Today: MUSIC, Singers News, Jun 20, 2019


Jun 20, 2019

MUSIC, Singers News, Jun 20, 2019

Anneliese Landau's Life in Music: Nazi Germany to Émigré California
LE Hirsch - 2019
Page 1. L|LY EHRSC H. ſºº sº Life in Music º Nazi Germany to Émigré California
Page 2. Anneliese Landau's Life in Music Page 3. Eastman Studies in Music Ralph
P. Locke, Senior Editor Eastman School of Music Additional …

The Karl Muck Scandal: Classical Music and Xenophobia in World War I America
MD Burrage - 2019
… Wagner brought together hun- dreds of Germany's best instrumentalists,
singers, actors, artists, danc- ers, writers, costumers, designers, and engineers …
travels to Bayreuth, American author Mark Twain referred to this celebrated …

Sound and Modernity in the Literature of London, 1880–1918, by Patricia Pye; pp. xxxi
… their social class and their location in the city: one sense of temporality created
by more informal news sources like ballad singers and patterers … modern
London in chapter 3, Pye considers the ways in which the sounds of popular …

Ruins on Record
SM Sørensen - Paragrana, 2019
… comes to the fore as we surrender to the conspicuous technically mediated
presence of embodied voices of conspicuously absent singers! All this, the
project in itself, its products and the particular listening positions it conditions …

[PDF] There Should Be No Performances
P Vol, J Napier - Editorial 4 Guest Editor's Column 5, 2019
… A single melodic line (see Figure 4) is performed heterophonically by two
pairs of male singers (see Figure 5). The singers deliberately shake … 15 But
though this music is central to ritual life, Kodava frequently have expressed …

The case of Arabic–Hebrew in Palestine
N Hawker - The Routledge Handbook of Arabic Sociolinguistics, 2019

[PDF] Social Sustainability and Collective Participation
M do Rosário Pestana - Editorial 4 Guest Editor's Column 5, 2019
… They also sited the impact of the music being disseminated by mass
communication, the lack of interest in local traditions by young … hall were
made possible by support from the parish council, which assured …

Daniel-François-Esprit Auber's Les Chaperons blancs
RI Letellier - 2019
… xxvii The Singers ..... xxviii Bibliography … The world of music
saw a great many changes during those 90 years …

The Traveling Chautauqua: Caravans of Culture in Early 20th Century America
RE Barrows - 2019
… a musical prelude entertained the audience, and many evenings were
scheduled with all-music programming. Musical offerings were as varied
as the range of lecture topics. There were violin and piano soloists …

Bollywood and Asian American Culture
J Desai - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature, 2019
… second largest producer of movies invariably evokes a dubious 'You
don't mean it.'” 3 Assessed through Hollywood-centric rubrics, Indian films
have been frequently evaluated as second cousins or poor imitations of …

[PDF] Imperfect fifths pack into musical scales
J Mcbride, T Tlusty - PsyArXiv. June, 2019
… Music evolution | Scales | Harmonicity | Packing | Information Theory How and why did
humans evolve to create and appreciate music … Despite the wealth of scales of this type,
these cultures are but a fraction of the those that produce music …

Beyond Fingal's Cave: Ossian in the Musical Imagination
J Porter - 2019
Page 1. p : yo N p FI NGA L'S C AV E OSS I AN IN TH E. MUSIC AL IM
A G IN AT I ON J AM ESPORTER Page 2. Beyond Fingal's Cave Page
3 … Title: Beyond Fingal's cave : Ossian in the musical imagination / James …

“Need to Know” or the Strong Urge to Find Names of Unique Entities in Acquired Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
L Edelkraut, ML Berthier, C Green-Heredia… - Cognitive and Behavioral …, 2019
The two forms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),
idiopathic and acquired, have been linked to a.

[PDF] The Cosmopolitical and Parainetic Applications of “Euphrosyne” from Orpheus to Plato
WB Yeats
… 29. Crat., 408b-d, comp. Symposium, 205c. 30. See, for example, Hesiod,
Theo., 86-100 where the “ἔπε” pronounced by the “worshipful princes” are
considered to be as much “a holy gift of the Muses to men” as the music …

The Progressive Writers Association
M Ramnath - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History, 2019
The Progressive Writers Association (PWA) was founded in the mid-1930s by
a group of South Asian leftist intellectuals who moved between metropolitan
and colonial contexts. Announcing itself with a manifesto written in London in …

Widor on Organ Performance Practice and Technique
JR Near - 2019
… Eastman Studies in Music Ralph P. Locke, Senior Editor Eastman School
of Music Additional Titles of Interest Anton Heiller: Organist, Composer,
Conductor Peter Planyavsky Bach and the Pedal Clavichord: An Organist's …

City Songs and American Life, 1900-1950
M Lasser - 2019
… There are sev- eral places in the following chapters where I could have written
about the Dust Bowl, Woody Guthrie, and the Almanac Singers. I also could
have written about the Carter Family, Jimmy Rodgers, and the rise of what …

Archivo General de la Nación (Mexico City), 161 Arciniega, Claudio de, 184 art indigenous manuscript painting, 173
EA Ahuitzotl, A Bulls, F Alva Ixtlilxóchitl, J Alvarado… - Anales de Tecamachalco
… See cantores y trompeteros, See church music Muslims, Granada, 34–7,
46 … Tarascas, 55–7, 199 Tasufin, Yusuf Ibn, 35 Taxquiaco, 202 Tecali, 179
Tecamachalco, 179 Telhuacán, 217, 219, 226 telpochcalli (military and trade …

A Study Guide for Gwendolyn Brooks's “We Real Cool”
G Brooks
… The rising popularity of jazz music in America helped make white audiences
more sensitive to the issues of civil rights and … Baker, Houston A., Jr., “The
Achievement of Gwendolyn Brooks,” in Singers of Daybreak: Studies in Black …

Liszt's Representation of Instrumental Sounds on the Piano: Colors in Black and White
HJ Kim - 2019
… Eastman Studies in Music Ralph P. Locke, Senior Editor Eastman School
of Music Additional Titles of Interest Beyond the Art of Finger Dexterity:
Reassessing Carl Czerny Edited by David Gramit Busoni as Pianist Grigory …

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