Today: MOST BEAUTIFUL, Jun 13, 2019


Jun 13, 2019

MOST BEAUTIFUL, Jun 13, 2019

The Women of the Moon: Tales of Science, Love, Sorrow, and Courage
DR Altschuler, FJ Ballesteros - 2019
… Of those 1586 names—philosophers and scientists from Abbe to
Zwicky—only 28 honor a woman … The most recent ones * Elijah E. Cocks
and Josiah C. Cocks (1995 … If they came together For those readers who wish …

History, Fiction, and the Holocaust: Narrative Perspective and Ethical Responsibility
J Hawthorn - Partial Answers: Journal of Literature and the History of …, 2019
… They most certainly depend on knowledge the author gained either directly
or from others during her time as an Auschwitz … In my compartment there were
women with children and a young dancer from Paris. She was an unusually …

The Beautiful Mysterious: The Extraordinary Gaze of William Eggleston
AJ Abadie - 2019

Oncoplastic Surgery: The Renaissance for Breast Surgery
GS Lebovic - Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery, 2019
… preserving the beauty of the breast and his account of the perfect breast:
“The breast of a beautiful woman should be … breast is like milk … the best
breasts are small ones, round, firm, like the round and beautiful apple; they …

LK By - Communities, 2019
… During this talk, the same young woman who would later sleep with my partner
commented about … She had counseled many women about their experiences
with sexual misconduct, and I wanted her … And they taught me some of the …

M Gronlund - Art Monthly, 2019
… Trevelyan (with Kelly as a late addition because the three men felt they
needed a woman) … me was less the formal experimentation but more the
close attention to the women's faces and a … The film's most beautiful moment …

A Szewczykowska - The Book of Articles National Scientific e-Conference “ …, 2019
… Joanna Bobrowa was considered one of the most beautiful women, which
can be stated on the basis of the description of Ferdynand Hoesick … rather
composed of an unspeakably charming and grateful whole, characterized …

TERF Battles
WST Ground - Communities, 2019
… Although most of us did not feel safe holding hands in public, in many ways
our coastal city was … The first time I went to Women's Night and saw all those
strong and beautiful women, I knew I had … In order to free myself as a woman …

Translating and Rewriting Grimm's Fairy Tales: Little Snow White and Hansel and Grethel
A Issa - 2019
… underlying stereotypes against women: “She's as beautiful as a princess!”, “Stop waiting …
be both. This is a trend that cuts across most of the tales in their book 'Kinder‐und … Page
28. 19 In my translation, both the images of a strong/evil woman and the good/weak …

Alchemical Feminism: The Power and Authority of Women in Shakespeare's Pericles
KM Corah - 2019
… While alchemy is most notably recalled for the great search for Page 10. 3 … government
corrupted by violating the female form, serves to allow women to have their bodies … within
a tempest or within the wilderness, is saved by a beautiful woman, often signified with …

Rural Trans Girlhoods in Young Adult Fiction
B Pini, W Keys - Representing Rural Women, 2019
… but it is nevertheless critical in present- ing the rural life of a trans young
woman as being … That this occurs in the city suggests that life for trans young
women may be untenable in either … You're one of the most beautiful girls …

The representation and/or repression of Chinese women: from a socialist aesthetics to commodity fetish
H Quan - Neohelicon, 2019
… 4, a young woman, healthy and beautiful, is harvesting … It's worth mentioning
here that 'the real life' back then was completely the opposite: due to the
crop failure and accompanying hunger after the Great Leap Forward …

Athena Papadopoulos: A Tittle-Tattle Tell-A-Tale Heart
B Dickinson - Art Monthly, 2019
… storey venue a short walk away, a delicate semi- renovation of a
light-industrial building that instantly establishes itself as the city's most
beautiful commercial space … pretext to drive sales in a city starved of collectors; …

Home's History a Docupoetry Series about Fort Ann and Preservation of Battle Hill
KR Milligan - 2019
… X marks the spot In the yard We'll never again Be allowed to dig. Page
35. 30 Cemetery Trees The stones fall into tree lines Or break apart decay
Destroying Erasing Who will replace the stones? When there is no one …

[PDF] Oiversny, and Ingenuity Through Metaphorical Storytelling
WA An - 2019
… One of the most beautiful is the Chimera of Arezw, an Etruscan bronze
from about 400 BCE. Scholars … eciate its pically a 1era have the most
Scholars … Percy, the protagonist, meets a woman and her Chihuahua who …

Daniel-François-Esprit Auber's La Part du Diable
RI Letellier - 2019
… the last funeral I shall attend as an amateur." Reputation DanielYFrançoi
sYEsprit Auber, a beautiful name to … The libretto has the most tenuous
connection with the historical incident on which it is based … in the tradition …

NIGHT RAIDERS: Burglary and the Making of Modern Urban Life in London, 1860-1968
E Moss - 2019
… The Implausible Woman Burglar The Cat Burglar as London's Rooftop Threat
Burglary Insurance and the Culture of Fear Designing the Burglar-Proof …
For the brooch, though of little financial value, recorded one of the most …

Gendering America and National Identity in Willa Cather's O Pioneers!, My Ántonia, and a Lost Lady
JW Rucci - 2019
… stands out as one of Cather's most developed … Strikingly beautiful and full
of life, Marie cultivates her own land on … They made a pretty picture in the
strong sunlight, the leafy pattern surrounding them like a net; the Swedish …

R Viruru, N Askari - Multiple Early Childhood Identities, 2019

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