Today: EUROZONE Debt Crisis News, Auig 12, 2011


Aug 12, 2011

EUROZONE Debt Crisis News, Auig 12, 2011

Asia banks keep watch over Europe debt crisis
Singapore's DBS Bank said it was monitoring the situation in Europe closely, but stressed that its exposure was minimal. "As part of our overall risk management framework, DBS has assessed the potential risks relating to a debt crisis in theeurozone," ...
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Europe Needs A Federal Budget
Business Insider
How does the ongoing European sovereign debt crisis compare with that of the United States? We should put that within the framework of a global crisis. Europe is not the main one; the United States is in a worse situation than Europe in terms of the ...
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Business Insider
FOREX: Austria May Be Next Victim of Euro Zone Debt Crisis
By Ilya Spivak, Currency Strategist With all the focus on France as the next possible destination for the Euro Zone debt crisis this week as rumors of a credit downgrade to the region's number-two economy began to circulate around the news wires, ...
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Credit taps run dry for European lenders
Bankers who once ran the now-defunct repo facilities for mid-sized European banks say the credit lines were withdrawn after risk managers became concerned about their own exposure to the enfolding sovereign debt crisis, leaving some clients now solely ...
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French economy posts zero growth as euro-zone crisis deepens
President Nicolas Sarkozy has rushed back to Paris from his summer holiday and called an emergency meeting with his German counterpart to discuss the euro-zone debt crisis. After the European Central Bank this week stepped in to buy government bonds of ...
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INSIGHT-Europe's SMEs feel the credit squeeze
Europe's banks are finding short-term financing harder to come by -- a problem that could intensify ifeuro zone policymakers dither over how to tackle a debt crisis that threatens to spread to Italy or Spain. And with French banks under pressure from ...
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EU, IMF okay fresh Portugal aid
Portugal has already received 19.8 billion euros of its three-year 78-billion-euro bailout agreed in May. The European Union, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund statement comes as fears grow that the eurozone debt crisis, ...
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Resignation and helplessness in Italy over debt crisis
Monsters and
By Hanns-Jochen Kaffsack Aug 12, 2011, 12:38 GMT Rome - Debt crisis? Economic doldrums? Impending insolvency, and the threat of an EU-IMF bailout in Italy? 'So what,' shrugs a baker in the Roman neighbourhood of Monti, showing little concern about ...
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Jobless Claims Boost Confidence in U.S. Markets, while EU Debt Crisis Continues
Moreover, concerns continue to mount that the European debt crisis is spreading into major economies within the Euro Zone area, where traders are now speculating the debt crisis could hit France, the second largest economy in the Euro Zone area. ...
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China issues warning on European debt crisis
Investment Week
China has voiced concerns over the eurozone crisis, urging Europe and the US to deal with their debt pile, Reuters reports. At a meeting of South East Asian ministers today, China's trade minister Chen Deming told Europe and the US they must get their...
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Investment Week
Spain short-term yields seen down after ECB buying
Spanish bond yields have risen steadily on market jitters over the evolution of the euro zone debt crisis and hit 16-year highs Aug 4, but have fallen sharply since the ECB said it would buy Spanish and Italian debt in the secondary market this week. ...
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Surprise fall in eurozone production raises growth fears
Eurozone industrial production fell unexpectedly in June, raising fears that nation in the currency bloc will face slower growth as they struggle to half an escalating debt crisis. Analysts fear the production figures add to evidence that eurozone ...
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Euro crisis unlikely to kill-off high yield rebirth
The iTraxx Markit Crossover index hit its widest level in two years on Thursday at 690bp on fears of a global recession and the escalating eurozone sovereign crisis. Meanwhile, the average spread of high-yield bonds over government debt has also jumped ...
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Withdrawal from EU by eurozone member is a possible but extreme measure, says ...
Hedge Funds Review Magazine
Market turmoil and sovereign debt crisis have encouraged speculation about a possible disintegration of the eurozone or the departure of one or more members – something institutionally complex. Changing eurozone membership and conditions would raise ...
