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Jun 27, 2019

FINANCIAL News, Jun 27, 2019

The long-term effects of childhood financial hardship mediated by physical abuse, shame, and stigma on depression in women
A Bifulco, S Nunn, R Spence - … effects of childhood financial hardship mediated by …, 2019
Financial hardship has many long-term consequences for children. This study aims
to explore whether it increases the risk for depression and financial hardship across
the lifespan and the mechanisms through which it might do so. This includes …

[PDF] The Role of Financial Conditions in Portfolio Choices: The Case of Insurers
S Ge, MS Weisbach - 2019
Many institutional investors depend on the returns they generate to fund their
operations and liabilities. How do these investors' financial conditions affect the
management of their portfolios? We address this issue using the insurance industry …

[PDF] A Survey of Financial Risk Measurement
SQ Pan - 6th International Conference on Management Science …, 2019
Financial risk management is the core content of financial institutions' management
activities, and the basic work of risk management is to measure risk. Choosing
appropriate risk measurement indicators and scientific calculation methods is the …

Impact of Waste Management Practices of Indian Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Enterprises on Their Financial Performance
D De, PK Dey, SK Ghosh, RP Pappu - Sustainable Waste Management: Policies and …, 2020
Purpose—The study tends to investigate correlations of forward logistics (operational
and environmental management comprises of “reduce”) and reverse logistics (waste
management comprises of “reuse and recycle”) with the productivity and financial …

[PDF] Which is More Advantageous in Financial Technology and Traditional Finance? Evidence from JD Finance
YN Li, Y Lu, HY Wang, DM An - … Science and Management Innovation (MSMI 2019), 2019
In recent years, Internet finance and financial technology have been the fastest
growing sectors in the national economy. We provide some evidence through the
analysis of JD Finance to explain how financial technology affects traditional finance …

[PDF] Intensive and Extensive Margin Responses in Electricity Conservation: How Households Respond to Financial Rewards
A Fraser - 2019
Financial rewards are often used to encourage behavioural changes or influence
purchasing decisions. In this paper, I investigate how households respond to
repeated financial rewards for achieving electricity conservation targets. I track …

[PDF] TradeSpade: Price Signal Forecast for Financial Assets
A Bejju, M Parasher, N Ravi, R Singh - 2019
The decision to buy or sell stocks and cryptocurrencies is an interesting challenge
faced by day traders in today's financial market. Such choices are being made daily
in the markets across the globe [1]. The whole idea whether the movement of …

[PDF] Application of Excel in Financial Management Teaching
Y Zhong, H Jiang - 3rd International Conference on Economics and …, 2019
This paper analyzes the advantages of Excel in the teaching of financial
management courses, and elaborates on the specific application of Excel in financial
analysis, operating capital management, financing management, investment …

An assessment of influence of digital transformation of financial services on the company's performance
J Iqbal - 2019
The aim of this diploma paper is to assess the influence of digital transformation on
financial performance of Retal Company. The work contains three parts. First part of
the thesis presents the theoretical analysis of the scientific issue that contains the …

[PDF] Research on the Integration of Financial Reports Audit and Internal Control Audit
PY Zhu - 6th International Conference on Management Science …, 2019
With the introduction of China's internal control audit guidelines, it marks the basic
construction of internal control audit system based on the reality of China and the
experience of developed countries, but there are no specific operational guidelines …

[PDF] Financial Fraud Detection with Anomaly Feature Detection on credit card
M Anjaneyulu, APAU Kishore - 2019
The most traditional payment approach is a credit card or debit card for online in
today's world; it will supply money less shopping at every shop across the world. It is
the more and most suitable way to do online shopping, paying bills, and performing …

Targeting Financial Toxicity in Oncology Specialty Pharmacy at a Large Tertiary Academic Medical Center
JL Farano, HM Kandah - Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy, 2019
BACKGROUND: Patients with cancer often face financial toxicity. They may face
financial distress because of high out-of-pocket costs that in turn can result in delays
in treatment, treatment abandonment, and higher overall costs of care, all of which …

Understanding the Benefits of German Controlling and Management Accounting
L White - Performance Management in Retail and the Consumer …, 2019
… German management accounting or, more broadly, the German profession of controlling
is much more oriented toward operations and strategy and much less oriented toward
financial accounting than US management accountants and controllers …

Effectiveness of School Boards in Managing Financial and Human Resources in Public Primary Schools in Nyeri County, Kenya.
CM Baaru - Journal of Arts and Humanities, 2019
Abstract Although Boards of Management (BOMs) have been mandated to oversee
the running of public primary schools in Kenya, little has been documented as far as
their effectiveness is concerned. This study sought to assess the effectiveness of …

[PDF] Building cognitive capital, brightening China's future: piloting community-based early childhood programming
X Chen, Q Zhao - Early Childhood Matters, 2019
… In urban areas, private early childhood centres are often beyond the financial
reach of poor or migrant populations … In recent years the Government of China
has made significant political and financial commitments to preparing …

[PDF] On Accounting Coordination among Countries along the One Belt And One Road
H Chen, X Weng, Y Bao - 6th International Conference on Management Science …, 2019
… The understandability and comparability of financial reports will further reduce, which
will cause inconvenience even confusion in multinational or trans-regional trade
process. Through accounting coordination, One Belt And …

KOSPI200 futures index prediction using denoising filter and LSTM
NY Lee, KJ Oh - The Korean Data & Information Science Society, 2019
… Abstract Other Sections Abstract There has been many studies which predict the
financial market using the deep learning model. However, there has been few studies
which apply the denoising filter that improves the performance …

Opportunities for Supply Chain Processes by SAP S/4HANA
D Fuchs, M Haas, J Dombrowski, N Göpfert - … in Retail and the Consumer Goods …, 2019
… However, in order to keep an overarching entrepreneurial perspective at
all times, these rather operationally based planning processes should also
be linked directly and adjusted to requirements of the overall corporate …

Technologies in rational self-management: Interventions in the 'responsibilisation'of school governors
A Wilkins - 2019
… improved conditions for school autonomy and devolved management through
greater privatisation management of education services and public-private
partnerships, reduced local government bureaucracy and oversight, and …

[PDF] Thoughts and Practice on the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements
T Zhu, H Wen - 3rd International Conference on Economics and …, 2019
… The municipal science and technology department and financial department
shall, in accordance with these measures, formulate specific implementation
plans for local loan risk compensation through consultation with provincial …

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