Apr 9, 2015

ST. CASILDA of Toledo, Info, Apr 09, 2015

    IMG ST. CASILDA of Toledo
  1. St. Casilda | Saint of the Day |
    April 9 St. Casilda (11 th century) Size: A A. Some saints’ names are far more familiar to us than others, but even the lives of obscure holy persons teach us ...
  2. a year of prayer: 365 Rosaries: April 9: Saint Casilda of Toledo
    Apr 03, 2011 · Today, April 9, we celebrate he feast day of Saint Casilda of Toledo (approximately 950-1050). While little is known about Saint Casilda, what we do know ...
  3. Casilda of Toledo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Saint Casilda of Toledo (died ca. 1050 AD) is venerated as a saint of the Catholic Church. Her feast day is April 9. Contents 1 Life 2 Images 3 References 4 ...
  4. Commemorated on April 9. St. Casilda was a daughter of a Muslim king of Toledo, Spain. She showed special kindness to Christian prisoners and would carry bread hidden ...

STS. RAPHAEL & Nicholas of Mytilene, Lesvos, Info, Apr 09, 2015

    IMG STS. RAPHAEL & Nicholas of Mytilene, Lesvos
  1. Sts. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene the Newly-Revealed Martyrs ...  Apr 15, 2012 · Sts. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene the Newly-Revealed Martyrs of Lesvos - Commemorated on April 9 and Tuesday of Bright Week ...
  2. Irene of Lesvos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  St. Irene the Newly Appeared Martyr of Lesvos (ca. 1451 – 9 April 1463) ... and shortly thereafter St. Raphael, along with Sts. Nicholas and ... Raphael, Nicholas ...
  3. Raphael of Lesvos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  St. Raphael the Newly Appeared Martyr of ... Nicholas and Irene on Bright Tuesday (April9) ... and shortly thereafter St. Raphael, along with Sts. Nicholas and Irene

ST. IRENE of Mytilene, Lesvos, Info, Apr 09, 2015

    IMG ST. IRENE of  Mytilene, Lesvos
  1. Irene of Lesvos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    ... 9 April 1463) is an Eastern ... Raphael, Nicholas and Irene, ... "Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene of Lesbos,” ‘’Modern Orthodox Saints’’, ...
  2. Irene of Lesvos - Biography and facts -  St. Irene the Newly-Appeared Martyr of Lesvos (ca. 1451 ... (April 9) of 1463, ... Lesbos: Wikipedia.
  3. New Martyr Irene of Lesbos - Orthodox Church in America  New Martyr Irene of Lesbos Commemorated on April 9. ... In the spring of 1463, the Turks raided the monastery at Thermi and captured the monks.
  4. Saint Irene of Mytilene - The Nuns' Garden!
    A few facts about Saint Irene of Mytilene. Home; Our ... in 1463. Irene was tortured and then burned alive on April 9.

ST. EUPSYCHIUS, of Caesarea, in Cappadocia, Info, Apr 09, 2015

    IMG ST. EUPSYCHIUS, of Caesarea, in Cappadocia
  1. Martyr Eupsychius of Caesarea, in Cappadocia - Troparion ...
    Home / The Orthodox Faith / Lives of the Saints / Martyr Eupsychius of Caesarea, in Cappadocia - Troparion & Kontakion Commemorated on April 9 Troparion — Tone 3
  2. St. Eupsychius, Martyr - Catholic Exchange
    ... arriving in Caesarea on his march to Antioch, ... April 9, 2014 St. Eupsychius, Martyr. ... Just eight years after the death of Eupsychius, on April 8, ...
  3. Martyr Eupsychius of Caesarea, in Cappadocia - Orthodox ...
    Home / The Orthodox Faith / Lives of the Saints / Martyr Eupsychius of Caesarea, in Cappadocia Commemorated on April 9. Troparion & Kontakion. The Holy Martyr ...

ST BADEMUS, Martyr, Info, Apr 09, 2015

    IMG ST BADEMUS, Martyr
    10 April 376: Feast: 10 April: Bademus ... The martyr's wounds were so numerous that the bystanders
  2. The Great Collection of The Lives of the Saints, Volume VIII ...
    The Holy Monastic Martyr Badimus of Persia April 10 The Holy Martyr Terence and Those with Him April 11 The Holy Hieromartyr Antipas, Bishop of Pergamum
  3. John Baptist de la Salle was born at Rheims, France on April 30th. ... More martyrs today. Pope highlights persecuted Christians in address. Hundreds killed in Yemen.
  4. Martyr; Saint of the Day. View More. ... France on April 30th. He was the eldest of ten children in a noble family. He

SNOW, Ski in Southern Hemisphere, News, Apr 09, 2015

  1. Perisher ski resort, Australia (credit: nanningbear)

  2. The Southern Hemisphere: Australia, New Zealand, ... Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, ... is the biggest ski destination in the southern hemisphere.

