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Jun 20, 2019

ECOLOGY News, Jun 20, 2019

Ecology of Ponderosa Pine
FR Gartner, FD Johnson, P Morgan - The Ecology And Economic Impact Of Poisonous …, 2019

[PDF] Development and behavioral ecology of Conopomorpha cramerella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae)
J Niogret, A Ekayanti, K Ingram, S Lambert, PE Kendra… - Florida Entomologist, 2019
Conopomorpha cramerella (Snellen)(Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) is the most
devastating pest responsible for the decline of cocoa (cacao) production in
Southeast Asia in the last few decades. Despite its economic importance, the basic …

Ecology and Spirituality
LE Sponsel - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion, 2019
Interest in the degradation of the “natural” environment, and the scientific, academic,
and activist responses including ecology have developed in Western societies
largely since the 1950s. Western ecology is a subfield of the biological sciences, and …

A City on a Lake: Urban Political Ecology and the Growth of Mexico City by Matthew Vitz
C Woolley - The Latin Americanist, 2019
A City on a Lake is an innovative and complex study of the social, political, and
environmental dynamics of Mexico City's demographic and spatial expansion from
the Porfiriato (1876–1911) through the middle of the twentieth century. The book …

Ecology in Islam
R Hancock - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion, 2019
Starting in the late 1960s, a small number of Muslim scholars turned their attention to
how the Islamic scriptures and intellectual tradition might help Muslims understand
and respond to climate change and environmental crisis. In building this Islamic …

Ecology of Thrush Birds (Passeriformes, Turdidae) in Northwestern Siberia under Effects of Climate and Landscape Changes
VN Ryzhanovskiy - Contemporary Problems of Ecology, 2019
The characteristics of the annual cycles and the ecology of thrush birds in the Lower
Priobye and the Yamal Penisula have been compared. The factors limiting the
species migration northward and the perspectives on the range expansion in the …

Comparison of solar light measurements from diffusing, focusing and bare optical fiber probes
GP Lachance, R Wang, WF Vincent, S Thibault… - Optics and Photonics for …, 2019
… 1994 (1). C. Lassen and BB Jorgensen, A _ fiber-optic irradiance microsensor
(cosine collector): application for in situ measurements of absorption
coefficients in sediments and microbial mats, FEMS Microbiology Ecology …

Accurate forest projections require long-term wood decay experiments because trait effects change.
B Oberle, MR Lee, JA Myers, OL Osazuwa-Peters… - 2019
… Preprint DOI. 10.32942/ License. CC-By Attribution-ShareAlike
4.0 International. Disciplines. Life Sciences Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Other Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Tags. carbon cycle Plant traits …

Association of Habitual Coffee Consumption and HECTD4 Polymorphism with Risk of Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes (P18-071-19)
T Jin, J Youn, M Kang, J Sung, JE Lee, AN Kim - Current Developments in Nutrition, 2019
… Association of Habitual Coffee Consumption and HECTD4 Polymorphism
with Risk of Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes (P18-071-19). Taiyue Jin.
Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Human Ecology, Seoul National …

Do forest edges reduce timber productivity–Implications for retention forestry techniques
TP Baker, RE Scott, MG Neyland, RA Musk - Forest Ecology and Management, 2019
Retention forestry techniques such as aggregated retention rely on proximity to an
adjacent standing forest to increase the speed and success of biological community
regeneration post-disturbance. However, increased competition near a standing …

[HTML] The relative contributions of climate, soil, diversity and interactions to leaf trait variation and spectrum of invasive Solidago canadensis
LJ Dong, WM He - BMC Ecology, 2019
Background Invasive plants commonly occupy diverse habitats and thus must adapt
to changing environmental pressures through altering their traits and economics
spectra, and addressing these patterns and their drivers has an importantly …

Phytoplankton as an Indicator of Ecological State of the Neva River Estuary for 2011–2015
VN Nikulina - Contemporary Problems of Ecology, 2019
During the study period, the general pattern of distribution, species composition, and
abundance of phytoplankton differed from those recorded previously. The greatest
changes are observed in the central part of the northern coast of Neva Bay. As …

Dynamics of Species and Size Structures of Phytoplankton at Different Levels of Bottom-Up and Top-Down Effects in Experimental Conditions
EG Sakharova, IY Feniova, ZI Gorelysheva… - … Problems of Ecology, 2019
An experimental study of the impacts of trophic conditions and the activity of
zooplankton and fish on the phytoplankton structure has shown that, at the beginning
of the experiment, the species and size structures of algae were dependent on the N …

Experimental Investigation of Interrelations between Small Rodents and Red Wood Ants
JV Levenets, VS Gromov, ZI Reznikova, SN Parteleeva - … Problems of Ecology, 2019
Investigations of the mechanisms of the spatial-behavioral interaction of members of
diverse and significant guilds such as red wood ants and small mammals have been
started only recently, and many questions remain obscure. We have investigated …

The Mercy of the Jungle by Joel Karekezi
A MacAulay - African Studies Review, 2019
… accompanied them. Inspired by the experiences of his Congolese cousin, Karekezi
interrogates the meaning and meaninglessness of war, using the ecology of the
jungle as a window into the complex dynamics of trauma. Set …

Reconstruction of the Holocene Dynamics of Forest Fires in the Central Part of Meshcherskaya Lowlands According to Antracological Analysis
DA Kupriyanov, EY Novenko - Contemporary Problems of Ecology, 2019
This paper presents a reconstruction of the Holocene dynamics of forest fires and
their influence on vegetation in the central part of Meshcherskaya Lowland. The
studies are based on macrocharcoal and pollen analyses and radiocarbon dating of …

[PDF] Oviposition by Copitarsia decolora Guenée (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on and near the host plant
N Robledo, R Arzuffi, H Reyes-Prado - Florida Entomologist, 2019
… 2012. Parent-offspring conflicts, “optimal bad motherhood” and the “mother
knows best” principles in insect herbivores colonizing novel host plants.
Ecology and Evolution 2: 1446–1457. Hilker M, Meiners T. 2002 … Janz N …

[PDF] Volatile compounds emitted by the stink bug Antiteuchus innocens (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)
MG Meneses-Arias, L Cruz-López, G Huerta, JC Rojas - Florida Entomologist, 2019
… Most of the studies on the chemical ecology of stink bugs have been performed on the
subfamilies Pentatominae and Asopinae (El-Sayed 2018) … This study was undertaken
to investigate some aspects of the chemical ecology of A. innocens …

Atrioventricular septal defect in cat. Description of a case and the embryological features.
A Basile, I Biasato, M Tursi, G Bartoloni - Veterinaria (Cremona), 2019
The Atrioventricular septal defect (AVSD) is a complex congenital heart disease
made up of an anomalous development of the Atrioventricular (AV) junction,
generating a unique AV orifice with a common AV valve. The AVSD is classified …

Laboratory skills. Manual laboratory diagnostics for dog and cat.
I Schwendenwein, A Moritz - Laboratory skills. Manual laboratory diagnostics for …, 2019
This book describes laboratory diagnostic techniques for diseases in cats and dogs.

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