Today: SYRIA News, Feb 20, 2014

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Feb 20, 2014

SYRIA News, Feb 20, 2014

Massive Syrians rally in support of Assad - Xinhua | English ... Cached
Massive Syrians rally in support of Assad---Several Syrian cities witnessed pro-government rallies ... Syria, Feb. 20, 2014. ... Most colorful news photos ...
World News - Cached
... was much higher than earlier figures of 3,000 to 4,000 foreign fighters in Syria, and came after news emerged ... to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad and ...

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.Play VideoSyria News 23.5.2013, Pdt. Assad receive Tunisian ...
.Play VideoSyria News - Bashar Assad, Israel, BEIRUT
.Play VideoSyria News 2.9.2013, President al-Assad: Syria is capable ...
.Play VideoSyria News | Assad Supporters Say They Will Be Human Shields
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Analyzing Russia's Support for Syria's Bashar al-Assad - ABC News
[Feb 15, 2014] But that doesn't seem to be the long term outcome in Syria — Assad may remain in office, ... More from ABC NewsSyria ER: ...

BBC News - Syria's Bashar al-Assad: Quitting not up for Cached
According to Syrian news agency Sana, Mr Assad told the delegation that Syrian people were confronting "terrorism and foreign intervention".

Syria News and Video - FOX News Topics - Cached
Watch breaking news videos and read news updates about Syria on FOXNews ... Suheir Atassi once said she would never negotiate with President Bashar Assad's government ...

Unconfirmed reports of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s
By Erik Ortiz / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Sunday, March 24, 2013, 3:35 PM. Print. ... Online reports of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s death appeared greatly ...

Bashar al-Assad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cached

Early life|
Rise to power|
Presidency: 2000–present|
Syrian civil war
In an interview with ABC News in 2007 he ... Assad used Syria's seat in one of rotating positions on the United Nations Security Council to try to prevent the ...

Push for Assad's ouster in Syria weakened - Yahoo Cached
... — Foes of Syrian President Bashar Assad are distracted by fragmentation within their ... Obama said Friday during a news conference in Amman, ...

Syria: Assad will remain president until 2014 - Yahoo Cached
... insisting that Bashar Assad will remain Syria's president at ... This image from amateur video obtained by a group which calls itself Ugarit News, ...

20_01_2014 ~ Syria News (EN) ~ Bashar al-Assad's interview Cached
20_01_2014 ~ Syria News (EN) ~ #President_al-Assad meets the official delegation participating in international #conference_on_Syria

Syria Assad - The Huffington Cached
Syrian President Bashar Assad found that out when he decided to try out ... Syria News, Bashar Assad Syria, Assad, Syria Strike, Bashar Assad, Syria War, Syria, Syria ...

Syria Crisis: Assad Remains Defiant, Opposition Disappointed
... before taking military action against Syria, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ... officialnews outlet FARS, Assad met with a senior Iranian ...

Report: Syria President Assad announces wife Asma is pregnant Cached
A fawning profile of Syrian President Bashar Assad Monday revealed, as an aside to the larger story, ... Citing a Syrian news outlet, ...

Syria | - Business & Financial News, Breaking US Cached
The latest news from Syria from ... U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry blamed the Assad government for stalling Syrian peace talks and pressed ...

Syria — Uprising and Civil War - The New York Cached
World news about Syria. Breaking news and archival information about the 2011 protests, its people, politics and economy from The New York Times.

Bashar Assad Syria - The Huffington Cached
... Syria News, Bashar Assad Syria, Assad, Syria Strike, Bashar ... BEIRUT — The embattled regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad promised Thursday to observe a U ...

Syria News 20/1/14, President Bashar al-Assad's interview Cached
58:48 FULL EXCLUSIVE Interview of Fox News with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad - 9/18/2013 by YouHotNews 23,202 views; 25:01 Iraq | All About Iraq ...

Syria denies Assad comments reported by Russia news agency Cached
"What the Russian news agency Interfax has published as comments made by PresidentAssad are ... with Assad's role in Syria's future expected to be a ...

Bashar al-Assad - Channel 4 Cached
... Fatima Khan, the mother of British doctor Abbas Khan, who died in jail in Syria, tells Channel 4 News the Assad regime must go. ...

Breaking news on Bashar al-Assad - Cached
The latest breaking news on Bashar al-Assad from ... US Secretary of State John Kerry tells reporters in Indonesia that Russia is 'enabling' Syria's Assad to stay ...

News of Assad Assassination is greatly exaggerated | The Cached
Press rumors of the assassination of Syrian President Bashar Assad all seem to originate from Israel, ... However in other more Syrian news: ...

Syrian News English (SyrianNewsEn) on Cached
The latest from Syrian News English (@SyrianNewsEn). International News about Syriain English Updated every 30 min!

Assad Threatens Israel if Syria is Attacked - Middle East Cached
... there be any foreign intervention in Syria, a Jordanian news website ... strike in Syria. The report said that Assad ordered that if any ...

Syria's Assad accused of boosting al-Qaeda with secret oil
... and Syria's Preisdent Bashar al-Assad Photo: ... News Most Viewed. TODAY; PAST WEEK; PAST MONTH; UN: North Korea a 'shock to the conscience of humanity'

Is Bashar al-Assad winning the civil war in Syria? -
Syria: Assad forces take control of Qusayr in major breakthrough. 05 Jun 2013; Inside Aleppo's once mighty mosque. 23 May 2013; ... Middle East news ...

