Today: MEDICAL News, Jun 27, 2020

Jun 27, 2020

MEDICAL News, Jun 27, 2020

Number of Healthcare Workers Who Have Died of COVID-19
B Zhang, D Small - Epidemiology, 2020
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In-Hospital Mortality From Cerebrovascular Disease
JHF Otto, AR Carlos, JHF Olga - Cureus, 2020
… Results We studied 463 men and 241 women, over 14 years of age with an average
of 64 years; 57 patients died. Of the 614 with ischemic CVD, nine males and four
females died, establishing a mortality rate of 1.9%. Of the …

[HTML] Sociodemographic determinants of maternal health service use in rural China: a cross-sectional study
K Jiang, L Liang, H Wang, J Li, Y Li, M Jiao, J Mao… - Health and Quality of Life …, 2020
… In 2015, an estimated 303,000 women died from pregnancy-related causes
in China, while 2.7 million babies died within their first 28 days of life, and
2.6 million died from stillbirths [3]. Some studies indicated that increasing …

MUJ Padder - CLIO An Annual Interdisciplinary Journal of History, 2020
… Due to this epidemic disease, more than 3,90000 people have died and over 68,00000
have been infected globally, according to the WHO on 6 June, 2020. In the past, India
has to deal with diseases such as the Small Pox, Plague and polio …

Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Due to Repeated Minor Head Injury While Snowboarding: A Report of Two Cases
O Sotaro, K Nobukazu, O Shinichi, M Tomohiko… - No shinkei geka …, 2020
… We report two cases in which acute subdural hematoma with rapid malignant brain
swelling developed after repeated head traumas while snowboarding. One patient
did not undergo craniotomy and died 21h after symptom onset …

[PDF] The enigma of the HIV epidemic in China
Z Wu, JM McGoogan, R Detels - Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2020
… epidemic still is not slowing. New cases and new deaths increase every
year—in 2005, 40,711 people living with HIV (PLWH) were diagnosed and
5,729 died whereas in 2019, 148,598 PLWH were diagnosed and 31,522 …

The right's culture wars and colonialism
DS Chloe - Green Left Weekly, 2020
… Thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people died from
diseases spread by British colonists, who were already immune to viruses
such as smallpox … Thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people …

[HTML] A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Of Outcomes for Patients with COVID-19 and Acute Kidney Injury
SY Robbins-Juarez, L Qian, KL King, JS Stevens… - Kidney International Reports, 2020
… Results. Median age was 56 years, with 55% male patients. Approximately 43% of patients
had severe COVID-19 infection, and approximately 11% died. Prevalence of AKI was
17%; 77% of patients with AKI experienced severe COVID-19 infection, and 52% died …

Actual Inspired Oxygen Concentration and Oxygen Saturation During Preterm Resuscitation
A Kushnir, P Sudarshan, FC Cheah, J Travadi… - 2020
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[HTML] A Case of Cerebral Tumor Embolism from Extracardiac Lung Cancer Treated by Mechanical Thrombectomy
T Oyama, T Asai, T Miyazawa, K Yokoyama, Y Kogure… - NMC Case Report Journal, 2020
… However, the patient's general condition gradually worsened, and 43 days after
thrombectomy, he died from respiratory failure … Only one case died due to severe
hemorrhagic infarction and brain swelling caused by large ischemic stroke …

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