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Jun 20, 2019

CINEMA News, Jun 20, 2019

Horror Comes Home: Essays on Hauntings, Possessions and Other Domestic Terrors in Cinema
CJ Miller, AB Van Riper - 2019
Home, we are taught from childhood, is safe. Home is a refuge that keeps the
monsters out—until it isn't. This collection of new essays focuses on genre horror
movies in which the home is central to the narrative, whether as refuge, prison …

The ability of video games to depict cancer as a dramatic experience. A comparative study with literature and cinema.
L Navarrete-Cardero, JJ Vargas-Iglesias - Communication & Society, 2019
Given that the democratisation of video games has allowed this industry to
appropriate a series of themes traditionally the exclusive preserve of other
expressive media, this work analyses the capacity of videoludic expression to elicit …

The 'primal scene': Memory, redemption and 'woman'in the films of Paolo Sorrentino
R Kilbourn - Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies, 2019
This article examines the representation of gender and the marginalization of the
female subject in the films of Paolo Sorrentino–especially La grande bellezza (The
Great Beauty)(2013) and Youth (2015)–and the TV series The Young Pope (2016) …

Film, Fashion, and the 1960s ed. by Eugenia Paulicelli, Drake Stutesman, Louise Wallenberg
H Radner - Canadian Review of Comparative Literature/Revue …, 2019
… In the introduction to the volume, the editors ambitiously proclaim that
“[t]he chapters in this volume demonstrate the conscious relationship that
cinema of the 1960s had with fashion as an industry, as spectacle and …

Paolo Sorrentino's cinematic excess
L Tuan - Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies, 2019
This article discusses Paolo Sorrentino's cinematic style through an analysis of four
representative films of his filmography: L'uomo in più (One Man Up)(2001), Il divo
(2008), La grande bellezza (The Great Beauty)(2013) and The Young Pope (2016) …

The Young Pope: An Italian 'celevision'case study
A Manzato, A Mascio - Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies, 2019
By analysing the case of The Young Pope by Paolo Sorrentino, this article aims to
consider how celebrity culture, a well-known transnational phenomenon, is
embodied in Italian media production. The television series, which was aired by Sky …

Interpolating the 'blah, blah, blah': The Great Beauty's vocal Rome
A Gammon - Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies, 2019
The city of Rome has been historically utilized in Italian cinema as the thematic
setting par excellence of past and present conjoining. However, it is in Federico
Fellini's La dolce vita (1960) and Paolo Sorrentino's La grande bellezza (The Great …

Anxiety (of influence) and (absent) fathers in Sorrentino's English-language narratives
S Waters - Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies, 2019
This article examines the role of damaged or absent fathers–actual, metaphoric and
artistic–as represented in Sorrentino's works that are filmed in English: This Must Be
the Place (2011), Youth (2015) and The Young Pope (2016). The (non-biological) …

Paolo Sorrentino: A trans-cultural and post-national auteur
A Mariani - Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies, 2019
The Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies (JICMS) is a fully peer reviewed
English language journal, which explores Italian cinema and media as sites of
crossing, allowing critical discussion of the work of filmmakers, artists in the film …

Posthuman Sorrentino: Youth and The Great Beauty as ecocinema
M Gilebbi - Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies, 2019
This article explains why Paolo Sorrentino's La grande bellezza (The Great
Beauty)(2013) and Youth (2015) can be considered a form of ecocinema as they
portray a posthuman subjectivity able to produce an alternative relationship between …

Against postmodernism: Paolo Sorrentino and the search for authenticity
M Cangiano - Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies, 2019
The concept of identity lies at the heart of every one of Paolo Sorrentino's movies. His
main characters are engaged in a struggle to define themselves since through this
alone can they hope to overcome the futility and inconsistency of their lives …

Telling Stories in This" Our Great American Experiment"
AH Redmon - Middle West Review, 2019
… Cinema scholars have long debated the significance of cinema's basis in true images,
that is, the medium's indexicality. 1 The idea is that cinema's sway exists, in part, because
of its ability to capture time and some truth about that time that would otherwise be lost …

" Building an Empire State": From Skyscraper Modernity to the American Midwest
HJ Lee, W Metz - Middle West Review, 2019
… freedom. In 20th Century Women, Mills reinforces this message not with politics, but
with cinema … 8 For Abbas, the cinematic [End Page 141] is neither a purely audiovisual
experience, nor merely synonymous with cinema. Rather …

Pregnancy Is Not the Point: Fargo's Marge, Fargo Season One's Molly, and Midwestern Feminisms
LL Beadling - Middle West Review, 2019
… 14 Other contemporary film theorists continue to use the concept, including
Richard Maltby, who discusses the double plot in his book Hollywood Cinema
(2003) … 10. Neal King, “Generic Womanhood: Gendered Depictions in Cop …

Lamento lo que va a ocurrir aquí
P SeRRato - … , Possessions and Other Domestic Terrors in Cinema, 2019
In the 1960s, Mexico's youth came to constitute a force with which the state and other
institutions had to reckon. 1 among other things, youth took to the streets to demand
democratic and economic reform; they took aliking to rock music (which was …

Elegies for Theory
A Furlani - Canadian Review of Comparative Literature/Revue …, 2019
… Elegy for Theory, DN Rodowick's extensive survey of theory as erratic enabler of Cinema
Studies, is explicitly undertaken [End Page 164] in terms of particular Wittgensteinian
“language games” within conceptual family resemblances (Rodowick xii) …

home Invasions
BRI BReMS - … , Possessions and Other Domestic Terrors in Cinema, 2019
Director Michael Mann's debut feature Thief (1981) is based on the novel The Home
Invaders, by Frank hohimer. early in the film, the titular antihero Frank (James Caan)
tells local gangster Leo (Robert Prosky) that he won't do “cowboy scores, home …

Bollywood and Asian American Culture
J Desai - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature, 2019
… Components of the current transnational assemblage that is popularly called Bollywood
can be traced to the long-standing international formations of Bombay Hindi-Urdu cinema.
Early … nationalism. Early Bombay Cinema in the United States …

Women as Angry, Muted Subjects in Nepali Films
D Karki - Paragrana, 2019
… voicing subjects. As an investigation into the place of women in a 'new Nepali cinema',
this article discusses the filmic imaginaries of femininity caught between worlds of
tradition and modernity in contemporary Nepal. It decenters …

Travels in the Congo by Marc Allégret
R Gabara - African Studies Review, 2019
… Institute (BFI). Mauro Coceano composed an original score commissioned for this
reissue, which premiered at the Louvre Museum in Paris and was an official selection
at the 2018 Cinema Ritrovato Festival in Bologna. A feature …

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