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SPACE, Astronomy News, May 24, 2011

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope views star that changed universe
Though the universe is filled with billions upon billions of stars, Hubble Space Telescope has been trained on a single variable star that in 1923 altered the course of modern astronomy. The star goes by the inauspicious name of Hubble variable number ...
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How to learn a star's true age
Astronomy Magazine
In space, the same is true of the actual stars. Like our Sun, most stars look almost the same for most of their lives. So how can we tell if a star is 1 billion or 10 billion years old? Astronomers may have found a solution — measuring the star's spin ...
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Scouring Space for Life: More Earths Out There Than We Thought?
Planet hunting is by far the hottest area of astronomy these days, and just about everyone who's in on the search is looking for the same thing: a distant world where life could exist, at least in theory. That means a world more or less the size of ...
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Amateur astronomer captures night skies
Natchez Democrat
“It's like you are right there in space,” Kolb said. He first discovered his interest forastronomy 20 years ago when he first saw the television series “Star Gazers” on PBS. “I used to watch the show every Sunday, and it showed how people who are not ...
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Natchez Democrat

Space Music: The Blind Astrophysicist
Discovery News
These days, astronomy is mostly a matter of visual data expressed in charts and graphs. That won't work for Wanda Diaz, an astrophysicist from Puerto Rico. She's blind, and working on new ways to measure and represent what's going on in outer space. ...
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Summer Nights Program Returns to Golden Pond Planetarium
Clarksville Online
Introduction into Astronomy with WKAA June 18th – 8:30pm. Two Small Pieces of Glass July 2nd – 8:30pm. Journey to the Edge of Space & Time July 30th – 8:30pm. Two Small Pieces of Glass July 30th – 9:30pm. Telescope Time Machine with WKAA August 13th ...
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Free events at National Museums Liverpool this half term
Click Liverpool
Travel to outer space without even leaving your chair in our incredible space andastronomy show for adults and children over five. Tickets available from 10am and up to five minutes before each performance from the welcome desk. ...
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Click Liverpool

Telescope hopes sky high for Glebe astrophysicist
Inner West Courier
Professor McClure-Griffiths is the OCE science leader at the CSIRO's Astronomy &Space Science division and specialises in research on the Milky Way. “SKA could unlock what the Milky Way actually looks like,” she said. Professor McClure-Griffiths was ...
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Inner West Courier

Centralise research council funding - Pandor
BuaNews Online (press release)
Hanekom said there was no final decision on the fracking application in the karoo and pointed out that in line with the Astronomy Act, the minister had the final say on whether proposed fracking would go ahead if it affected telescopes at Sutherland ...
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Longtime teachers say farewell to Holland Hall
Tulsa World
He's even done an interdisciplinary elective, "Space: The Final Frontier," which combined astronomyand science fiction. Now, he's set to explore an entirely new frontier: retirement. Joining him for the trip will be fellow Holland Hall teachers Kay ...
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Property deed scams nearly epidemic in Harris County
Houston Chronicle
Nugent holds master's and bachelor's degrees in astronomy from the University of South Florida, according to Lara Wade, a university spokeswoman. He has won recognition and published articles on his findings about space. But for years he has worked as ...
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Houston Chronicle