SNOW, Ski News, Apr 09, 2015

  1. Snow Descends in Macedonia, Bulgaria and Albania, to the ...
    A portal for travellers to and from the Balkans., The first New Year’s gift of ... SnowDescends in Macedonia, Bulgaria ... Mavrovo and Ski Centar Kozuf Greece: ...

HOLY THURSDAY (Orthodox), Info, Apr 09, 2015

  1. Holy Thursday - Orthodox Church in America
    The vigil on the eve of Holy Thursday is dedicated exclusively to the Passover Supper which Christ celebrated with his twelve apostles. The main theme of the day is ...

HOLY WEEK (Orthodox), Info, Apr 09, 2015

  1. Holy Week - OrthodoxWiki
    Great and Holy Week is the week from the conclusion of Great Lent on the Saturday of Lazarus to the celebration of Pascha. It is emphasized that the services of Holy ...

Apr 8, 2015

LATEST World News, Apr 08, 2015

    Fox News Attempted Satire
  2. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., ... Video, science, weather and sports news. ... //; chat;

AIRPLANE News, Apr 08, 2015

  1. Flight Miniatures Retail and Reseller Locations Worldwide
    North America | Latin America | Europe | Africa ... North America - Excluding USA ... Asia: India: Back to Top.

OPINIONS, Apr 08, 2015


  2. Apr 07, 2015 · This is me showing telling you my thoughts and opinions on the New Thunderbirds TV Show I claim fair use and fair dealing no copyright intended this may ...

WEATHER News, Apr 08, 2015

    Forecast stories and video from ... Fresh off the heels of two major rain andsnow makers, ... Fall Chill Brings First Frost, Freeze and Record Cold ...
  2. Snow, Ice and Frost -
    Snow, Ice and Frost. Photo gallery home. ... Llantwit Fardre Snow Photo. ... Snow, Ice &Frost; Sunrises & Sunsets; Rain & Floods; Share. Like us;

EARTHQUAKE News, Apr 08, 2015

    Real-time Earthquake Map - USGS Earthquake Hazard Program
  2. Earthquake Hazards Program

    The USGS Earthquake Hazards Program is part of the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP), established by Congress in 1977. We monitor and report ...

DIED, Killed, Apr 08, 2015

Seven Dead In Small Plane Crash Near Bloomington
CHICAGO (CBS) — Seven people were killed when a small plane crashed near downstate Bloomington early Tuesday. The Federal Aviation ...
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JAMES BEST, Actor, Info, Apr 08, 2015

    IMG JAMES BEST, ActorJames Best - IMDb
    James Best, Actor: The Dukes of Hazzard. American character actor and teacher. Born Jules Guy in Powderly, Kentucky, on July 26, 1926, he was orphaned at three and ...
  2. James Best - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    James Best (born July 26, 1926) is an American actor, who in his six decades of television is best known for his starring role as bumbling Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane ...

HOLY WEDNESDAY (Orthodox), Info, Apr 08, 2015

  1. Great Lent, Holy Week and Pascha in the Greek Orthodox Church

ST. JULIE BILLIART, Info, Apr 08, 2015

  1. St. Julie Billiart | Saint of the Day |
    Born in Cuvilly, France, into a family of well-to-do farmers, young Marie Rose Julie Billiartshowed an early interest in religion and in helping the sick and poor.
  2. Saint Julie Billiart
    April 6 - Saturday 5:00 p.m. Intentions of Margaret Masley April 7 - Sunday 9:00 a.m. St.Julie Billiart Parishioners 10:30 a.m. Raymond Sobczak (Kathleen ...
    Saint Julie Billiart CATHOLIC CHURCH CHURCH-CATECHETICAL CENTER 5500 Lear Nagle Road • (440) 327-8231 CHAPEL-ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 5545 Opal Drive, N. Ridgeville ..

ST. HERMES, Apostle of the Seventy, Info, Apr 08, 2015

  1. St Hermes was bishop in Dalmatia (there is another Apostle of the Seventy by the name of Hermas, who was bishop in the Thracian city of Philippopolis).
  2. St. Hermes; St. Hermes. Extended Bio Comments. Short Cuts. Facts. Feastday: August 28. Patron of Forte dei Marmi; Ronse; Acquapendente; invoked against mental ...

ST. RUFUS, Apostle of the Seventy, Info, Apr 08, 2015

    IMG ST. RUFUS, Apostle of the Seventy
    Home / The Orthodox Faith / Lives of the Saints / Apostle Rufus of the Seventy and those with him Commemorated on April 8. Troparion & Kontakion. Saint Rufus was one ...
  2. Rufus of Thebes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Rufus of Thebes (also Roufos) is numbered among the Seventy Disciples. He was bishop of Thebes in Greece, and is referenced in Romans 16:13. His feast day is April 8.