Today: MYSPACE - Watch: No Doubt Play Truckers In ‘Settle Down’ Video, Jul 21, 2012


Jul 21, 2012

MYSPACE - Watch: No Doubt Play Truckers In ‘Settle Down’ Video, Jul 21, 2012

No Doubt has wasted no time between debuting the premiere single from their upcoming new album and releasing its video. The clip for the track, “Settle Down,” is brightly colored and multicultural, featuring lots of dancing and one of Gwen Stefani’s signature hair-dos. Basically it’s on par with No Doubt’s formative music videos..
Whether you like the new single or not (it’s growing on us, although it feels a little watered down for a first single), you can’t argue with the fact that this video is compelling. In the clip, the members of No Doubt each drive a semi truck decorated with various cultural elements (there is a Harajuku girl in the back of Stefani’s truck) and talk to each other on the CB radios. The video’s director Sophie Muller explained this to Rolling Stone, noting, “I think (bassist Tony Kanal) came up with the idea that we should do something with trucks. The idea is they are all driving to meet after having had their separate lives over the last 10 years. It’s such a mix of cultures, their band, and what their music is like. We tried to do something that resembled different parts of the world rather than a specific place.”
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