Today: FINANCIAL News, Jun 20, 2019


Jun 20, 2019

FINANCIAL News, Jun 20, 2019

A Financial Ideology
M Sodré - The Science of the Commons, 2019
The epistemological problems of the communicational field and the insufficiency of
the informational paradigm adopted for the American sociological school of
communication research. The European field of communication studies in the sphere …

[HTML] House Prices and Financial Stability: An Australian Perspective
M Bullock, D Orsmond - Hot Property, 2019
Strong growth of household indebtedness and housing prices has raised a range of
financial stability concerns in Australia. While the main policy response has been to
tighten lending standards, two quantitative portfolio benchmarks have also been …

[PDF] Financial Stability Considerations and Monetary Policy?
AK Kashyap, C Siegert - 2019
The Federal Reserve faces a dilemma with respect to financial stability. On the one
hand, the simplest interpretation of its mandate gives the Federal Reserve a limited
role in addressing financial stability risks. On the other, the fact that the Fed now …

From financial to carbon diversification–The potential of physical gold
DG Baur, J Oll - Energy Economics, 2019
Gold is a well-known diversifier of financial risk with a long history as a physical
asset. This paper analyzes whether gold provides additional environmental benefits
in the portfolio context. We show that the addition of gold to a diversified equity …

College Campus Food Insecurity and Body Mass Index, Financial Assistance, and Ethnicity (P04-042-19)
M Fontenot, E Woods - Current Developments in Nutrition, 2019
The purpose of this study was to identify and describe the prevalence of hunger among
college students attending Louisiana Tech University located in Louisiana … Hypothesis
1: There will be no significant difference in BMI between those that are considered food …

[PDF] Public Financial Management and the Digitalization of Payments
M Cangiano, A Gelb, R Goodwin-Groen - 2019
Payments are central to how governments transfer financial resources. But the way
such payments are carried out has largely been peripheral to developments in public
financial management (PFM) systems. This paper seeks to explain how digitalization …

[HTML] Project Financial Management
W Huang - Built on Value, 2019
Projects are the basic units and cells of business management at Huawei. There are
different types of projects, including R&D, sales, delivery, and management
transformation projects. If projects are not effectively managed, it will be impossible …

[PDF] Exploring the Link between Operational Efficiency and Firms' Financial Performance: An Empirical Evidence from the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE)
M Musah, Y Kong, IA Mensah - 2019
The purpose of this study was to explore the link between operational efficiency and
the financial performance of non-financial firms listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange
(GSE). Specifically, the study sought to determine the association between …

Innovations in Financial Risk
ST Malone - 2019
This dissertation studies changes in financial risk around corporate decisions,
improves the methodology to measure such changes, and explores the predictability
of future changes in risk and their implications for future returns. The first essay …

[HTML] Making Financial Management Process-Based and Professional
W Huang - Built on Value, 2019
Finance must be process-based and professional; otherwise, it will incur high costs
for the company. We need to standardize and streamline routine matters through
processes and professional work. This will help reduce our management and …

Financial History of Japan in Global Context, 19th and 20th Centuries
M Schiltz - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History, 2019
(oxfordre. com/asianhistory).(c) Oxford University Press USA, 2019. All Rights
Reserved. Personal use only; commercial use is strictly prohibited (for details see …

[HTML] Huawei's Competition Strategy: A Financial Perspective
W Huang - Built on Value, 2019
Huawei creates value primarily through its business operations. The primary task of
its financial management department is to support and oversee business
departments in creating value. Financially, what are the key points that Huawei …

[HTML] Financial Management Throughout End-to-End Business Processes
W Huang - Built on Value, 2019
At Huawei, business plays a leading role and accounting plays an oversight role.
Finance is positioned to serve business and create value, with its oversight role
integrated into processes. The goals for the first phase of the Integrated Financial …

[HTML] Financial Stability and Housing Markets in Large Cities: What Role for Macroprudential Policy?
ML Duca, S Nicoletti-Altimari - Hot Property, 2019
In recent years, house prices in large cities increased sharply in many euro area
countries and around the world. A role for macroprudential policy in addressing
vulnerabilities can be motivated by the systemic importance of large cities (eg in …

[HTML] Digital Financial Management
W Huang - Built on Value, 2019
Data is the company's most important asset. We must manage data in the same way
as we manage capital. Data is our strategic resource. As we comprehensively mine
our data and use it more effectively, we are constantly uncovering and creating new …

B Mishra, D Ramazzotti, G Gao - US Patent App. 16/180,502, 2019
An exemplary system, method and computer-accessible medium for generating a
financial stress test (s), can be provided, which can include, for example, receiving
financial information, automatically determining a causal network (s) based on the …

Top management team composition and financial performance: examining the role of gender diversity
D Egerová, M Nosková - Economics and Management, 2019
Despite the growing research on the effect of top management team gender diversity
on company financial performance, the results remain inconclusive. The theoretical
framework guiding this study includes the upper echelons theory and critical mass …

D Ratmono - Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, 2019
Financial statements of central government entities play a pivotal role as an
instrument of accountability to the public in the management of state budget.
However, the numbers of previous studies which analyze determinants or efforts to …

DPE Saerang, HRN Wokas, RJ Kumaat, C Datu - ACCOUNTABILITY, 2019
This study aims to determine, the effect of understanding financial management,
regional financial accounting system, effectiveness of internal control and
organizational commitment towards financial performance of region and city …

Education: a burden or opportunity
SM Taylor - Money and Life, 2019
… Search for this publication on Google Scholar. Taylor, SM (2019). Education :
a burden or opportunity. Money And Life, 31(3), 18-19. Abstract. The financial
services industry is certainly facing volatile and testing times when it comes …

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