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Hedge Funds Review Magazine
Dollar funding strain eases but still high
This sent shares of top French banks tumbling on Wednesday and part of Thursday, exacerbating fears that the euro zone debt woes are spiraling into another global crisis akin to the one in 2007-2009 that pushed the world into a recession. ...
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OPINION: The Next Economic Crisis Will be Much Worse Than 2008
International Business Times
It will not be long before one of the EU nations drops the Euro, defaults on their debt, and goes back to their own currency. Once one goes, others will fall like dominoes, eventually taking the majority of participants out of the EU. ...
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International Business Times
Italy to adopt new 45-billion-euro austerity plan
MSN Philippines News
The Italian government met Friday to approve an additional austerity programme worth 45 billioneuros ($64 billion) as Rome scrambled to avoid becoming further ensnared in the eurozone debt crisis. The cutbacks fulfil some key demands from the European ...
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US Dollar Gains on Wednesday as France adds to Euro Zone's Debt Crisis
Live Charts - Live Wire
US dollar gained especially against the euro on Wednesday as France also reaches on verge of sovereign debt default. Most of analysts also foresee credit rating cut for France. Foreign exchange analysts, Jessica Hoversen from MF Global commented, ...
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European shares close higher on banks
Business Spectator
But European shares made their third consecutive week of losses as the market swung wildly throughout the past five days, driven by rumours about the health of the financial sector and concerns over the euro zone debt crisis spreading. ...
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Tusk urges euro zone leaders to act quickly
Warsaw Business Journal
Described by European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Olli Rehn as, “a milestone in our management of the sovereign-debt crisis,” changes to the EFSF decided on July 21 increased the fund's capacity to €440 billion, secured a second ...
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Only confidence evident in markets is that things will definitely get worse
Irish Times
ANALYSIS: Uncertainty appears to have gripped all debt players. Triple-A rating for G7 may be history THE ESCALATING euro zone debt crisis, deteriorating global economic prospects and the sense that authorities are fast running out of ammunition has ...
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Europe debt crisis raises pressure for radical fix
"But in the crisis so far we have seen that there are always things that the German government regarded as awful and nevertheless they did it. It's a story of refusal and then acceptance. Our interest is in preventing the blowup of the eurozone."
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Markets look more like 2010 than 2008
Financial Post (blog)
Europe's debt crisis continues to hammer global equity markets. Investors fear a repeat of 2008. While that is a possibility, current conditions make it more likely that we will see a repeat of 2010 instead, when markets wilted in the summer heat ...
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News Analysis: How bond markets' herd mentality is hurting Spain
11 (Xinhua) -- Since the start of the public debt crisis in Europe, a new paradigm has emerged: public debt of developed countries with a stable currency is an asset that is no longer risk free. How long can Spain resist high spreads? ...
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'Not to own gold is to trust governments'
Financial Post (blog)
While the ongoing eurozone debt crisis, recent US debt downgrade, and fears of another recession contributed to the massive equity sell-off and record move in gold, low interest rates, slow economic growth and central bank currency diversification ...
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French Economy Stalls as Spending Declines
Photographer: Jock Fistick/Bloomberg France's economy unexpectedly stalled in the second quarter as consumer spending plunged just as investors spooked by Europe's debt crisis turn their attention to the euro region's second-largest economy. ...
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Will France follow US debt rating downgrade: Sarkozy and Merkel hold emergency ...
Daily Mail
French bank shares were hammered this week and speculation mounted that France will lose its AAA credit rating as the debt crisis entered a damaging new phase. Investors around the world have lost faith in the ability of governments on both sides of...
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Daily Mail
Risk Appetite Improves on Strong Data, Eurozone Meeting
... sentiment was brought about by the better-than-expected US initial jobless claims and the news that German Chancellor Merkel and French President Sarkozy would meet next Tuesday to discuss further measures to contain the Eurozone debt crisis. ...
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Dumb and Dumber
Gold Seek
Europeans came up with a Band-Aid for the Greek crisis, and the markets applauded. Markets were buoyed by the fact the facilities set up for Greece were clearly designed to be used for some of the other Euro area basket cases if need be. ...
