2 Photos and more!

Miss Universe : Home

Madeira news: European Rally Championship, Rally Vinho da Madeira

Peugeot Rally Madeira preview

The Levada dos Tornos paths leads to a Hikers playground!

Morrison labels Nike SQ MachSpeed golf driver as best he has used

Hiking on Madeira island, where Nature reigns supreme

14-Year-Old Laura Dekker to Sail Around the World

Alberto J. Fernandes

Pacific Island Forum renews suspension of Fiji, as Australia denies split over support

Traditional beat goes on in modern hands

LNG Announces Interpretation of 27km of 2D Seismic Within PPL 319 in Papua New Guinea

Strong earthquakes strike off Papua New Guinea

West Papua warns of intifada against Jakarta

Papua New Guinea - Oil & Gas Journal

Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu: Who Is Teddy Taylor?

The Associated Press: Magnitude 7 quake shakes Papua New Guinea


The migratory patterns of birds can give scientists data on future
avian flu outbreaks. Analyzing more than 225 species of songbirds and
perching birds, researchers found that 22 varieties are carriers of
low-pathogenicity avian influenza, meaning they carry a strain of the
bug that isn't dangerous enough to kill the bird but could mutate into
something more lethal. The research supported by the National Science
Foundation was recently published in the journal BMC Infectious
Avian influenza or bird flu is most commonly associated with poultry
and water fowl like chicken and ducks, but perching and songbirds--also
called passerines--typically share the same habitats and may be more
effective transmitters of the disease.
By mapping such factors as a location's minimum temperature, date of
spring thaw, and particularly the amount of land that's been converted
into cropland, researchers hope to predict increases of avian flu
cases. "Agricultural activity reduces the amount of natural habitat
available to avian migrants," says Trevon Fuller, lead author of the
paper and a biologist at the Center for Tropical Research at UCLA. When
birds have less habitat, they crowd together more, which helps
communicable diseases spread faster.
SOURCE: National Science Foundation,


The choice to curb--or not to curb--carbon emissions in the near term   
will affect populations across the globe for centuries to come, says a   
new report from the National Research Council. The amount of carbon in   
the atmosphere is currently higher than at any point in the last   
800,000 years.   
CO2 doesn't displace easily. The amount could triple by the end of the   
century depending on the sorts of emissions reductions choices   
individuals and policy makers enact today. Even if emissions stabilize,   
CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere would continue to increase as the   
amount in the air already exceeds what the earth can absorb.   
The report details how small changes in temperature would change   
rainfall patterns and water availability: Rain in the North American   
southwest and the Mediterranean would decrease by as much as 10%, and   
crop yields could decrease by 15% for every one degree (Celsius) of   
warming according to the report.   
SOURCE: National Research Council 


Using a type of glass that does not conduct electricity, researchers at   
Michigan Tech and Penn State report discovering a way to capture and   
route rays of visible light around objects, rendering the objects   
Previous attempts to build an "invisibility cloak" have used metals and   
wires. In the research by Michigan Tech engineer Elena Semouchkina and   
colleagues, tiny glass metamaterials were arranged in a cylinder shape   
that produced the magnetic resonance required to bend light waves   
around an object. These resonators are artificial materials with   
properties that do not exist in nature, born of the marriage between   
materials science and electrical engineering.
The researchers are experimenting with other materials, such as ceramic   
resonators, and with other frequencies, such as microwave. The goal is   
to find applications that work at visible light frequencies, says   

Anna Nicole trial: Overdose evidence barred

Anna Nicole Smith. Photo / Supplied.

Anna Nicole Smith drug trial gets under way

Anna Nicole Smith in 2006 with her son Daniel Smith, centre, and her lawyer Howard K. Stern, who is charged with conspiring to illegally provide opiates and sedatives to the late Playboy model. Photo / AP

Bodyguard: Anna Nicole's boyfriend supplied drugs

Anna Nicole Smith's former bodyguard Maurice Brighthaupt, also known as Big Moe, arrives at the Los Angeles Superior Court. Photo / AP.

Lily Allen: I want a baby

Lily Allen. Photo / Getty Images

Lily Allen hopes to 'fade into oblivion'

Lily Allen entertains during the 2010 Big Day Out. Photo / Dean Purcell

Lily Allen pregnant - Life & Style

Singer Lily Allen is pregnant. Photo / Supplied

Bristol Palin calls off her engagement - again

Levi Johnston (L) told Bristol Palin (R) that he may have fathered a baby with another girl. Photo / AP

NZ Fashion Week: Highs and lows from the back catalogue - Fashion & Beauty

NZ Fashion Week: Highs and lows from the back catalogue

Shutter snaps for final time on last roll of film

Steve McCurry with a poster of  his iconic photo of an Afghan refugee. Photo / AP.

Theatre Review: Grease at Civic Theatre, Auckland

The cast play up the humorous side of a show that taps into 50s nostalgia. Photo / Greg Bowker

Pink Floyd anthem rewritten for young Iranians

Roger Waters gave permission to Blurred Vision to re-work is classic song. Photo / AP