Knight Science Journalism Tracker - Daily report
Newsroom America
... – Mike Wall : Lonely rogue Worlds Surprisingly Outnumber Planets with Suns ; TIME Magazine – Michael Lemonick: Rogue Planets: Billions of Jupiters on the Loose in the Milky Way ; Guardian (UK) Alok Jha: Astronomers discover 10 more ...
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Change rattles the world's biggest dish (subscription)
"We wish SRI good luck in living up to the incredibly high standards we have set," says Ira Wasserman, chairman of Cornell's astronomy department. Robert Kerr, a former director of Arecibo who was principal investigator on the successful bid, ...
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Best-Yet Views of a Black-Hole Powerhouse
Sky & Telescope
As Cornelia Müller (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg) and others describe in the June issue ofAstronomy & Astrophysics, the TAMANI array resolves individual blobs and other never-before-seen details in the jets, which appear to be racing away from the ...
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Lyudviga Haute Couture in Birmingham
Metromix Detroit
I was also a big nerd, too, who loved astronomy and science. My grandma saw the things I made and told me if I sew I will always have bread and butter on the table. Where can we women wear these at? And what about prices? ...
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Astronomers discovered ten planets in the Milky Way thanks to a EU funding ...
This implies implies that there could be billions more free-floating Jupiter-style planets floating ininterstellar space far from the light of any nearby parent star. Although scientists supposed floating planets existed, due to their distant location ...
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Scientists At A Loss To Predict Bad Tornado Seasons
But Greg Jenkins, an associate professor of physics and astronomy at Howard University, says that's where the similarities end. "The time scales are different, the space scales are different and the sources are different," says Jenkins. ...
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Calendar set in stone
Deccan Herald
In between publishing cutting-edge research on stellar spectra and buckyballs inspace, Rao has also devoted much time to studying astronomy in ancient India. Rao and his colleagues who investigated this stone alignment believe that Vibhutihalli's rows...
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Deccan Herald

Suspected Ozone Loss Never Involved CFC's
Nolan Chart LLC
Dr. Lu, a physics and astronomy professor at the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada), said the fallacy was accepted for more than twenty years that Earth's ozone layer is depleted by chlorine atoms produced by CFCs. Lu and Sanches Study Suggests ...
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Festival themes: show me the way to the cosmodome
The Independent
And they're all mad into astronomy. It's the only festival they're headlining, and so playing under the stars. And because we're family-oriented, this is a thing that kids are into. We're doing all we can to support the theme, with stargazing, ...
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Hubble Views the Star That Changed the Universe
By Gabriella Brianna
Astronomers pointed Edwin Hubble's namesake, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, at the star once again, in a symbolic tribute to the legendary astronomer's milestone observation. Astronomers with the Space .... Gingerich says Hubble's discovery was not big news at the meeting because the astronomer had informed the leading astronomers of his result months earlier. Edwin Hubble's observations of V1 became the critical first step in uncovering a larger, grander universe. ...

Space And Astronomy News Mattters - May 14 2011 - Frank Wolf Doesn ...
Follow Your Interests! News and views from the world's best bloggers and tweeps about Space AndAstronomy News.

space-history | Astronomy News And Information
Although this is its last mission to the space station, shuttle Endeavour has just made a first inspace history: it is the first shuttle ever to be ...

RIVERSIDE: Space day soars with new exhibits - Topix
Astronomy. News · Forums & Polls. RIVERSIDE: Space day . ... a flight simulator, thrilled to the workings of a space toilet and handled Martian rocks. ...

International Space Station - Astronomy and Space - Science - Top ...
Space and Astronomy news daily - —. NASA astronaut gives an insider's view of life aboard the Space Station. Watch the video… ...

Journals On Astronomy Current Events
News and current events in astronomy, space science, exploration, and industry. . Astronomy &Space Publications | Publications including journals, . ...
Breaking News-New Planet - About Astronomy and Space
Welcome to the About Astronomy and Space Forum , a place to discuss astronomy and spaceexploration including hoaxes real or imagined, conspiracy theories ...

Bad Astronomy (Bienvenue dans la boutique et espace clients de nan ...
Commentary on astronomy news and space-related myths and misinformation. By Phil Plait. BadAstronomy Forums Definitions of Bad Astronomy, synonyms, ...

Astronomy and Space Exploration News » BuzzTracker News Headlines
Home · News · World · Business · Companies · Sports · Entertainment · Technology · Health · Travel · Life · Autos · Science · Astronomy and Space ...

