Today: SPACE Astronomy News, Dec 21, 2013


Dec 21, 2013

SPACE Astronomy News, Dec 21, 2013

Milky Way has four spiral arms, study confirms

Urban Galactic Clusters Stopped Forming Stars Billions Of Years Ago
A new study based on data from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has ... of the Royal Astronomical Society, researchers came to a similar conclusion.
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Massive stars mark out Milky Way's 'missing' armsEureka! Science News
In the 1950s astronomers used radio telescopes to map our Galaxy. ... NASA'sSpitzer Space Telescope, on the other hand, scoured the Galaxy for ...
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Eureka! Science News

Milky Way has four spiral arms, study confirmsScience Recorder
According to a December 17 news release from the University of Leeds, ... In the 1950s, astronomers used radio telescopes to chart our Galaxy. ...However, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope scanned the Galaxy for infrared light ...
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Science Recorder

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