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Jun 27, 2019

ECOLOGY News, Jun 27, 2019

[PDF] Preliminary data on the bio-ecology of pest birds of sorghum (Sorghum bicolour (L.) Moench)(Korhogo, Côte d'Ivoire)
NCJ Magloire, DD Noël, KBT Mathieu, K Eliézer - 2019
Sorghum is for the north of Côte d'Ivoire the staple food of the population because of
its good protein value. Production efforts are hindranced by losses caused by pests
and especially birds. However, no data is available concerning these pests. The …

The ecology of abrupt climate changes during the last glacial period
F Botta - 2019
the Last Glacial Period, several climate changes characterized by rapidity and
broadgeographical impact have occurred. In most cases, climate proxy records
reveal patterns of generalreorganization for atmospheric and oceanic currents, with …

Complex societies, simple processes: a comment on Shizuka and Johnson
A Ilany - Behavioral Ecology, 2019
Recent years have seen a surge in studies that document the importance of social
structure to a range of ecological and evolutionary processes and their outcomes.
These studies excite us because they demonstrate the extent to which social …

Microbiota in preferential flow paths: Composition and lifestyles of microbial communities in an understudied subsurface environment
F Bak - 2019
… Still, most microbial ecology studies have focused on the top soil leaving the subsurface
relatively unexplored … To further understand the ecology of the microorganisms, functional
genes of interest were investigated quantitatively and semiquantitatively …

[PDF] Study of the Adaptation and Gene expression in Coffee Beans after Exposure to Mutation
MK Jabbar - Indian Journal of Ecology, 2019
Two experiments were conducted to study the adaption of lines from coffee beans
breed to cold environment after exposure of shoot apexes to different mutation
treatments and its effective on gene expression. The first experiment included …

[PDF] On the Plaintiff Subject in Water Resources Public Interest Litigation from the Perspective of" The System of River Leader"
Q Gao, S Guo, CF Li, SW Kuang - … Science and Management Innovation (MSMI 2019), 2019
… When environmental pollution occurs, the government can investigate the environmental
legal responsibility of polluters and ask them to restore the original environmental ecology …
But in the long run, water ecology is the key to water environment protection …

Risk assessment and the use of novel shortcuts in spatial detouring tasks in jumping spiders
S Aguilar-Argüello, D Gerhard, XJ Nelson - Behavioral Ecology, 2019
Jumping spiders use acute vision to solve complex 3-dimensional tasks, including
the use of detours to reach a specific goal. We show that they can assess differences
between routes enabling escape from a stressful situation, discriminating routes by …

Pollution Externalities and Emissions' Consequences of the US Electricity Sector
X Sun - 2019
… Pollution Externalities and Emissions' Consequences of the US Electricity
Sector. 2019-06-05T21:52:45Z (GMT) by Xiaodi Sun. The electricity sector
generates externalities due to pollution that can have damaging impacts …

[PDF] Reproductive behavior of Tropidurus spinulosus (Squamata: Tropiduridae) in captivity
N Pelegrin - Phyllomedusa: Journal of Herpetology, 2019
… Although some facets of the lizard's natural history, such as diet, reproduction, activity,
thermal ecology, and habitat use have been studied (eg, Perez et al. 1991, Vitt 1991,
Colli et al … Pp. 87–105 in WW Milstead (ed.), Lizard Ecology, a Symposium. Columbia …

The effectiveness of using virtual reality in marketing the tourist attraction Itaipu Power Plant.
CLD Monica, N Hack - Applied Tourism, 2019
The digital age has brought about profound changes in consumer relations.
In this context, companies must follow the technological revolution to stay
in the market and gain space in the minds of consumers. This study aims …

Interpretive trail as an instrument of environmental communication: an experience in the Morros Municipal Natural Park, Santa Maria (RS, Brazil).
MD Ferrarese, LR Corrêa, GL da Rocha, RC Ribeiro - Revista Brasileira de …, 2019
The work sought the environmental interpretation through the realization of
Interpretive Trails in the Municipal Natural Park of Morros. It was used the
semi-structured interview that found five key points for visitors: nature, lookout …

Diagnostic corner. Emergency medicine.
M Pelizzola, A Coden - Veterinaria (Cremona), 2019
The clinical signs, differential diagnosis and treatment of lower motor neuron disease
in an 8-year-old dog in Italy [date not given] are described.

Determination of stock forecasts in hotels: current scenario in lodging facilities of Barbacena, Tiradentes and Lima Duarte (Conceição Do Ibitipoca).
N Alves, LA Cobuci, MTD de Assis, KO Pereira… - Applied Tourism, 2019
The main objective of this research was to collect data that allowed the
delineation of the scenario concerning the use of structured methodologies
for calculating and obtaining forecasts of the demand for stocks in lodging …

Benefits of regional food quality labels for Czech producers.
T Sadílek - International Journal on Food System Dynamics, 2019
The objective of this paper is to evaluate the benefits of regional food quality
labels for producers using the example of the Czech quality label, Regionální
potravina (Regional Food). To do so, a telephone survey was carried out on …

[PDF] Ecology and Architecture: the Design of the Environment for Human Survival
M Nevlyutov - … Conference on Architecture: Heritage, Traditions and …, 2019
Ecological problems of civilization have not lost their relevance since the twentieth
century. Methods of their solution are limited to a one-sided view of the situation,
which does not allow changing it radically. Consideration of the system of knowledge …

Inventory protocol and evaluation of Pedological Interest Places (PIP) for a" Pedotourism".
F Fonseca, A Varajão, P Castro - Revista Brasileira de Ecoturismo, 2019
The soil is essential for life on Earth. The Earth Sciences, in particular the
Pedology, have a key role in balancing this biotic-abiotic relationship. In this
sense, it is proposed the Pedotourism as tourist segment through inventory …

New microorganisms for mobilization of organic phosphate from soil
SM Pittroff - 2019
… forbiological use. This thesis aims to contribute knowledge to the microbial ecology
that will be key inharvesting the phosphorus that is currently fixed in soil, which will
be one part of solving the openphosphorus cycle problem. In …

[PDF] A Preliminary Study on International Ecological Discourse and Its Transitivity Analysis Model
X Zuo - Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 2019
… maintains, influences or even destroys it. (p.104) In short, Ecolinguistics is a subject
formed by the combination of ecology and linguistics and is an interdisciplinary field
of natural science and humanities. It studies not only the …

Effectivity of boiling water to control and manage New Zealand pigmyweed in nature areas.
H Kleef, J Loop, A Jansen - Vakblad Natuur Bos Landschap, 2019
A study was carried out near Achtmaal, province of Noord-Brabant, Netherlands,
to investigate the efficiency of controlling Crassula helmsii by pouring boiling
water over it and removing dead plant rests. Boiling water did not prevent …

[PDF] Patterns of distribution of the invasive alga Asparagopsis armata Harvey: a multi-scaled approach
GM Martins, E Cacabelos, J Faria, N Álvaro… - Aquatic Invasions, 2019
… ecological impacts. The red alga Asparagopsis armata is considered an invasive
species in Europe, but can be particularly abundant in the Azores (NE Atlantic),
where there is virtually no information on its ecology. Here, we …

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