Today: AMALIA AGGELI, the Greek Dentist Who Invented a Substance that Reconstructs the Teeth Without Filling, Jan 09, 2019

Jan 9, 2019

AMALIA AGGELI, the Greek Dentist Who Invented a Substance that Reconstructs the Teeth Without Filling, Jan 09, 2019

Dr. Amalia Angeli (Aggeli), head of the Department of Chemistry, University of Leeds, UK, invented a liquid substance that naturally rebuilds the teeth.

The P11-4O peptide, organically regenerates the enamel, and makes the dental wheel obsolete.

The research team leader said: "This is a solution of a small protein, the P11-4 peptide, which has the potential to be gel-transformed into the specific conditions in the teeth enamel pores when they are eroded.

This gel is precisely a microscopic tissue of very small fibrils, which have the ability to attract calcium surface to their surface.

This is the first step in creating calcium phosphate crystals, which is essentially the enamel in our teeth.

These immobilized calcium ions on the tissue generating the peptide attract phosphate ions, resulting in calcium phosphate crystals which grow and refill the micropores.

At the same time, the particular tissue dissolves and leaves completely outside the tooth, which is ultimately rebuilt with its natural material that it had previously lost. "

"What we did not expect to see and really surprised was the fact that the process of tooth reconstruction continued for months after the treatment was applied.

This, however, has not shown to alter the shape or size of the tooth.

In addition, the application of the solution does not require any limitation on the part of the patient.

Various studies are now underway to see what is the best way to perform the treatment to get the best results. "

As the Greek researcher said, her team is now trying to apply the beneficial properties of the P11-4 peptide and the rest of the human body.

"Calcium phosphate crystals that reconstruct our teeth rebuild our bones.

What we have in our hands is a general "multi-tool" with many different applications.

The liquid solution of the peptide will be injected with a syringe to the point where bone reconstruction is required where, due to the chemical environment of the bone, it will act in exactly the same way as in the case of the tooth, replenishing the lost bone.

Tests done so far on rabbits have shown spectacular results, with bone regeneration taking place within a few months. " (Google Translated)

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