Apr 2, 2015

ST. AEDESIUS, Martyr, Info, Apr 02, 2015

    img ST. AEDESIUS, Martyr
  1. St. Aedesius, Martyr. April 8. Butler, Rev. Alban. Volume IV: April. The Lives of the Saints. 1866
  2. Aedesius of Alexandria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Saint Aedesius of Alexandria (also Edese or Edesius) (died 306) was an early Christian martyred under Galerius Maximianus. He was the brother of Saint Aphian (or ...
  3. Martyr and brother of St. Apphian. Aedesius, a Christian of some note in Caesarea, now part of modern Israel, witnessed
    SAINT AEDESIUS Martyr and brother of St. Apphian. Aedesius, a Christian of some note in Caesarea, now part of modern Israel, witnessed the persecution

KENYA News, Apr 02, 2015

  • Masked gunmen stormed a college campus in northeastern Kenya on Thursday, setting off explosions and exchanging gunfire with security forces for several hours, and ...
  • Latest News. 9 minutes ago Suspect ... Plan on to remove death penalty: AG. ... 12 hours ago Kenya down Seychelles, E. Guinea hold Ivorians; 1 day ago Team tactics ...
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    LATEST World News, Apr 01, 2015

      News; Sports; Life; Money; Tech; Travel; Opinion; Weather. Icon. ... World; 40 minutes ago; News. ... USA TODAY News @usatodaynews.
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    GERMAN WINGS Plane Crash News, Apr 01, 2015

    1. Germanwings crash: Plane obliterated -
      Mar 23, 2015 · A Germanwings Airbus A320 passenger plane carrying 150 people crashed Tuesday in mountainous southeastern France, airline says. Breaking News. U.S. Edition.

    AIRPLANE News, Apr 01, 2015


    Dozens of amateur pilots used airplanes for suicide
    At least 44 private pilots in the U.S. have committed suicide in the past 30 years by deliberately crashing their small airplanes, sometimes in dramatic ...
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    DISCOVERIES News, Apr 01, 2015

    1. Chemistry : Discovery News
      Dec 08, 2014 · These Chemistry articles are full of useful information. ... Discovery News. Follow @dnews. Tech . Alternative Power Sources; Apps; Biotechnology; Gear and ...
    2. Find more Chemistry news articles via sort by date page ... Physics. All Physics; GeneralPhysics; Condensed Matter; Optics & Photonics; Superconductivity;

    SCIENCE News, Apr 01, 2015

    1. onlysciencenews.comCached
      Posted by news on Apr 1, 2015 2015/03/150331215852.jpg Tiny, ... Posted by science onApr 1, 2015 Clouded leopard kittens, ...

    INDIA Space News, Apr 01, 2015

    1. Get latest Space news headlines at Zee News. Visit us to get the breaking news fromSpace at your fingertips. ... Indian Space Research Organisation ...
    2. World News; Apr 1, 2015. 0 1. Indian police said Wednesday they have arrested four Bangladeshi nationals in connection with the rape of an elderly nun that ... Apr 1 ...

    OPINIONS, Apr 01, 2015


    1. FX Bobcat Thoughts and Opinions - YouTube
      Mar 31, 2015 · My website: FX Airguns: US Distributor: Vortex Scope: ... Updates (lessons learned or mechanical issues) will be posted below*** You can now also see my 50 ...

    WEATHER News, Apr 01, 2015

      Coverage of the most recent forecast news. Forecast stories and video from ... of two major rain and snow ... At Risk for Storms Nov 23 ...
    2. NOAA National Weather Service National Weather Service. ... Strong thunderstormspossible southwest Oklahoma and northwest ... Floods Winter Weather Ultra Violet ...

    EARTHQUAKE News, Apr 01, 2015

      Oct 22, 2013 · ... reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards. USGS Home; Contact USGS; ... Latest Earthquakes; Real-time Feeds & Notifications; Search ...

