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Jul 3, 2013

JENNIFER LOPEZ News, Jul 03, 2013

Jennifer Lopez News, Pictures, Videos, Quotes | Hollyscoop
Get the latest Jennifer Lopez news, pictures and videos and learn all about JenniferLopez from Hollyscoop, your celebrity news source. Jennifer Lopez news and - Cached - More from this site

LATEST World News, Jul 03, 2013

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EGYPT News, Jul 03, 2013

Egypt crisis: Disturbing images emerge of Egyptian protesters ...
The Al-Ahram newspaper reports that the army could step in today; Anti-Morsi ... disband parliament and install a new leadership. Egypt's Al ... The latest - More from this site

The Stone Age Was Not Stone-Age, Jul 03, 2013


The Stone Age Was Not Stone-Age | Devil in the Data | Big Think: "Modern technology has done nothing to make humans more humble. Quite the contrary. So secure are we in our confidence of our superiority to ancient cultures that discoveries like the Baghdad battery or the Antikythera mechanism routinely bring reactions of disbelief. The ancients couldn't have harnessed electricity. They couldn't have had analog computers. They couldn't have had access to precision machine tools (and yet how else do we explain the precision-cut stones of Puma Punku?). So dismissive are we of ancient technology, in fact, that many people would rather believe aliens had a role in these things than believe "primitive societies" could have done the things they obviously did, on their own."
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