Today: HEALTH News, Jun 13, 2019


Jun 13, 2019

HEALTH News, Jun 13, 2019

[PDF] Visual Inertial Odometry Health Fitting
O Naroditsky, KH Lin, D Kottas - US Patent App. 15/926,557, 2019
Abstract Systems, methods, and computer readable media to track and estimate the
accuracy of a visual inertial odometry (VIO) system. Various embodiments are able to
receive one or more VIO feature measurements associated with a set of image …

Neglected zoonotic diseases in Nigeria: role of the public health veterinarian
E Nusirat, AJ Olaniyi, MI Ghali, OO Oyedeji, OI Ayoade… - The Pan African Medical …, 2019
Zoonotic diseases accounts for about 75% of emerging infectious disease and can
be devastating to both human and animal health globally. A subset of zoonotic
diseases is referred to as “neglected zoonotic diseases-NZDs” as they mainly affect …

Socioeconomic position and self-rated oral health in Brazil: results of the Brazilian National Health Survey
JL Sousa, A Henriques, ZPD Silva, M Severo, S Silva - Cadernos de saude publica, 2019
The study analyzed self-rated oral health in the Brazilian adult population according
to socioeconomic status (region of residence, schooling, income, and social class),
exploring the variables with the greatest sensitivity to measure the association. The …

From genetics to biology: advancing mental health research in the Genomics ERA.
AP Alexander, A Addington, S Borja, L Brady, T Dutka… - Molecular psychiatry, 2019
The Genomics Workgroup of the National Advisory Mental Health Council (NAMHC)
recently issued a set of recommendations for advancing the NIMH psychiatric
genetics research program and prioritizing subsequent follow-up studies. The report …

Global mental health: A call to action.
V Gil-Rivas, CT Handrup, E Tanner, DK Walker - The American journal of …, 2019
Mental health needs have been recognized as a priority area by the World Health
Organization (WHO), and a Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan (2013) was
proposed to address the needs of millions of people around the world. Concerns …

Health care and disease burden in persons with axial spondyloarthritis in Germany
H Haibel, I Redeker, A Zink, J Callhoff, U Marschall… - Zeitschrift fur …, 2019
BACKGROUND: Only very few data are available on the comprehensive care in
patients with axial spondylarthritis (axSpA), one of the most frequent inflammatory
rheumatic disease. OBJECTIVE: Description of the comprehensive care and …

Uncovering Environmental Health: An Initial Assessment of the Profession's Health Department Workforce and Practice.
JA Gerding, E Landeen, KR Kelly, S Whitehead… - … of Environmental Health, 2019
Environmental health (EH) professionals provide critical services and respond to
complex and multifaceted public health threats. The role of these professionals is
continually re-emphasized by emergencies requiring rapid and effective responses …

[PDF] Method and System for Monitoring Physiological Signals/Health Data, Defibrillation, and Pacing in the Presence of Electromagnetic Interference
V Shusterman - US Patent App. 16/260,098, 2019
A system and method adapted for at least one health-related application selected
from physiological monitoring, defibrillation, and pacing in the presence of
electromagnetic interference (EMI) using the time-domain features of EMI patterns …

Research Success in Schools of Allied Health Professions.
KS Aultman, E Salcedo - Journal of allied health, 2019
Although the value of research within schools of allied health professions is widely
accepted, its practice is limited, and the means of achieving success is poorly
understood. This project aimed to characterize schools that have achieved research …

[HTML] Impact of soft drinks to health and economy: a critical review
JF Tahmassebi, A BaniHani - European Archives of Paediatric Dentistry, 2019
Aims To provide information regarding the different types of soft drinks and critically
reviewing their risk on the dental and general health of children and adolescents, as
well as the cost associated with such drinks. Methods The literature was reviewed …

Health Care Social Work in Sweden
M Sjöström - Health Care Social Work: A Global Perspective, 2019
The institutionalization of social work as an independent academic discipline in 1977
can be perceived as a milestone in Swedish social work's professionalization. Today,
it is taught at a dozen universities, at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate …

[HTML] A systematic review of influences on implementation of peer support work for adults with mental health problems
N Ibrahim, D Thompson, R Nixdorf, J Kalha, R Mpango… - Social Psychiatry and …, 2019
Purpose The evidence base for peer support work in mental health is established,
yet implementation remains a challenge. The aim of this systematic review was to
identify influences which facilitate or are barriers to implementation of mental health …

[HTML] Tagged/Health
RDS Team, K Exchange, I Team - dementia, 2019
You may have seen the blog post back in April regarding the results from a recent
patient research experience survey, conducted by National Institute for Health
Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN) Wessex.The survey results …

Implementing integrated behavioral health: Testing associations between shared clinical time and space and provider referrals.
AR Hiefner, SB Woods - Families, systems & health: the journal of collaborative …, 2019
INTRODUCTION: Behavioral health provider (BHP) availability is widely
acknowledged as an important factor in the effectiveness of an integrated care
approach within primary care. However, there is little research providing evidence of …

Allied Health Clinicians' Understanding of Palliative Care as It Relates to Patients, Caregivers, and Health Clinicians: A Cross-Sectional Survey.
D Morgan, D Rawlings, E Button, J Tieman - Journal of allied health, 2019
PURPOSE: The scope of hospice or palliative care has expanded since its inception,
which has significant ramifications for the AH workforce. This study sought to elicit
allied health (AH) clinicians' understanding and views about palliative care and its …

Health Financing in Zambia
F Masiye, C Chansa - 2019
The 2012 national health policy is the overarching health policy framework in
Zambia. The policy takes a human rights approach to health care provision, where all
citizens are entitled to basic health care (Ministry of Health 2012). The policy is …

Health Care Social Work: A Global Perspective
R Winnett, R Furman, G Lamphear, D Epps - 2019
Health Care Social Work aims to directly empower health care social workers around
the world by providing valuable new information about the breadth and depth of the
profession's health care contributions, legislative and policy influences upon …

Analyzing Context in Health Care Organizations
E Ferlie - … in Action and How to Study It: Illustrations from Health …, 2019

Biodiesel fuels: A greener diesel? A review from a health perspective
KJG Pollitt, D Chhan, K Rais, K Pan, JS Wallace - Science of The Total Environment, 2019
Biodiesels have been promoted as a greener alternative to diesel with decreased
emissions and health effects. To investigate the scientific basis of the suggested
environmental and health benefits offered by biodiesel, this review examines the …

Teachers' work and health in Brazil: thoughts on the history of research, strides, and challenges.
TM Araújo, PS Pinho, MLV Masson - Cadernos de saude publica, 2019
This Essay discusses the theme of teachers' work and health in Brazil. The objectives
are to describe the initial history of research on teachers' health, discuss elements
leading to a consensus on the characterization of the group's work and principal …

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