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Jun 13, 2011

THE TORONTO STAR News, Jun 13, 2011

Canucks fans have waited 40 years to bask in the glory of a championship in Vancouver. It's the team's third trip to the finals and a win tonight in Boston would see them finally lift the Stanley Cup.
Canucks fans have waited 40 years to bask in the glory of a championship in Vancouver. It's the team's third trip to the finals and a win tonight in Boston would see them finally lift the Stanley Cup.
With the Canucks one game away from bringing the Stanley Cup home to Canada, we take the pulse of a city on the verge of hockey glory. Follow for updates from the rink and on the street and join the conversation. So far on the injury front: Ryan Kesler took part in Vancouver's morning skate today.

The Canucks seem to be accepting the fact they’re detested outside of Vancouver for their team attitude and style of play, and aren’t even fighting it anymore.

All the Stanley Cup pressure is on the Bruins, primarily to stay alive in Game 6 tonight and not lose the Cup before their home fans. Maybe that’...(46)

Nathan Horton scored two Game 7 winners for the Bruins these playoffs. Now that he's injured, does Boston have someone else who can step up?

The Stanley Cup will be in the building and, possibly at the end of the night, in the hands of Vancouver captain Henrik Sedin. (6)

This rabbit stopped for a snack in the Jasperson's my backyard on Highland Creek in Scarborough. Make sure to visit our Wild Toronto topic page for all the latest photos and stories.

Send your critter sightings to Click here for the day's best, follow us on Twitter (@WildToronto) and visit our topic page.

While trains roll in above, The "Dig Down" is happening under the tracks at Union Station, each night 45 truckloads of excavated materials are being removed.

While trains roll in above, The "Dig Down" is happening under the tracks at Union Station. Each night 45 truckloads of excavated materials are being...
Stephen Harper on the weekend spelled out the terms of engagement of his continuing offensive to woo Quebec. Only a few years ago, the language he used would have caused a leading federal politician to be branded as a separatist facilitator by much... (0)
Sixteen years after former NDP premier Bob Rae left office, the hangover of those tumultuous years appears to have subsided for Ontario’s NDP. (0)

The iPhone goes to space: A new app is designed to test in space some of the functions of the iPhone that have incredible computational power.

Created by a firm founded by Canadian Brian Rishikof, the app will be loaded on two iPhones and flown to the International Space Station on the last... (0)

Rachel Pellett Gillette, who is about to graduate with her second university degree, is searching for the Grade 5 teacher who patiently taught her how to read.

Do you have a life-changing teacher you’d like to thank, but can’t find them? Let the Star help you.
Police and Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation are combining forces to take on truckers.
Columnist Ellen Roseman’s money mistake was to sell Bell stock given to her every year by her grandmother. What would it be worth if she’d...(1)
Rebalancing you portfolio, as most pros will admit, is a huge driver of investment gains. Is  now the time. (1)
You may be stuck inside all summer, but odds, your kids aren't. Half of lifetime sun exposure happens before 18, so follow these recommendations to...
Prenatal diagnosis means some parents decide abortion to a more tenable choice, while others decide to have the baby knowing it will likely be born with Down’s syndrome. (9)
As fuel prices rise, more and more people are turning to hydrogen kits to boost fuel economy in their cars. But does it work?

The media buzz around Pippa Middleton’s status as a sought-after single just got louder. The sister of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has...

The receipt included a $3,100 bottle of champagne, ten bottles of vodka and a lot of red bull.
The Conservatives intend to re-introduce a bill to speed up complex criminal trials involving several accused, with the hope of passing it in the next eight days before the summer break. (1)
A team at McMaster University says there isn’t enough evidence that testing every preschooler for autism would result in accurate assessments.(0)
The vintage plane was made in 1944 and is known as the “Flying Fortress.” The seven people on board escaped uninjured.
Ford Motor Co. said it will appeal a $2 billion judgment awarded by an Ohio judge to a class of commercial truck dealers.
This week's Money Manners takes a look at the issue of how often parents should bail out their kids.(5)
“Please do not lose Hope!” Clemons’ nephew writes on Facebook, as friends from Gaga to Narada Michael Walden send wishes and prayers.
The news brings the total amount exposed to eight, the government said Monday. (0)
The post, which came days after an entry saying the blogger had been arrested, was signed by “Tom MacMaster,” a Ph.D. student studying in Edinburgh. (4)

Second-place winner Henrick Sales gave an emotional reading Sunday of his poem "I Am" for the Ve'ahavta writing contest, aimed at giving homeless and marginalized a voice.

Short stories by people who have been homeless, addicted, or faced mental health problems were recognized in the Ve’ahavta creative writing contest.
The mermaid getup with the vivid blue fishtail and teeny white bra might have been a mistake, says Dale Price. “In hindsight, I didn’t... (2)
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FINANCIAL News, Money, Banks, Stock, Economic and Financial Crisis, Jun 13, 2011 (2)

Investment: The Fed flood slows to a trickle
Financial Times
... of the US and global economic recoveries. How markets react will demonstrate whether the two-year rally in most asset classes following the financial crisis is on a stable footing or has been artificially doped by one of the biggest floods of money ...
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Investors Need to Hedge Against Tail Risks
Essentially, following various technical 'flights to safety' during the financial crisis period, fundamentals have gradually reasserted themselves and interest rate differentials are one of the prime determinants of currency trends. ...
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Losing Streak Sends S&P 500 Looking for Summer Market Lows
Money Morning
We have been avoiding them because they suffer the most from the slowdown in credit growth, stock trading and home building. After the credit crisis in 2008, many of them merged, thus avoiding a needed period of restructuring. ...
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Too risky to survive
Financial News
In fact, since the financial crisis, the appetite of custodian banks for client cash has increased, as they seek to reduce their reliance on central bank funding. Such ready access to cheap and idle cash remains one of the prime arguments for being in ...
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Newspaper Briefing, including Lloyds aims to sweeten branch sales - Daily Mail
Proactive Investors UK
Sovereign wealth funds (SWF) are the giant aircraft carriers of global financial markets. Together these government-owned funds - investing in assets such as bonds, fixed-interest stocks, equities, property, precious metals, land and commodities - have ...
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Hans Ulrich Obrist In Conversation with Julian Assange, Part II
In late 2008, Iceland's economy collapsed as a result of the general financial crisis. The Icelandic banking sector was 10 times larger than the rest of the Icelandic economy. The largest bank was a bank called Kaupthing, and we got hold of ...
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Japanese and Singaporean investors capitalizing on U.S. investment opportunities
Lexology (registration)
The continuing financial crisis, and with it, the tumbling value of US shares and the US dollar, affords investors excellent value opportunities in both long and short term investments.15 Many Singaporean investors have taken advantage of the economic ...
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Investors nervous as stock market eyes correction
Palm Beach Post
And he thinks that there is at least a 1-in-5 chance that Greece will default on its bonds, which could lead to another financial crisis. As a result, he's increased his cash holdings to 12 percent of his assets from 4 percent over the past six months. ...
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