Today: CERN News, Jun 13, 2019


Jun 13, 2019

CERN News, Jun 13, 2019

Time-of-Flight Computed Tomography a Proof of Principle Study
J Rossignol, RM Turtos, S Gundacker, E Auffray… - Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2019
… 1 CERN Geneva Switzerland; 2 CERN CHEVRY France; 3 CERN Geneva Switzerland;
4 Universite de Sherbrooke Sherbrooke QC Canada. Abstract. 47. Objectives: The
introduction of time-of-flight (TOF) in medical imaging such …

Innovation and CO 2 emissions: the complimentary role of eco-patent and trademark in the OECD economies
CN Mensah, X Long, L Dauda, KB Boamah, M Salman - Environmental Science and …, 2019
… Keywords CO2 emissions . Patent . Trademark . Economic growth .
Urbanization Introduction Globally, CO2 emission mitigation has become
a major con- cern to the world as improving the quality of the environment …

MK Singh, V Singh, K Saraswat, D Grover, MK Singh… - JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC …, 2019
… Before the operation of high-energy accelerators at CERN, Chicago, Dubna
and heavy-ion accelerator at Berkeley in California (USA), most of the basic
knowledge on fundamentals of particles interaction came from the studies …

Institutional Music Education and Ranking as a Form of Subjectification
LC Vaugeois - The Oxford Handbook of Philosophical and Qualitative …, 2019
… Whereas for students the concern is that grades be as high as possible,
often regardless of what has actually been learned, for administrators the
con- cern is that the grade average be no higher than 79 percent so that …

New directions in STEM education
R Tytler - Empowering Science and Mathematics for Global …, 2019

Lattice location study of low-fluence ion-implanted 124In in 3C-SiC
ARG Costa, U Wahl, JG Correia, E David-Bosne… - Journal of Applied Physics, 2019
We report on the lattice location of low-fluence ion implanted 124In in
single-crystalline 3C-SiC by means of the emission channeling technique
using radioactive isotopes produced at the ISOLDE/CER...

[HTML] Advances in Deterministic Femtosecond Laser Writing of Vision Correction Devices in Ophthalmic Hydrogels
GA Gandara-Montano - 2019
… also took part in two summer internships. The first was in 2012 at Conseil
Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland,
and the second summer internship was in 2013 at the Almaden Research …

[HTML] Search for long-lived neutral particles in pp collisions at s= 13TeV\documentclass [12pt]{minimal}\usepackage {amsmath}\usepackage {wasysym}\usepackage …
M Aaboud, OE Boeriu, S Adachi, D Cinca, A Milic… - EPJC, 2019
This paper describes a search for pairs of neutral, long-lived particles decaying
in the ATLAS calorimeter. Long-lived particles occur in many extensions to
the Standard Model and may elude searches for new promptly decaying …

NR Hodgson, S Newman - The World of the Crusades: A Daily Life Encyclopedia …, 2019

Developing Feedback Analytics: Discovering Feedback Patterns in an Introductory Course
R Glassey - Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Global …, 2019
… Whilst using teaching assistants to contribute to the task of providing timely
and quality feedback is one concern, a second con- cern is how best to
manage the delivery of feedback, such that it is closely connected to the …

Principles of Effective Parenting: How Socialization Works
JE Grusec - 2019
… to her room. Her mother asks if anything is wrong. Janice says that she has just had
a fight with her best friend and is afraid they will never be friends again. Her mother
expresses con- cern. 2. Reciprocity. An exchange or egalitarian …

[PDF] Thickened or structured liquid detergent compositions
LMC DETROCH, S FERNANDEZ-PRIETO, V Guida… - US Patent App. 16/263,861, 2019
… SriII is from Streptomyces rimosus. ScoIIA is from Streptomyces coelicolor.
ScoIB is also from Streptomyces coelicolor. Cern is from Corynebacterium
efficiens. The lipase may be a “first cycle lipase” such as those described …

[PDF] Case Study Report: Plumbuita PIDU. Regenerating a Micro
I Vrăbiescu - 2019
… Ethical issues have been at the core of the research design and remained
a constant con- cern during the empirical research. The recorded interviews
and in particular obtaining informed consent have been the most difficult …

A Microwave Tomography System for Forestry Applications
JJ Doroshewitz - 2019
… 4 Page 16. outside of the tree can easily be accessed and patient comfort is not a con-
cern. These factors, as well as the generally low price of equipment [15], point towards
ultrasound being a promising imaging technique. However …

R Broude - Music Library Association. Notes, 2019
… able to obtain a copy. In the 1960s, the growth in higher education and the
burgeoning con- cern with research created a need for facsimiles. At this point, a
defini- tion of facsimile will be in order. Etymologically, a facsimile is …

Medicinal & Poisonous Plants of India
… The search for plants with antimicrobial activity has gained in- creasing
importance in modern years due to growing worldwide con- cern about the
alarming increase in the rate of infection by antibiot- 6 Page 24. C …

Bundy, McGeorge 194 Burgen, Arnold 237
GHW Bush, M Addison, W Armstrong, D Attenborough… - Research and Development
… 239, 247, 270 Cabinet Office 26–7, 40, 132, 207, 242 Caines, Jean 149
Carrington, Peter 203 CEGB (Central Electricity Generating Board) 141, 170,
179, 183, 224–8, 232 Celltech 69, 71 Central Policy Review Staff (CPRS) …

The Science of Breaking Bad
D Trumbore, DJ Nelson - 2019
… (CERN's Large Hadron Collider is the world's largest synchrotron-type acceler-
ator.) Synchrotron radiation is emitted during the acceleration process and
is highly stable, of high intensity, and polarized—or focused—allowing for …

3.8. 2 Growth, nutritional assessment and nutritional requirements
C Bullock - Manual of Dietetic Practice, 2019
… 2015). Separate BMI charts are available from RCPCH (2013) for use when severe
overweight or underweight is a con- cern, or where there is a need for monitoring.
This chart requires calculating and plotting of the BMI. In …

From" Purified with Fire" to" That Impression of Permanence": Holgrave's Conversion in The House of the Seven Gables
Z Huang - Papers on Language and Literature, 2019
… Accordingly, Holgrave still holds a firm belief in his own view of truth and thus “ha[s] never
lost his identity . . . [and] ha[s] never violated the innermost man” (HSG 177). The innermost
man is a solipsist whose lack of con- cern about history is rebuked by the author …

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