Today: PROTO THEMA - Romania-Bulgaria: Unemployment is a major problem for both countries, Aug 12, 2013


Aug 12, 2013

PROTO THEMA - Romania-Bulgaria: Unemployment is a major problem for both countries, Aug 12, 2013

High unemployment and unfavorable economic data continue to keep in "agony" Eastern - mostly - Europe, the economic and financial crisis has not yet been overcome.
According to the research findings Consumer Confidence in Europe the company GfK, the discussions in the European Union continued to center around the economic crisis and the second quarter of 2013.
According to the research findings, Bulgaria completed a cycle austerity policy. The government of the poorest European Union country has achieved an overall cost reduction in the public service by 15%.

This development greatly improved the economic situation of the country. The debt formed about 20% of GDP. Instead, unemployment "climbed" in double digits and economic growth stagnated, resulting in about 20% of the population living in poverty.
The new prime minister of Bulgaria (Plamen Oresharski) announced immediately after taking office, measures to strengthen the economy and combating poverty, aiming to return the economy to the right "path" of development. Initial measures announced included - among others - increases in civil servant wages, benefits and pensions heating.
Romania, one of the poorest countries in Europe, continues to "fight" against the adverse economic environment. In the first quarter of 2013, the Romanian GDP grew 0.7% over the previous quarter and 2.6% on an annual basis. However, unemployment is rising and according to data from the European statistical office Eurostat formed at the level of 7.5%. Also, inflation record upward trend and stands at 4.4%, one of the highest rates in Europe.
The formulation of macroeconomic indicators has a significant impact on the intention of Romanians make purchases. A large proportion of Romanians "abandoned" food markets, such as vegetables and fruits and turned to cultivating his own, as he has the purchasing power to obtain them.

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