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SCIENCE News, Studies, Research, Technology, May 24, 2011

IIT, IIM faculty not world class: Ramesh
Times of India
NEW DELHI: The outspoken environment minister Jairam Ramesh kicked up yet another controversy rubbishing the Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Management on Monday at a public event in Delhi. "There is hardly any worthwhile ...
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Tissue culture can improve agriculture production
New Vision
In order to advance basic science there must be a contradiction and or a problem with the current research findings. A hypothesis is developed to address this crisis. Endophyte technology cannot be commercialised until more study shows stability of the ...
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New Vision

POPAI Launches Shopper Engagement Study
PR Newswire (press release)
Having pioneered studies that demonstrated the impact of display materials and impulse decision rates as they relate to in-store displays, POPAI will once again pave the path for in-store researchby adding a combination of groundbreaking EEG and ...
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How technology is influencing families
Kingsport Times News
Panelists receive unique log-in information for accessing surveys online and are sent emails each month inviting them to participate in specific research studies. Potential panelists are randomly selected from the population at large to join the panel; ...
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Remanufactured Products Use More Energy?
Wrong, according to a new study from researchers at MIT, recently published in Environmental Science & Technology [PDF]. The research team, led by Professor of Mechanical Engineering Timothy Gutowski, conducted 25 case studies on products in eight ...
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New Resource Developed to Encourage Undergraduate Research Experiences
Science Daily (press release)
Before earning her bachelor's degree she has already co-authored several studies, won a Google Scholarship, a graduate fellowship from the National Science Foundation, and earned national recognition in her field. "My undergraduate research experience ...
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NASA/University Japan Quake Study Yields Surprises
Space Daily
The work was funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, National ScienceFoundation grants, the Southern California Earthquake Center, and NASA's internalResearch and Technology Development program.
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Space Daily

AmorePacific to showcase skincare at its best
Korea Times
In April, a memorandum of understanding with the Institute of Medical Biology at Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) was signed to jointly develop a new type of an anti-aging material. More than $100000 has been budgeted ...
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Korea Times

Urban Education Ph.D. approved for IU School of Education at IUPUI
IUPUI Newscenter
CUME is the research arm of the IU School of Education at IUPUI which has conducted several major program evaluations, including the National ScienceFoundation-funded Noyce Scholars Program and the Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teacher Fellowship Program. ...
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IUPUI Newscenter

Steve Milloy Advises Republicans To Spread Climate Misinformation
Media Matters for America
An inquiry conducted by the UK House of Common's Science and Technology Committee concluded that "insofar as we have been able to consider accusations of dishonesty ... we consider that there is not case to answer. Within our limited inquiry and the ...
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Del Mar science professor tackles 'unfinished business' of writing thriller...
Del Mar Times
Meyers is a Distinguished Professor of Materials Science at the University of California San Diego. He heads a materials science group at UCSD: he is an expert in explosives, but for the past 10 years has concentrated on applying his research to ...
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Del Mar Times

