Today: SCIENCE News, Jun 27, 2019

Jun 27, 2019

SCIENCE News, Jun 27, 2019

JL Orquin, K Holmqvist, M Schulte-Mecklenbeck… - A Handbook of Process …, 2019

Effects of Physical Computing Workshops on Girls' Attitudes towards Computer Science
ES Katterfeldt, N Dittert, S Ghose, A Bernin, M Daeglau - Proceedings of the FabLearn …, 2019
Making is frequently utilised to promote disciplines such as computer science to new
students. We investigated how Maker workshops on physical computing contribute to
shaping girls' attitudes and perceptions towards computer science. We evaluated 25 …

An Editor's Guide to Writing and Publishing Science
M Hochberg - 2019
A good research paper is more than just a clear, concise, scientific expose. It is a
document that needs to go beyond the science to attract attention. There are both
strict and less definable norms for doing this, but many authors are unaware as to …

[PDF] Patterns of Tesing Theory with Human Subjects: A Design Science Perspective
I Enwereuzo, P Antunes, D Johnstone - Paper accepted at AMCIS, 2019
This paper addresses the challenges of theory testing. Adopting the design science
paradigm, we address this challenge by delimiting the line that separates theory
building from theory testing by conceptually characterizing its essential aspects: the …

[PDF] Social implications of scientific development on society: A debate on nanotechnology from social science perspective
SA Najar, WA Zargar, Z Maqbool, BA Khan, IA Shah… - 2019
Technology is a major factor which has brought social change within the society
since its beginning. Science has revolutionized every field of life, particularly in the
field of health and education and industrialization. These inventions of science have …

[HTML] Maker-Centred Science and Mathematics Education: Lenses, Scales and Contexts
TH Wang, KYT Lim, J Lavonen, A Clark-Wilson - International Journal of Science and …, 2019
It is a distinct privilege to bring this special issue—themed on Maker-Centred
Science and Mathematics Education—to our readership. Maker movements can
trace their origins to the culture of vocational education in Germany since the 1980s …

Feeding the Data Monster: Data Science in Head and Neck Cancer for Personalized Therapy
LG Marcu, C Boyd, E Bezak - Journal of the American College of Radiology, 2019
Objective Head and neck carcinomas are clinically challenging malignancies due to
tumor heterogeneities and resilient tumor subvolumes that require individualized
treatment planning and delivery for an improved outcome. Although current …

Becoming citizen scientists: An inclusive approach engaging people with learning disabilities in citizen science
J Carr - CALRG 2019 Conference 17-18 June 2019 …, 2019
My PhD study explores ways of involving people with learning disabilities within the
ever growing field or community of citizen science and the ways in which citizen
science must adapt to ensure they have an equal voice. In this presentation I will …

Public Understanding of Climate Science, Extreme Weather and Climate Attribution
R Dryden - 2019
Experts in the geophysics community have understood the role of greenhouse gases
in shaping the earth's climate for over a century and have grown increasingly
confident and concerned about the risks of climate change. Studies conducted since …

[PDF] The role of age and gender on implementing informal and non-formal science learning activities for children
G Tisza, S Papavlasopoulou, D Christidou, I Voulgari… - Proceedings of the …, 2019
There is a growing number of informal and non-formal learning activities worldwide
related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subject areas--
particularly, those related to coding and making. To understand the general aim and …

Research on Development Trend in Interdisciplinarity of Educational Technology based on Web of Science-covered Data
J Liu, X Meng, C Chen - 3rd International Conference on Economics and …, 2019
The purpose of this study is to provide references for researchers in the fields of
educational technology (ET) and other sciences such as natural science, humanities
and social sciences in their cross-integration research, and then promote …

Light: Toward a Transdisciplinary Science of Appearance and Atmosphere
SC Pont - Annual Review of Vision Science, 2019
To understand the processes behind seeing light, we need to integrate knowledge
about the incoming optical structure, its perception, and how light interacts with
material, shape, and space—objectively and subjectively. To that end, we need a …

Governing research through affects: the case of ecosystem services science
L Brunet, I Arpin, T Peltola - 2019
Despite the abundant literature on transformation of research and the affective
dimension of research practice, affective governing of research has not been
documented to the same extent. To address this gap, we examine how scientific …

Thoughts on the Training of Traditional Chinese Medicine Thinking for Students of Science of Traditional Chinese Medicine Major
J Shi, B Shi, P Lu, L Niu - 3rd International Conference on Economics and …, 2019
As a part of Chinese traditional culture, the specific thinking of traditional Chinese
medicine is the source power of its production and development, however, in the
actual teaching of colleges and universities, due to the lack of dominant position of …

2 From complexity science to complexity economics
P Chen - … Approaches to Economic Theory: Complexity, Post …, 2019

[PDF] GPU-accelerated Principal-Agent Game for Scalable Citizen Science
A Kabra, Y Xue, CP Gomes - 2019
Citizen science programs have been instrumental in boosting sustainability projects,
large-scale scientific discovery, and crowdsourced experimentation. Nevertheless,
these programs witness challenges in submissions' quality, such as sampling bias …

Lingua Cosmica: Science Fiction from around the World
S Banerjee - 2019
Dale Knickerbocker's edited anthology Lingua Cosmica: Science Fiction from Around
the World is a wonderful addition to the growing body of criticism about global sf. It
contains eleven essays by established sf scholars on authors writing in nine different …

Recent Researches in Earth and Environmental Sciences: 2nd International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering 2019 (ICOASE2019) Zakho-Duhok …
YT Mustafa, S Sadkhan, S Zebari, K Jacksi - 2019
This book includes the papers presented in International Conference on Advanced
Science and Engineering 2019 (ICOASE2019), which held in Duhok, Kurdistan
Region-Iraq, on April 2-4, 2019. The conference is organized by both the University …

Towards a Practice of Emancipation in Urban Schools: A Look at Student Experiences Through the Science Genius Battles Program
ES Adjapong - Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies, 2019
This study explores the benefits of a science education initiative, The Science Genius
Program, that is anchored in Hip-Hop culture on urban youth in high school science
classrooms. We argue that the framework for the Science Genius Program provides …

Science Fiction, Ethics and the Human Condition
R Blackford - 2019
Condition. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2017. vi+ 246 pp. $119.99 hc. This useful
collection of papers is distilled from a conference in Denmark that involved scholars
and scientists from a range of disciplines, plus input from local sf fandom. The …

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