Today: They Walked on the Moon, May 10, 2017


May 10, 2017

They Walked on the Moon, May 10, 2017

Eugene A. Cernan, who died on Monday at the age of 82, was the last of a dozen men to leave footprints on the moon. He did so almost 45 years ago.

Neil Armstrong
Neil ArmstrongMr. Armstrong became a global hero when he made “one giant leap for mankind,” a moment that symbolized human beings’ ability to reach the unreachable. Hundreds of millions of people watched on television as he then bounded like a kangaroo in low lunar gravity.
Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin
Born 1930
Edwin (Buzz) AldrinMr. Aldrin followed Mr. Armstrong out of the landing craft, becoming the second human to set foot on the moon. Later, he focused on a new destination, Mars, telling The New York Times Magazine that it was far more interesting. “It has seasons,” he said.
Charles (Pete) Conrad
CHARLES PETE CONRADIn November 1969, Mr. Conrad spent seven hours and 45 minutes on the lunar surface, where he set up a nuclear generator to power experiments. He later said that walking on the moon had little impact on his life. Read More
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