Do-it-yourself data centres in decline, according to annual study
The study, conducted by the respected research firm Campos Research & Analysis, is based on a detailed survey of senior decision-makers at large corporations in North America who are responsible for shaping their companies' data centre strategies. ...
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Research scores low
Hindustan Times
Faculty members who undertake research projects are supposed to give a third of their consultancy fee to the university. The Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, the university's most prestigious management institute, contributed only Rs1 ...
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Spending will increase for smart energy
Boulder County Business Report
Pike Research LLC, a market research and consulting firm that studies that global cleantechnology industry, has found investment in "smart cities" will total $108 billion between 2010 and 2020. The report takes stock of the ideas that are shaping the ...
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Peering deep into a stem cell
Deccan Herald
Effective amalgamation of these two technologies offers immense potential for the human race. Nanotechnology is defined as the science and technology of nanoscale (one billionth of a meter), typically in the range 1-1000 nm. ...
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Earliest Signs of Life, BC Research Team Shows
Boston College Chronicle
That can only ring a bell and require us to ask if we need to reconsider earlier studies.” Nearly 4000-million years old samples from Greenland have been used to develop the dominant time line regarding the emergence of the earliest biosphere. ...
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Are our kids addicted to technology?
Research studies do not show an increase in overall sexual predation as a result of Internet use among young people. The kids most at risk of online harms are the same as those at risk for offline harms -- victims of sexual or physical abuse, ...
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Fire Research Agenda Discussed
Seven committees were appointed to look at topics that included health and wellness, emergency services delivery, wildland firefighting, community risk reduction, science and technology, data collection and tools and equipment. "We are here to review, ...
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Probing Question: Has technology made life easier for working moms?
Penn State Live
... international affairs; labor studies and employee relations; society, technology and society; and management and organization. She can be reached at For more Probing Questions and other features about research at Penn State, ...
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A better way to see molecular structures
Much of that research would not be possible without the pioneering nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) work of John Waugh, MIT Institute Professor Emeritus. When Waugh first came to MIT, in 1953, NMR was already a valuable tool for the study of molecular...
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Logos Technologies partners with Medidata Solutions
Pharmaceutical Business Review
Logos Technologies, a provider of clinical trial solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research organizations, has entered into a partnership with Medidata Solutions to integrate data from its ALPHADAS Phase I solution with Medidata ...
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IPv6 Transition Still a Low Priority for Most Organizations
Despite the increased interest and awareness in IPv6, companies are still just talking about making the switch, according to recent research studies. Ever since the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) distributed the last remaining blocks of ...
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Nectec joins effort to save coral reefs
The Nation
"This is a test bed for evolving technologies in the capture of environmental and biological data and communicating these data for analysis and long-term studies of marine ecology," Krisanadej said. The Racha Yai Island site will use several ...
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The Nation

Air Force Hospital Eliminates Equipment Loss, Reduces Labor Hours
RFID Journal
A research team with Keesler Air Force Base's 81st Medical Group received approval last week for additional studies, to include the implementation of asset tracking at Columbus AFB, temperature monitoring and infant tracking, as well as bar-code and ...
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A Breakthrough in Backyard Biology
Flathead Beacon
The National Science Foundation recently awarded Bonham's one-man business Hawk-Owl Systems, in partnership with Craighead Beringia South, a $260000 grant to continue efforts to improve technology for wildlife research transmitters. ...
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Flathead Beacon

Sareum's positive research will attract potential development partners - analyst
Proactive Investors UK
Furthermore Genis said that Sareum's proprietary technology platform, known as 'SKIL', has proven successful in generating potential new drug candidates. “Sareum's SKIL technology platform will likely provide for a generous amount of new research ...
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Proactive Investors UK