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Investor Soros blames Merkel for euro crisis - Germany's news in ...
US investment guru George Soros has squarely blamed Germany for the escalation of Europe's debt crisis – and in particular Chancellor Angela Merkel's cautious approach. ... "It was the German indecision that intensified the Greece crisis and led to the contagion that has transformed it into an existential crisis for Europe." Soros isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, is he? It was Euro-zonefighting against German plans for Greece's recovery that led to the delay- NOT ...
The Local - Germany's news in English
No quick exit for eurozone from debt crisis
Business News More>> ... FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) - Twenty-one months after Greece triggered financial and political turmoil by admitting it was broke, the eurozone still can't fix its debt crisis. The reasons: intractable disputes over who will ultimately pay ... Much depends on the answers; the euro debt crisis poses a serious risk for an economy that, taken as a whole, ranks behind only the United States in size and remains a major trade partner for the U.S. and China. ...
Las Vegas News from
Euro crisis weighs on German faith in gov't - CBS
Smart, practical personal finance advice about your retirement, investing, savings, career and real estate. Keep up to date on the latest economic news that actually means something to you. ...BERLIN — Nearly half of Germans think their government is doing a poor job of handling theeurozone debt crisis, and even more fault the European Union's response, according to a survey released Friday. Chancellor Angela Merkel's center-right coalition has taken a hard-nosed ...
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Europe debt crisis raises pressure for radical fix | The ...
By The Associated Press
As a week of market turmoil ended Friday, an increasing number of economists and policymakers were calling for an unprecedented solution to combat Europe's debt crisis: a new joint bond backed by all countries using the euro. ... Rasmus Ruffer, left, of the European Central Bank, gestures during a joint news conference with Juergen Kroeger, center, representative of the European Commission, and Poul Thomson, deputy director of the International Monetary Fund European ...
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No quick exit for eurozone from debt crisis
Twenty-one months after Greece triggered financial and political turmoil by admitting it was broke, theeurozone still cant fix its debt crisis.The reasons: intractable disputes over who will... ... Lenders went along. They assumed euro membership meant nothing could go wrong. Some had seen the danger, however. The EU wrote rules to limit debt and deficits. But eurozone heavyweights France and Germany later tore them up when they wanted to run deficits over the limit of 3 ... | Sarkozy, Merkel to discuss eurozone crisis on ...
Latest news, sport, business, comment, travel, gastronomy, community analysis and reviews from the ekathimerini. ... French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will discuss next Tuesday how to make the euro zone work more effectively amid persistent doubts in financial markets over Europe's ability to solve its sovereign debt crisis. Paris announced the meeting on Thursday after French bank shares were hammered this week in a global market rout ... : Latest News
Euro crisis weighs on German faith in gov't (AP) | Wall Street ...
By Yahoo! News: Business - European Economy
Euro crisis weighs on German faith in gov't (AP). Share AP - Nearly half of Germans think their government is doing a poor job of handling the eurozone debt crisis, and even more fault theEuropean Union's response, according to a ...
Wall Street Financial News
Opinion | debt crisis: Merkel to the finals, where it is about ...
By B.B
... debt crisis: Merkel to the finals, where it all goes to. About how his father Helmut Kohl, the chancellor received in a great European history. For Merkel, the blessing and a curse. If the last good days in the financial markets also had little good news, they have at least brought a realization: has Just as the euro-zone acts so far in this crisis, it goes no further. ... deficit as a percentage of GDP: 6 government debt as a percentage of GDP: 85.1. EU as a whole ...
Economics Newspaper
EU Heading for Eurobond Clash Amid German Dread Over Looming ...
By watchmanstrumpetblast
watchmanstrumpetblast. Search. “Bible Prophecy News related to Prophetic Events & warnings from The Lord Jesus Christ”. ‹ China urges action on EU and U.S. debt, to keep yuan policy ... 11 (Bloomberg) — Thomas Mayer, chief economist at Deutsche Bank AG, and Stephen King, chief economist at HSBC Holdings Plc, talk about the global economy and the euro-zone debt crisis. Mayer and King also discuss Standard & Poor's downgrade of U.S. debt, European Central Bank monetary ...