Assad death report dismissed as ‘ridiculous’ rumor — RT Cached
Media websites were abuzz with rumors of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s death on Sunday, ... reported that the news was denied by the Free Syrian Army.

Syrian Civil War:Does Syrian President Bashar al-Assad dead Cached
... Syria, Syria Assad Dead, Syria Bashar Assad, Syria Civil War, Syria Conflict News,Syria News, Syria President Assad, Syria President Dead, ...

Syrian President Bashar Assad - Israel News, Cached
Breaking News Magazine Mideast News Syria Crisis Business News ... SyrianPresident Bashar Assad would probably be practicing ophthalmology ...

Assad: ‘I have neither left Syria nor died’ — RT Cached
Breaking news. At least 5 killed in ... Ankara has been using Qatari money to arm and pay Islamist radicals to wage war in Syria, Assad acknowledged.

Assad 'not giving up power' in Syria - Channel 4 Cached
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says he has no intention of giving up power and the issue is not up for ... Assad, Channel 4 News, Politics, Syria, ...

BBC News - Syria crisis: Time to rethink a future with Assad? Cached
With the rise of jihadist groups among the Syrian rebels, ... Syria crisis: Time to rethink a future with Assad? By Paul Adams BBC News.

Bashar al-Assad News - ITV – Player, TV Guide, ITV, ITV2 Cached
... breaking Bashar al-Assad news on ITV News. ... Syria's President Bashar al-Assadhas said there is a "significant" chance he will stand in the next ...

Bashar al-Assad News - The New York Cached
... put pressure on Russia and Pres Bashar al-Assad of Syria before peace talks ... Bashar al-Assad of Syria spoke to the American news media to gain ...

Assad's speech calling for him to stay in power draws Cached
A defiant Syrian President Bashar Assad made a rare public appearance Sunday, ... Filed under: Market News, Stock Markets, ...

Assad Says Syria Will Hit Back at Israel - Middle East - News Cached
YouReport Send us News & updates. ... Syrian President Bashar al-Assad referred Saturday to a reported Israeli airstrike in January on Syrian soil, ...

Syria - ITV News - ITV – Player, TV Guide, ITV, ITV2 Cached
... breaking Syria news on ITV News ... had travelled to the war-torn joined the fight against President Assad. ITV News International Correspondent Rageh Omaar ...

Bashar al-Assad | World news | The Cached
Latest news and comment on Bashar Al-Assad from the Guardian ... US secretary of state says Syria's president is 'trying to win on the battlefield' and aid ...

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Interview with Ikhbariya Cached
Presenter: Welcome Mr. President on the Syrian Ikhbariya News Channel. PresidentAssad: You’re welcome and I welcome the Syrian News Channel (Ikhbariya TV)

Syria denies Bashar al-Assad comments reported by Russia news Cached
The office of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad denied comments attributed to him Sunday by a ... Syria denies Bashar al-Assad comments reported by Russia news ...

Syria Peace Talks 'Deadlocked' Over Assad Cached
... The Syrian regime has ruled out ... Syrian deputy foreign minister Faisal Mekdad toldSky News the Assad regime had come to Geneva "with all ...

Syria Crisis - CBS Cached
Syria Assad regime and opposition sit face-to-face, briefly and without any result, in Geneva; ... CBS News. Copyright © 2014 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

Is Assad dead?new reports Assad Confirmed Dead, Iran Attempts Cached Assad helicopter gunship shot out of the sky as fighting rages in Damascus.

Syria | World news | The Cached
Latest news from Syria as covered by the Guardian. News and stories about the country, ... • Premature demands for Assad's head could lead to new 'blowback'

Syria social media: Assad joins Cached
Syria's president Bashar Assad has joined Instagram. ... Get the latest news and updates on Twitter. See photos and videos on Tumblr. AdChoices. in depth

Syria's Assad urges fight against Saudi religious ideology Cached
Syria's President Bashar Assad calls for a battle against Wahhabism, ... which is tolerant," state news agency SANA said.

Defiant Assad pledges to continue fighting in Cached
News; Sports; Life; Money; Tech; Travel; Opinion; Weather. Icon. Humidity; Precip. Winds; Open settings. Settings. ... Syrian President Bashar Assad ...

SYRIA NEWS | Peter Clifford Online - Human Rights: Peter Cached
SYRIA NEWS. Share. Taking a break for a week … Back on the 19th or 20th ... Hezbollah can no longer sustain the fight alongside Assad in Syria, HERE:

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad isolated and ‘fearful’ of
Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said Saturday that Syrian President BasharAssad has no intention of ... "Wanted to let the news out directly ...

Syria - Haaretz | Israel Cached
Syria - the latest news, ... Strikes part of campaign by Assad's forces to wrest control of neighborhoods seized by rebels in the northern city since mid-2012.

Syrian Arab news agency - SANA - Syria : Syria news Cached
... specified as gathering news and distributing it to individuals and media institutions to provide them with objective news services, and to focus on Syria's just ... Alexander Language Schools, Franchise Alexander Language Schools
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