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Apr 17, 2016

ST. LANDERICUS, Landry, Bishop of Meaux in France, Info, Apr 17, 2016

April 17 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) explained
Explaining what we could find out about April 17 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics). ... Saint Villicus, a very virtuous Bishop of Metz in France 543-568 (568) ... Saint Landericus (Landry of Metz), Bishop of Meaux, then Abbot of Soignies (7th century) ...

Dictionary of Patron Saints' Names - Page 547 - Google Books Result
Thomas W. Sheehan - 2001 - ‎Religion
St. Landry (also known as Landericus) was the oldest son ot Sts. Madelgarus and Walde- trudis. ... Landry served as bishop of Meaux, but after his father died he became the abbot of Soignies. ... Feast Dates: April 17St. Landry. ... Talbot "The Bloodhound" (Old English) or "The Pillager" (Old French) or "The Bootmaker" ...

Latin Saints of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Rome
A monk at Luxeuil in France, he later founded the monastery of Leuconay at the mouth of the Somme. .... Abbot of St Germanus in Auxerre in France, he became bishop there and founded .... A rich citizen of Saintes in France, murdered by his relatives for giving his property to the poor. April 17 ... Landericus (Landry) Apr 17

Rev Fr Landry de Soignies - Find A Grave Memorial
20 Sep 2015 - Saint Landericus, or Landry, of Soignies, also known as Saint Landry of either ... Some accounts show him as Bishop of Metz, while others say he was Bishop of Meaux, both in France, or perhaps he ... His feast day is April 17.

RootsWeb: ACADIAN-CAJUN-L There are still more Saint ... › ACADIAN-CAJUN › 1999-03
17 Mar 1999 - Feast day April 17. ST. LANDRY (LANDERICUS) BISHOP OF METZ (641-650) ... of Haumont (Nord, France), now Melsbrock, Belgium, and served in this ... resigned as bishop of Meaux and succeeded his deceased father as ...

Macarius, Bishop of Corinth
Symeon the Holy Martyr and Bishop of Persia, Makarios, Bishop of Corinth, Agapetos of Rome. ... Landericus (Landry of Metz), Bishop of Meaux and Abbot of Soignies. Wando (Vando), Abbot of Fontenelle Abbey in France. Martyrs Isidore, Elias ... Uncovering of the relics of St. Alexander of Svir, founder of Svir Monastery.
16 Apr - 17 Apr

April 17 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
Saint Pantagathus, a courtier who later became Bishop of Vienne+ in France (540) ... Saint Landericus (''Landry of Metz''), Bishop of Meaux+, then Abbot of ...

Blessed - Saint Patrick Catholic Church
April 17. Anicetus, Pope M (RM) Born in Emesa, Syria; died c. 160-166. .... Landericus of Soignies, OSB B (AC) ... From 641 to 650 he was bishop of Meaux (or Metz?) ... Saint Landry is pictured as a bishop with an open razor on a book. ... Born probably in Sherborne, Dorsetshire, England; died at CĂ®teaux, France, March 28, ...

Saint of the Day April 17 - LNG Plants
On April 17, 1966, the Virgin appeared to her again, saying: “My Divine Son, who is all Love, ...... 700-730 St. Landericus Benedictine bishop of Meaux in France ... but on the death of his father, Landry resigned his see in order to undertake the ...

Orthodox Christian Theology and Miscellanea: April 2012
1 Apr 2012 - 30 April (17 April O.S.): ... Landericus (Landry), the eldest son of Sts Madelgarus and Waldetrudis. he was Bishop of Meaux From 641 to 650, but on the ..... Winebald (Vinebaud), abbot at Saint-Loup-de-Troyes in France.

April 17 in U. S. History | Conservative Talk › History
16 Apr 2010 - April 17 is the 107th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. .... 1803; in 1800, the Spanish ceded it to France and the French in turn sold it to ...... Saint Landericus (Landry of Metz), Bishop of Meaux, then Abbot of Soignies ...

Full text of "A Dictionary of Christian biography, literature, sects
JUVINIUS (JuvENius), bishop of Vence, mentioned in a manuscript life of St. ...... (6) Chillen or Kilian, an Irish bishop who stopped at Meaux on his way home ...... The authors of the Histoire Litt^raire de la France think that he wrote in 729 or 730. ..... but remained at Soignies and ruled the two abbeys till his death on April 17, ...
St. Landry (Landericus) - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online .... Feastday: April 17 Date: 7th Century Family: Father: Vincent Madelgaire de ... Biography: Saint Landericus was a Benedictine bishop. He was ... He was bishop of Meaux, in France. Alexander Language School Franchise Alexander Language Schools
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