    DIED, Killed, Apr 01, 2015


    ST. HUGH of Grenoble, Info, Apr 01, 2015

      img ST. HUGH of Grenoble
    1. St. Hugh of Grenoble | Saint of the Day |
      Each saint the Church honors responded to God's invitation to use his or her unique gifts. God calls each one of us to be a saint. ... April 1 St. Hugh of Grenoble
    2. The four drawings depict the role of St. Hugh, Bishop of Grenoble, in the founding of the mother-house of the Carthusian Order, the Grand Chartreuse.
    3. Hugh of Châteauneuf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaâteauneufCached
      Saint Hugh of Châteauneuf (1053 – 1 April 1132) was the Bishop of Grenoble from 1080 to his death. He was a partisan of the Gregorian reform and opposed to Guy of ...
    4. Today with the Saints: April 1: St. Hugh of Grenoble
      Mar 31, 2014 · April 1: St. Hugh of Grenoble St. Hugh of Grenoble Church of St. Anne in Gassicourt, France: History. ... April 9:

    BL. ANACLETE Gonzales Flores, Info, Apr 01, 2015

      IMG BL. ANACLETE Gonzales Flores
    1. Blessed Anaclete Gonzales Flores | Saint of the Day ...
      April 1 Blessed Anaclete Gonzales Flores
    2.  ... Anaclete Gonzales felt he needed to challenge his godless professors and, ... It was April 1, ...
    3. Anacleto González Flores - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaález_FloresCached
      Blessed Anacleto González Flores (July 13, 1888 ... On April 1, 1927, he was executed by firing squad. Echoing the words of assassinated Ecuadorian President, ...
    4. Blessed Anacleto González Flores - CatholicSaints.Info
      CatholicSaints.Info. notes about your extended family in heaven. Blessed Anacleto González Flores. Also known as. Anaclete Gonzales Flores; Memorial. 1 April

    ST. MARY of Egypt, Ascetic, Info, Apr 01, 2015

      img ST. MARY of Egypt, Ascetic
    1. Mary of Egypt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      ... also known as Maria Aegyptica, was born somewhere in Egypt, ... St. Mary of Egypt is ... subtitled "April Fool's Day, or, St. Mary of Egypt," recounts Mary ...
    2. The Greek Church celebrates her feast on 1 April, while the Roman Martyrology assigns it to 2 April, ... "St. Mary of Egypt." The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 9.
    3. Saint Maria of Egypt : OMHKSEA
      Tag: Saint Maria of Egypt. Saint Mary of Egypt (April 1st) Filed in Saints by admin on April1, 2013 • 0 Comments • views: 104.
    4. Mary of Egypt - OrthodoxWiki
      Our venerable mother Mary of Egypt was a desert ascetic who repented of a life ... April 1; additionally, she ... The Life of St. Mary of Egypt is read during Great ...

    ST. CELLACH, Ceilach, Keilach, Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland, Info, Apr 01, 2015

      IMG Saint Cellach
    1. Last hereditary archbishop of Armagh, Ireland, who named St. Malachy as his successor when he died on April 1 ... He was called Cellach Mc Aedh, a native of Ireland, ...
    2. Cellach of Armagh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      ... Cellach; Archbishop of Armagh; Born: 1080 Ireland: Died: 1129 Munster, Ireland: Venerated in: Roman Catholicism: Feast: 1 April: Cellach of Armagh ... Ireland ...
    3. Irish Saints for 1 April Spirituality ... Search forums. My Accounts
    4. Saint Cellach of Armagh. ... Ceilach; Celestinus; Celsus; Keilach; Kelly; Memorial. 1 April; ... Priest. Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland. Founded the monastery of Kells ...

    ST. ABRAHAM of Bulgaria, Info, Apr 01, 2015

      img ST.ABRAHAM of Bulgaria
    1. Martyr Abraham of Bulgaria - Orthodox Church in America
      Martyr Abraham of Bulgaria Commemorated on April 1. The Holy Martyr Abraham the Bulgar, ... the relics of St Abraham were transferred by the Great Prince St George ...
    2. Abraham of Bulgaria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Abraham of Bulgaria. From Wikipedia, ... died April 1, 1229) was a Christian convert from Islam later made a martyr and saint of the Russian Orthodox Church. ...
    3. The Ohio Abraham the Martyr
      Mar 31, 2013 · Opinion, News, History, Information and Random Thoughts Of A Lost Orthodox Anglican Traditionalist Looking To Build A Home In Northern Ohio.