Dec 2, 2015

ST. JOHN the Hermit, Info, Dec 02, 2015

    IMG ST. JOHN the HermitJohn the Hermit - Wikipedia, the free...
    Saint John the Hermit; Born: 1050 Quintanaortuño, Spain: Died: 1143: Venerated in: Roman Catholic Church: Major shrine: San Juan de Ortega
  2. St. John the Hermit Comments ... December; Browse Saints Medals by Alphabet by Catholic Online Boutique. A; B; C
  3. Venerable John the Hermit of Egypt -
    Venerable John the Hermit of Egypt Commemorated on June 12. Saint John the Hermitlived in Egypt in the fourth century, ... St John is also commemorated on December 2

ST. JOANNICUS of Devic, Info, Dec 02, 2015

    IMG ST. JOANNICUS of Devic
  1. Saint Joannicius of Devic
    Saints of December ... Saint Joannicius of Devic ... The saints are alive and their God-given power does not diminish in time. St. Joannicius of Devic works ...
  2. Devic Monastery - Kosovo
    Devic Monastery . Devic Monastery ... and was first endowed by Joannicius of Devic ... The church and the site with the grave of St. Joannicius was reconstructed, and ...
  3. Venerable Joannicius of Devic Commemorated on December 2. No information available at this time. Feasts & Saints. The Lives of the
  4. Crucified Kosovo: Destroyed and Desacrated...
    Devic monastery -- Drenica (south of Srbica) ... century. Beside the portrait of StJoannicius of Devic, .

HABAKKUK, the Prophet, Info, Dec 02, 2015

    IMG HABAKKUK, the Prophet
  1. Habakkuk is unique among the prophets in that he openly questions the working of God ... On the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar, his feast day is December 2. [25]
  2. The prophet Habakkuk lived at the time of the exile of King Jechoniah, eleven years before the destruction of the First Beth Hamikdosh in the year 3328 (after creation).
  3. 8. Habakkuk |
    A prophet named Habakkuk felt that way around 620 B.C. and wrote a book about it. Habakkuk’s name means to “embrace” or “wrestle.”
  4. New International Version The prophecy that Habakkuk the prophet received. New Living Translation This is the message that the prophet Habakkuk received in a vision.
  5. Prophet Habakkuk - Orthodox Church in America
    Home / The Orthodox Faith / Lives of the Saints / Prophet Habakkuk Commemorated onDecember 2. Troparion & Kontakion. The Holy Prophet Habakkuk, the eighth of the ...
  6. The Holy Prophet Avvakum (Habbakuk)
    Commemorated on December 2. The Holy Prophet Avvakum (Habbakuk), one of the 12 Minor Prophets, was descended from the Tribe of Simeon, and he prophesied in about the ...

Dec 1, 2015

LATEST World News, Dec 01, 2015

Putin 'to send 150,000 soldiers to Syria to WIPE OUT evil ... › News › World

18 hours ago - VLADIMIR Putin is preparing to send 150000 troops to Syria in a bid to ... and for all as he hints at joining the West following the Paris attacks. ... PUBLISHED: 03:43, Tue, Dec 1, 2015 | UPDATED: 09:49, Tue, Dec 1, 2015 .... Church blames bloody Syrian civil war on CLIMATE CHANGE .... Entertainment.

BL. CHARLES de Foucauld, Info, Dec 01, 2015

    IMG BL. CHARLES de Foucauld
  1. Charles de Foucauld - Wikipedia, the free...
    Blessed Charles Eugène de Foucauld (15 September 1858 – 1 December 1916) was a French Catholic religious and priest living among the Tuareg in the Sahara in Algeria.
  2. Charles de Foucauld - Biography -
    CHARLES DE FOUCAULD (Brother Charles of Jesus) ... On the evening of December 1st ... Today the “spiritual family of Charles de Foucauld” encompasses several ...
  3. Biography of Charles de Foucauld
    Biography of Charles de Foucauld. ... what a blessed influence it had on my life, ... But God did not stop them and Charles was violently killed December 1 1916.

ST. PHILARETUS the Merciful, Info, Dec 01, 2015

    IMG ST. PHILARETUS the MercifulSt Philaretos the merciful written by...
    The life of St Philaretos the merciful written by his ... Philaretus, Eleemosynarius: Material Type: Biography: Document Type ... genre " Biography "@en ...
  2. Orthodox Saints for December -
    Saint Philaret the Merciful of Constantinople ... December 7 Our Father among the Saints Ambrose, ... December 13 † St Herman, ...
    Saturday, December 1, 2012 Life of Saint Philaret the Merciful By St. Dimitri of Rostov ... Read also: Saint Philaret the Merciful. Source.

