Today: VEN. ATHENODORUS, Disciple of St. Pachomius the Great, Dec 29, 2016


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Dec 29, 2016

VEN. ATHENODORUS, Disciple of St. Pachomius the Great, Dec 29, 2016

December 29 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) - Wikipedia
Dec. 28 - Eastern Orthodox Church calendar - Dec. 30. All fixed commemorations below are ... Venerable Athenodorus, disciple of St. Pachomius the Great (4th century); Venerable Benjamin, monk, of Nitria in Egypt (392); Venerable Marcellus, ...

The Lenten Triodion, Saturday before Cheesefare , (Commemoration ...
On Saturday of Cheese Fare Week we commemorate "all the venerable Fathers and dedicated Mothers of the Lord, with the Hieromartyrs and ... 24); Athenodorus (Dec. ... 26); Marcellus (Dec. 29); Milles (who raised the dead); Meletius (Feb.

[PDF]Bulgakov Handbook
On Saturday of Cheese Fare Week we commemorate "all the venerable. Fathers and dedicated Mothers of ... 24), Athenodorus (Dec. 29), Apollos (or ... Malchus (Mar. 26), Marcellus (Dec. 29), Milles (who raised the dead), Meletius. (Feb. 12).

The Roman Martyrology by Gregory XIII - e-Catholic 2000
Athenodorus, St., M., Nov. 11. Athenogenes .... Bede, Venerable, St. Pr., May 27. Begga, St., Widow. ..... David, St., King and Prophet., Dec. 29. Davinus, St., C.

[PDF]The Roman martyrology - Saints' Books
heaven. In. Egypt, St. Moses, a venerable bishop, who first led a ...... Mesopotamia, St. Athenodorus, martyr, who was sub- jected to fire and other torments under ...

[PDF]The Great Collection of The Lives of the Saints - Chrysostom Press
Athenodorus the Monk, Mtr ............................................. Dec 7. Atticus ...... Ferbinus, Venerable (with Theonas and Symeon)..........Apr 5. Ferbutha, Mtr, and Those ...

After Actium: Two Caesars Are Not Enough | Page 26 | Alternate ... › ... › Discussion › Alternate History Discussion: Before 1900
Dec 29, 2012 ... That would be quite a venerable age for the time. ..... in Sparta, and Syracuse, Athenodorus the Stoic of Tarsus, and the Mithridatid city of Cius.

[PDF]Index [PDF] - Princeton University Press
Anastasia pharmakolytria (22 Dec.), 29, 58, 64, 156, 205, 212,. 270 ... Athenodoros (18 Dec.), 58, 64, 270 .... Adoration of the Venerable Wood of (10 Sept.), 7–8 ...

Full text of "The Book of saints : a dictionary of servants of God ...
St. Acca was held in the highest veneration by Venerable Bede. ...... St. Athenodorus is said to have been put to death during the persecution of Aurelian ...... The reason of the choice of Dec. 29 by the Latins lies probably in their traditional ...

Siris: 04/03/16
9 Apr 2016 - This group was made in concert by three most eminent artists, Agesander, Polydorus, and Athenodorus, natives of Rhodes. .... Venerable feasts of especially great importance were extended out, so to speak, ... some of the most venerable and influential prayers in the calendar). ..... Dec 22 - Dec 29 (10). Alexander Language School Franchise Alexander Language Schools
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