Vitamin D linked to sperm quality
NHS Choices
The study was carried out by researchers from The University of Copenhagen, Denmark and was funded by various research organisations, including the Danish Agency for Science, Technologyand Innovation, and the Novo-Nordisk Foundation of the ...
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HFC: Benefit for Some HF Patients in Telemonitoring
MedPage Today
TIM-HF was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Boyne and Stevenson reported having no conflicts of interest to declare. Köhler reported research funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. ...
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Innovative solar dish to address energy crises in Pakistan
Pakistan Observer
Lahore—First prototype Solar Dish Stirling Generator has been developed indigenously in Pakistan by an independent Think Tank “Brains for Innovative Research Development & Strategic Studies a gathering of experts for the betterment of society. ...
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Oak Hill student places fourth at social studies fair
Beckley Register-Herald
By Sarah Plummer Register-Herald Reporter OAK HILL — A fifth-grader from Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School was awarded fourth place in the State Social Studies Fair for her research on the history and evolution of the West Virginia State Police. ...
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EHRs and Health Care Quality: Correlation With Out-of-date, Differently ...
Archives of Internal Medicine
Health Care Manage Rev. 2011;36(1):86-94. WEB OF SCIENCE | PUBMED 6. Amarasingham R, Plantinga L, Diener-West M, Gaskin DJ, Powe NR. Clinical information technologies and inpatient outcomes: a multiple hospital study. Arch Intern Med. ...
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Dr. Andrew Weil versus evidence-based medicine
ScienceBlogs (blog)
Before Dr. Oz told Steve Novella that "Western" science and medicine can't study woo like acupuncture, Dr. Weil was there, paving the way for such arguments, previously considered ludicrous, to achieve a patina of respectability. ...
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Using our brains: Neuromarketing, no-hands gaming and the arrival of the EEG ...
This type of testing has been attracting growing interest but it also has its critics who see it as junkscience and suspect market research. Indeed, whether such studies produce valid, reliable, marketresearch results is a question that is currently ...
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Proteonomix, Inc. (PROT) Animal Studies Confirms Potential Use of UMK-121
Marketwire (press release)
The pre-clinical studies were conducted in rodents and a large animal model to confirm the potential of the UMK-121 technology to mobilize Stromal Stem Cells ("SSCs") into the peripheral blood of animals, thereby making the SSCs available for ...
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Scientific Research Studies on Spiritual Science and Philosophy ...
Scientific Research Studies upon Spiritual Science as great as Philosophy. Today's epoch predominates with a tall intellect. Every aspect of a reason up is ...

Studies from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ...
Studies from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Reveal New Findings... Computer Weekly News. Article: Research Conducted at Korea . ...

Science and technology research news | Sixteenth century Egyptian ...
... and magazine dedicated to research and development, science, technology and ... “Recentstudies have shown that by not smoking, having a lower blood ...

Science: Studies from Royal Veterinary College Yield New Data on ...
BioInformant is a specialty research company that uses technology to track and ... Imagingstudies - research papers, news, reports and clinical trials ...

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LIBYA, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen News, May 24, 2011

Crisis In The Arab Crescent : Implications For The Region And The World
Just International
In Tunisia and Egypt President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and President Hosni
Mubarak, who had been in power for 24 years and 42 years respectively, were
forced to flee. Libya is engulfed in bloody civil war. Bahrain, Yemen and
Syria are the scene of ...
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Yemen Deaths Follow Collapse of Gulf Effort to Ease Saleh Out
The Yemeni protests are part of a wave of anti-government demonstrations
across the Arab world that have seen the toppling of leaders in Tunisia and
Egypt, civil conflict in Libya and unrest in Syria, Bahrain and Yemen. ...
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Brian T. Watson: US foreign policy must weigh what's desirable against
what's ...
The Salem News
Where once the United States supported — or at least tacitly tolerated
— dictatorial foreign presidents and repressive regimes, now events in
Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and Jordan are forcing us to
redefine the term "realpolitik. ...
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=== Web - 4 new results for [LIBYA, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen news] ===

Bahrain News |
Bahrain News: Total news items filed under this category: 234. ... and
Egypt and authoritarian governments in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria have
been. ...

Obama calls for peace talks between Israelis and ... - MAARS News
He has called for three Arab leaders – in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya – to
quit. ... stopped short of calling for regime change in Yemen, Syria and
Bahrain. ...

helpegyptheal - Real Time - aePiot
Trending News chlorometallurgy ... #1staid4 #Egypt #Tripoli #Syria #Bahrain
# Libya #feb17 @helpegyptheal , @lady1staid & @Lady_Jail #25jan in Arabic
... Trends: staid Syria Libya helpegyptheal andamp Firstaid Yemen ladystaid

Al Qaeda releases posthumous bin Laden audio recording - AlertNet
LATEST NEWS: Syrian forces fire at protest in capital suburb-witness ...
Bin Laden made no specific reference to Libya, Syria, Bahrain and Yemen,
... which was a key demand of protesters in Egypt, Tunisia and Bahrain in
particular. ...

