Today: SPACE News, Jun 13, 2019


Jun 13, 2019

SPACE News, Jun 13, 2019

The CHESS Sounding Rocket: Interstellar H 2 Towards β 1 Scorpii and γ Arae
N Kruczek - 2019
… I am first and foremost thankful to. Kevin for giving me the space to explore … The interstellar
medium (ISM) is the collection of ions, atoms, molecules, dust, and fields. (eg interstellar
B-fields) that exist in the copious amount of space between stars. While …

Sustainable space mining
NS Race
Editorial | Published: 07 June 2019. Sustainable space mining. Nature
Astronomyvolume 3, page465 (2019) | Download Citation …

Part I: How Did We Get Here? College Students' Preinstructional Ideas on the Topic of Planet Formation, and the Development of the Planet Formation Concept …
MN Simon - 2019
… To my advisor, Chris Impey, thank you for taking a chance on a third-year
graduate student looking to shift her focus from astrophysics research to
astronomy education research … 14 ABSTRACT This dissertation includes …

[PDF] Stephen Dedalus and the Astro-Artistic Mentality: Ulysses as Creation Ex Nihilo
K Spina - 2019
… Earth, by comparison, was depicted by [James] Jeans to be no more than
a granule of sand, whirling blindly through the vast and uninhabitable vacuum
of space. Popular science writers […] explored the implications of the …

Nitrogen Sublimation as a Driver of Chemistry in Pluto-Analog Laboratory Ices: Formation of Carbon Suboxide (C3O2) and Various Salts
KB Stelmach, Y Yarnall, PD Cooper - ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 2019
… Triton, Pluto, and a number of Kuiper Belt objects. Nitrogen ices were also used in
laboratory Page 1 of 52 ACS Paragon Plus Environment ACS Earth and Space Chemistry …
and H2O.4 Page 2 of 52 ACS Paragon Plus Environment ACS Earth and Space Chemistry …

Anomalous Apparitions of Light in Colonial America: Visions of Comets, New Stars, the Aurora Borealis, and Rainbows
ME Holmberg - 2019
… While colonists identified as English subjects, they were changed by their
life in America. As James Walsh describes in “Holy Time and Sacred Space
in Puritan New … As this investigation into early American astronomy reveals …

Self-limiting growth of two-dimensional palladium between graphene oxide layers
Y SU, E Prestat, C Hu, V Kumar Puthiyapura… - Nano Letters, 2019
… Page 2. 2 6School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester,
Manchester M13 9PL, UK … adsorbed laminates15-18. However, in such a
process, the uncontrollable expansion of the interlayer space during the …

SuperDARN observations during geomagnetic storms, geomagnetically active times and enhanced solar wind driving
MT Walach, A Grocott - Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics
… a larger latitude range. This enables us to study extreme space weather events, such
as geomagnetic storms, which are a global phenomenon, on a large scale (from the
pole to magnetic latitudes of 40°). We study the backscatter …

Distributary Channel Networks as Moving Boundaries: Causes and Morphodynamic Effects
WT Ke, JB Shaw, RC Mahon, CA Cathcart - Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface

3D Printing of Silicon Carbide Structures
WA Goodman - US Patent App. 16/137,354, 2019
… are usually enhanced by deep cryogenic temperatures (4-125 Kelvin, such
as may be seen looking into deep space), but the … dimensionally stable mirrors
manufactured in accordance with the present invention may be used in …

Survey of Tropical Cyclone Climate Variables from 1974-2017
MR Moore - 2019
… THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO College of Sciences Physics and
Astronomy Department May 2019 Page 2 … It's been fun sharing long days and nights
studying math, physics, astrophysics, space science, and more …

Investigation of superconducting and elastic parameters of YBCO/LSMO thick films
B Sahoo, D Behera - Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 2019
… 1 Department of Physics and Astronomy, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela 769008,
India … The phase purity was established by analyzing the XRD profile by employing Rietveld
refinement method and the specimen found to be in pure phase with space group Pmmm …

Indirect but Efficient: Laser-Excited Electrons Can Drive Ultrafast Polarization Switching in Ferroelectric Materials
C Lian, ZA Ali, H Kwon, BM Wong - The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2019
… Chao Lian Chao Lian. Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Materials
Science & Engineering Program, and Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of
California—Riverside, Riverside, California 92521, United States …

[PDF] The Preservation of Pau Brazil in the Late XVIII Century in an Economical Perspective
E Teles - Environment and Ecology Research, 2019
… matter it is a period where geometry – as the basis to understand the natural
world – was diminishing in influence, giving space to subjects … 2]. On the other
hand, one of the major goals was the study of all elements (biological …

Z Huang - US Patent App. 16/180,162, 2019
… From the earliest days in astronomy in the 1600s, scientists and engineers
used round lenses inside a cylindrical tube to precisely mount the … In another
embodiment, this notch and the space may be avoided by using press-fit …

The Theme of Faith in George Herbert's Poetry
A True - Cithara, 2019
… observation on behalf of the speaker, but the latter proposes a particular theory
of faith that fixes its position in space and time … The raging debate around
changing theories of astronomy likely would have influenced Herbert's …

[PDF] Budget-aware method for detecting activity in video
X Yang, P Molchanov, J Kautz, B Mahasseni - US Patent App. 16/202,703, 2019
… for recognition using electronic means; G06K9/6217—Design or setup of recognition
systems and techniques; Extraction of features in feature space; Clustering techniques;
Blind source separation; G06K9/6227—Selection of …

[PDF] Deep-learning method for separating reflection and transmission images visible at a semi-reflective surface in a computer image of a real-world scene
O Gallo, J Gu, J Kautz, P Wieschollek - US Patent App. 16/200,192, 2019
US20190164268A1 - Deep-learning method for separating reflection and transmission
images visible at a semi-reflective surface in a computer image of a real-world scene -
Google Patents. Deep-learning method for separating …

[HTML] OPTICAL DESIGN/LASER-TISSUE INTERACTION/BIOIMAGING: A detailed look at microoptics for biomedicine
LPM Seminar
… FIGURE 2. A two-position 2X zoom lens for fractional laser treatment. The lens is telecentric
in image space for both zoom positions and has a total track length of 69 mm … It has already
found application in volumetric velocimetry, astronomy, and consumer cameras …

The Women of the Moon: Tales of Science, Love, Sorrow, and Courage
DR Altschuler, FJ Ballesteros - 2019
… What captures our atten- tion are those exotic discoveries that make headlines: the Big
Bang, black holes, dark matter, things that are mysterious, that still lie in that space where
scientific study overlaps with speculation. What can the Moon possibly tell us …

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