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Jun 20, 2019

ASEAN News, Jun 20, 2019

China's Belt and Road Initiative and ASEAN
H Zhao - China: An International Journal, 2019
The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) was launched at the end of 2015. It is an
ongoing project towards a single market and is envisioned to develop ASEAN into a
competitive and global ASEAN. However, given the wide development gaps …

January 2019 To March 2019: Chronology Of Events
J Chen - China: An International Journal, 2019
… Resources for China–ASEAN Relations. As a research institute based in Singapore, the
EAI monitors developments in relations and interactions between China and the individual
countries of Southeast Asia as well as the ASEAN grouping as a whole …

Health interregionalism in combating communicable diseases: EU cooperation with ASEAN and the African Union
V Rollet - Regions and Cohesion, 2019
This last decade, regional organizations progressively became unavoidable actors of
regional health governance and have been supported by some global health actors
to strengthen such a role. Among these actors, the European Union (EU) is the only …

[PDF] Benefits of Personality Development Training
C Dumrongsuntithum, K Wongleedee - Proceeding of the ICBTS, 2019
… Success starts with the proper mindset and good personality helps. The
modern competition from ASEAN and globalization pose a very high
competition level for Thai students … Personality development is one of the …

Multi-level health governance and health diplomacy: Regional dimensions
AB Amaya, P De Lombaerde - Regions and Cohesion, 2019
… The contributions to the special section develop the conceptual understanding of
those interactions and analyze a number of concrete cases, including the African
Union, ASEAN, the European Union, SADC, and UNASUR …

Vocational Education in Indonesia Facing ASEAN Economic Community
K YAHIJI, C MAHFUD, MA MU'AMMAR - Indonesian Research Journal in Education …, 2019
Nowadays, vocational education and the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) are
an interesting topic to discuss for contributing to the ASEAN future. This article
explores the vocational education in Indonesia facing ASEAN Economic Community …

S Sekthaweelarp, APDK Wongleedee - 2019
In the ASEAN camp trainings, it is vital for trainers of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat
University to use their training methods and assessment method effectively to boost
up the learning productivity and improve learning outcomes. The effective training …

APDC Sriviboon, APDK Wongleedee - 2019
… In fact, for the past few decades, Many ASEAN nations and Thailand are increasing in
high demand for property development … In ASEAN nations, the laws states that foreigners
can buy condominiums but not the housing attached with land …

Does pollution haven hypothesis hold in newly industrialized countries? Evidence from ecological footprint
MA Destek, I Okumus - Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2019
… al. (2007) uti- lized ARDL approach to probe the impacts of FDI on CO2 emissions
in five ASEAN (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines)
countries spanning from the period 1970 to 2001. They found …

MB Srikanok, APDK Wongleedee - 2019
… Introduction As many higher education organizations of many countries of ASEAN
Economic Community, including Thailand, expand tremendously, the study of the success
factors of service quality improvement is becoming increasingly important …

India's Pursuit of Energy Security: Domestic Measures, Foreign Policy and Geopolitics
A Sharma - 2019

The Lancang–Mekong Cooperation Mechanism: A New Platform for China's Neighbourhood Diplomacy
X Yang - China: An International Journal, 2019
… The Lancang–Mekong Cooperation (LMC) mechanism, in which China
plays a leading role, was officially launched in March 2016 as a result of
China's need for an enhanced neighbourhood diplomacy, and the …

Location choices of Chinese enterprises in Southeast Asia: The role of overseas Chinese networks
Y Liang, Z Zhou, Y Liu - Journal of Geographical Sciences, 2019
… 2 Methodology and data 2.1 Study area This paper selects 10 ASEAN member countries
in Southeast Asia, namely, Malaysia, Phil- ippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia,
Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, Page 4 …

Tropes of Insecurity
M Hamid - The State of Race: Asian/American Fiction after World …, 2019
… Concerns over domestic political and economic instabilities moreover led what is
today the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) governments to subscribe
to a policy of noninterference that continues to this day …

[PDF] Perceptions of Students on One Stop Services
S Lamyai, K Wongleedee - Proceeding of ICBTS, 2019
… Introduction Perception of students is as important as the feedback of the students.
Nowadays, many higher education organizations of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC),
including Thailand, expand their services to their students significantly …

Halving energy demand from buildings: The impact of low consumption practices
A Levesque, RC Pietzcker, G Luderer - Technological Forecasting and Social …, 2019
… There are already some examples of such policies: for instance in South
East Asia, the ASEAN SHINE initiative aims at harmonizing air conditioner
standards in ASEAN member countries, and at raising the efficiency of air …

Opportunities for fisheries enforcement cooperation in the South China Sea
A Hsiao - Marine Policy, 2019
… First, there are many parties and interests involved, including not only the interests of
the six claimants, but those of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and
external user states including the United States, Australia, and Japan [21] …

[HTML] France in the Indo-Pacific
CS Sarangi
… Multilateral Engagements. France is a strong advocate of multilateralism
and has been engaged with multilateral forums across the region. It has
announced its intention to engage in the ASEAN Defence Ministers …

The European Union as a normal international actor: an analysis of the EU Global Strategy
F Tereszkiewicz - International Politics, 2019
Page 1. Vol.:(0123456789) International Politics
y ORIGINAL ARTICLE The European Union as a normal international actor: an analysis
of the EU Global Strategy Filip Tereszkiewicz1,2 © Springer Nature Limited 2019 …

Tropes of Security
LY Lee - The State of Race: Asian/American Fiction after World …, 2019
Page 128. Chapter 4 Tropes of Security The Global American Dream here, amidst
drafts—yet these are not drafts toward a future form, but furious versions of the here and
now.... —Li Young Lee,“Furious Versions” For Obama, Asia represents the future …

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