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INDIA Cinema News, May 24, 2011

Telugu MP3 songs and bollywood mps songs downloads: Current week ...
Hindi,Telugu,Tamil Movies Releasing This Friday(20 May 2011). Posted: 15 May 2011 06:58 AM PDT. Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood and SandalwoodMovies releasing this ... cinema news · INDIAN CINEMA · Tollywood | CompleteTollywood Portal | Telugu Mov. ... [New post] The Old Malayalam Cinema Blog is ONE ! ...

hindi cinema news, Bollywood movie news, Latest cinema news ...
Tamil Movie Stills Telugu Movie Stills Hindi Movie Stills Tamil Cinema News Telugu... Home » Bollywood Profile » Bollywood Cinema news ... Tollywood Hot». POPULAR TAGS. tapsee gallery tamil movie kallarai ulagam str preity ... meetgallerytollywood actress cinema rajendra imtiaz ali paradise of india manobala ...

Telugu Movies ( The Flavorful Fork Personal Chef Service (Serving ...
In fact almost half of Tamil films made nowadays are remakes of hit Telugu films . ...New Telugu Movies Telugu Cinema News, Telugu Movie News, Andhra PoliticalNews, ... telugu movies, hindi movies, bollywood, tollywood, cricket, tv shows,india ... Guide to all Tollywood movies online, from Telugu upcoming Movie ...

Ileana romances Superstar Akshay Kumar in OUATIM 2 Hindi Movies
Believe or not one day India will be a? Christian nation! ... Supergoodmovies. com is atamil cinema,telugu cinema and kannada movies portal with kollywood film news,tollywood film news, sandalwood film news, movie news, actress gallery ...

Hansika doing four films in tollywood and kollywood, hansika ...
Tollywood Profiles Telugu Cinema Sites Cinema Galleries Movie Reviews MoviesOnline Idle Brain ... Superstar), was born on 9 August 1974 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. ...1976 to Siva Kumari and the late U. Suryanarayana Raju in Chennai, India. ....tollywood telugu movies, telugu cinema reviews, tollywood new movies , ...

Yolike News - tv9-latest-telugu-news-videos
... Jayalalitha Mamta Banerjee, Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha WB CM Mamta Banerjee, ...Inter-war,Rahsyam,Tv9,Telugu Cinema News,Telugu Movie News,Tollywood MovieNews ... Bachchan on 11 October 1942), is an Indian film actor and producer. ...

National Film Award WinnersNews,Telugu movie news, latest news ...
The South India has bagged many awards especially forv Tamil Cinema. ...Bollywood was pushed to the back this year and Southern film Industry dominateed . ...This is such a shame on part of our Tollywood film makers. ...

492 - Indian movies | Bollywood | Tollywood | Kollywood | wallpapers
Bollywood Tollywood Kollywood Malluwood Kannada movie trailers, videos, actors, actress, ... shyam_bhagwat09 709 days ago (source: on Indian movies,You can share info on Latest news on Indian movies ...

If story demands...I am ready for...Tamannah - Telugu Cinema News
Tamannah - Telugu Cinema News Milk beauty Tamannah who is riding high on the clouds because ... Kollywood actor Bharat and cute babe Tamannah starrer Tamilmovie 'Kandein ... She has four films in hand with all the big heroes of Tollywood. ...Nowadays, all the Bollywood films demands for skin shows and lip locks. ...

Akshay Kumar in the hindi remake of Siruthai ~ Tamil Cinema News ...
Posted by Cine Andhra - complete telugu cinema portal on 4:33 AM in tamil | 0 comments ... mainly kollywood for opting new films to be remade in to hindi. ...Siruthai was itself remake from tollywood movie Vikramarkudu is now set to be ...Nameesan Next Movie Remya Nambeeshan born 1 January 1989 is an Indian f. ...

Malayalam Masala Cinema Download
Indian Cinema Gallery - Home | Tamil Movie Stills| Telugu Movie Gallery ... NO 1 film news portal for Kollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, ...

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