NAHUM, Naum, the Prophet, Info, Dec 01, 2015

    IMG NAHUM, Naum, the Prophet
  1. Nahum (/ ˈ n eɪ. əm / or / ˈ n eɪ h əm /; Hebrew: נַחוּם Naḥūm ‎) was a minor prophet whose prophecy is recorded in the Hebrew Bible. His book comes ...
    NAHUM - THE PROPHET AND HIS MESSAGE Vol. 33, No. 2, 2005 A number of commentators assumed a cultic background for Nahum's prophecies, but there is little agreement on ...
  3. Bible prophets: Nahum
    Nahum's prophecies. Nahum, an Old Testament prophet, lived about 2600 years ago. He is believed to have delivered his prophecies about Nineveh shortly before they ...
  4. – Nahum was a minor prophet whose prophecy is recorded in the Hebrew Bible. – He wrote about the end of the Assyrian Empire, and its capital city, Nineveh, in a ...
  5. Nahum | Old Testament prophet |
    The Book of Nahum, seventh of the Twelve (Minor) Prophets, contains three chapters directed against the mighty nation of Assyria. Probably written between 626–612 ...
  6. The Prophet Nahum | Bible Discovered
    Nahum lived about 2600 years ago. He was a native of Elkosh (about 20 miles southwest of Jerusalem). The Bible's book of Nahum is short in length and consists
  7. Book of Nahum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Book_ofCached
    The Book of Nahum is the seventh book of the 12 minor prophets of the Hebrew Bible. It is attributed to the prophet Nahum, and was probably written in Jerusalem in ...

ST. ELIGIUS, Eloi, Eloy, Bishop of Noyon, Info, Dec 01, 2015

    IMG ST. ELIGIUS, Eloi, Eloy, Bishop of Noyon
  1. St. Eligius, or Eloy, Bishop of Noyon, ... and had begun to plant the faith in the neighbourhood of Ghent, 6 under the direction of St. Acarius bishop of Noyon; and 
  2. Saint Eligius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Saint Eligius (also Eloy or Loye ... There is also a legend that St Eloi resolved the problem of a ... artworks relating to St. Eligius, bishop of Tournai-Noyon (in ...
  3. St. Eligius. Help support New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download. Includes the Catholic Encyclopedia, Church Fathers, Summa ...

CLIMATE Change Conference 2015, Paris, Dec 01, 2015

img Barack Obama

2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference - Wikipedia

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 21 or CMP 11 is being ... At the World Summit of Regions for Climate (WSRC) in Paris 2014, Arnold ...

Nov 30, 2015

LATEST World News, Nov 30, 2015

Refugee Invasion of Europe - Greek Reporter › Greek news

Oct 4, 2015 - The depressing sight of the endless exodus of migrants attempting to enter Europe ... Entertainment ... Home Greek news Refugee Invasion of Europe ... thousands of people coming from Turkey's refugee holding camps and why now? .... Now that the russians are bombing ISIS and obama's "moderate" ...

DIED, Killed, Nov 30, 2015

Hillsborough man dies in Rt. 287 crash
Saturday night accident on Route 287 left three dead and more than a ... Police said Naik died at Morristown Medical Center at 11:35 p.m. Chase ...
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MONTE CORVINO Servant Of God, Info, Nov 30, 2015

    IMG MONTE CORVINO Servant Of God
  1. Tuesday, November 29, 2011 Servant of God John of Monte Corvino (1247-1328)
  2. Servant of God John of Monte Corvino | Saint of...
    Servant of God John of Monte Corvino ... John of Monte Corvino went to China about the same time Marco Polo was returning. John was a soldier,
  3. John of Montecorvino - Wikipedia, the free...
    From there Monte Corvino wrote ... A Franciscan tradition that about 1310 John of Monte Corvino converted the new Great Khan of ... Chinese terms for God: Shangdi; Shen;
  4. Servant of God John of Monte Corvino (1247-1328...
    Servant of God John of Monte Corvino ... John of Monte Corvino went to China about the same time Marco Polo was ... John established his headquarters in
  5. Servant of God John of Monte Corvino - Caring...
    Servant of God John of Monte Corvino; Servant of God John of Monte Corvino. In the Catholic Church, being declared a “Servant of God” is the first step to

BL. JOHN of Vercelli, Info, Nov 30, 2015

    img BL. JOHN of Vercell
  1. John of Vercelli - Wikipedia, the free...
    Blessed John of Vercellli, O.P. Master General of the Order of Preachers; Born: c. 1205 Mosso Santa Maria Biella, Italy: Died: 30 November 1283 Montpellier, France
  2. Blessed John of Vercelli | Saint of the Day ...
    John was born near Vercelli in northwest Italy in the early 13th century. Little is known of his early life. He entered the Dominican Order in the 1240s and served in ...
  3. Blessed John of Vercelli | CatholicSaints.Info
    CatholicSaints.Info profile of Blessed John of Vercelli ... Readings. Watch the little things. He who grows careless in little things, little by little falls.
  4. Blessed John -
    Patron of the Holy Name Society Blessed John of Vercelli (c. 1205-1283) Feast Day: December 1 Date of