Gold falls from record, oil off on debt crises | China business news
Gold falls from record, oil off on debt crises. Gold dipped from a record high on Thursday but remained in demand by investors seeking safety from market volatility triggered by fears Europe's debt crisis could spread to France, and oil fell. ... Jittery investors drove stocks lower after an early bounce and moved back into safe-haven German bonds as euro zone banking concerns and signs of funding stress resurfaced. The MSCI world equity index was down 0.2%. ...
China business news
Norway Oil Fund Head Unruffled by US Downgrade - TB Petroleum
S&P last Friday took the unprecedented step of cutting the U.S. rating to AA-plus from triple-A, a move that, combined with worries about global growth and the euro-zone debt crisis, triggered a week of turbulence in markets. ...
TB Petroleum - News
European shares recover on big Wall Street gains (AP) | One News
By admin
BRUSSELS – Bank stocks recovered their poise Friday and helped European stock markets push higher as investors assessed the impact of a short-selling ban on financial shares in four eurozonecountries. ... “With deteriorating investor confidence in euro-zone debt likely to continue driving reduced investor confidence in European banks' ability to withstand the fallout from the euro-zone debt crisis; we doubt that downward pressure on European financials will now dissipate ...
One News
Europe debt crisis raises pressure for radical fix - Market News ...
By marketmaker
[AP] - Europe and the euro will never be the same. The debt crisis is forcing governments to rewrite some of the eurozone's most fundamental rules. While some see the current turmoil as the slow-motion wreckage of the common currency ... - Market News & Analysis
Dollar Mixed in Nervous Markets | Commonwealth Foreign Exchange Inc.
By omere
Rumors about the health of France's second largest bank, Societe Generale, sent shares of the lender plummeting by 30% this week and sparked broader concerns that the euro zone's two-year sovereign credit crisis is spreading to the financial ... This week alone, rumors about the health of SocGen sent shares of France's second largest bank sliding by over 30% and highlighted the level of concerns about contagion of Europe's sovereign debt crisis to its financial sector . ...
Commonwealth Foreign Exchange Inc.
Dear Switzerland: | Economic Undertow
By steve from virginia
Italian and Spanish yields fell on Tuesday as traders said the ECB was intervening in markets to buy up the countries' bonds, pushing borrowing costs towards more sustainable levels in a bid to stop theeuro zone's spreading debt crisis ...
Eurozone debt crisis:ECB to buy govt bonds
In a repeat of the events preceding the eurozone financial bail out Greece and Ireland last year and... raise the country's debt limit and worsening euro zone debt crisis. ... Latest News. Spacer. Mirwaiz placed under house arrest ...
What eurozone leaders are doing about the debt crisis | Phantis
What eurozone leaders are doing about the debt crisis ... Greece has a unique problem in the EU, but it is solvable ... programme and improve the sustainability of the Greek debt, and to restore market confidence in sovereign euro debt. ... Greece inspects island of the blind for chicane (Hurriyet Daily News: Aug. ...
No quick exit for eurozone from debt crisis - WBBH News ... WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, FloridaNo quick exit for eurozonefrom debt crisis. Member Center: ...
No quick exit for eurozone from debt crisis |
Latest local, national & international news from the Associated Press ... Much depends on the answers; the euro debt crisis poses a serious risk for an ... The EU wrote rules to limit debt and deficits. But eurozone heavyweights France ...
No quick exit for eurozone from debt crisis
Warren United Way selects new director. 2011-08-09 17:00:01.179 ... Much depends on the answers; the euro debt crisis poses a serious risk for an ... The EU wrote rules to limit debt and deficits. But eurozone heavyweights France and ...
The Coming Crisis: EU President Warns Debt Crisis Is Spreading ...
EU President Warns Debt Crisis Is Spreading, "Shocker didn't see that coming" ... He called for a re-assessment of all elements of the eurozone's current and ... At his news conference, Mr Trichet would not confirm whether the bank is ...

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