Today: Trying To Quit Cigarettes? Vaporizers Are The Way To Go, Oct 23, 2019


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Oct 23, 2019

Trying To Quit Cigarettes? Vaporizers Are The Way To Go, Oct 23, 2019

There are many health benefits that you can get from swapping from smoking
cigarettes to a vaporizer instead. But sometimes knowing how to make the switch can be tricky. It doesn’treally matter what your reason is for making the switch because the steps to get
there will be the same.
You should be sure before you start that, actually, you
do have the motivation to see it through to the end. The transition does take
some time to complete successfully - remember that habits are formed over time,
and breaking habits takes a while too.

Smoking and vaping are very different activities, and although many people who
don’t smoke or vape think they are the same - people who vape may never have
smoked and vice versa.

If you are looking to make the switch, then here are some tips for you:

Start Small

While it might be tempting to go all out on your vape purchase, it is actually
better to start with a small unit that has fewer features. You aren’t going to
switch one for the other straight away, so you vape won’t be getting a lot of
use just yet. As you progress to dropping more cigarettes and vaping more, then
you can treat yourself to an upgrade. The easier the vaporizer is to use, the
more convenient it is, the more likely you will be to use it.


So when it comes to cigarettes, you don’t get different flavors. You can have
menthol, and different tobaccos do taste different - but essentially, they’re
all the same ‘taste'. When you start vaping, you are opening up a whole world of
flavors for yourself. And it can be as personalized as you want. Some people
enjoy vaping things like blueberry pancakes, others like the sour lemon taste,
and others like the chocolate and desert-style ones. Choosing a liquid that you
enjoy the flavor of will make it much easier to quit cigarettes over time. You
can also use low doses of nicotine in the vape juice to help you transition from
one to the other.


You don’t have to make the switch alone. There are many groups online of vape
enthusiasts and people who are making the switch from smoking to vaping. They
will be able to point you in the direction of great liquids, the best vape pens,
and even some cool mods. You might be surprised by just how many people have
successfully made the transition - regardless of the media hype about it.

Your friends and family will probably highly support you quitting smoking
cigarettes, so talk to them about what you are hoping to achieve and ask them to
help you stay on track when it gets tough (and sometimes it will).

Avoid Triggers

There are certain times of the day where you will be used to lighting up a
cigarette. Typically with a morning coffee or when out for drinks with friends.
Now it is highly unlikely that you are going to cut out everything that you
enjoy in order to avoid the triggers - so take a moment to modify your behavior.
If you usually sit in the same spot in the morning with your coffee and a
cigarette - instead pour your coffee and take a ten-minute walk around the
block. Spend an extra ten minutes doing your hair, or text a few people you have
been meaning to say hi to for a while.


If you are focusing on the times in between lighting a cigarette, or the moment
that you can vape again, you are probably going to find that you can’t get
smoking out of your mind. Which, in turn, will mean that you are more likely to
reach for a cigarette. This is the perfect time to find a new hobby that you
enjoy doing. Something that perhaps you gave up years ago - or have always
wanted to try.

Visual Aid

So while the initial outlay on a vaporizer will take a little out of your back
pocket overall, you are going to save money. If you struggle to visualize the
money you’re going to save, start putting the money you would normally spend on
cigarettes in a clear jar and just let it mount up over the space of money. At
the end of the month, count it all up and see what you have saved. You can buy
yourself a new vape oil to try or a whole new vaporizer. If you are determined
enough, you can let the cash pile up until you have enough for a weekend

When you are making the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping, you mustn’t be
hard on yourself about it. The odd slip up doesn’t mean you have failed, just
keep going.

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