Today: TECHNOLOGY News, Sept 02, 2013


Sep 2, 2013

TECHNOLOGY News, Sept 02, 2013

Technology news shows massive smartphone sales increases in ...
Mobile Commerce Press
A brand new technology news report has just been released that has stated that the Asia Pacific countries, as well as those in Eastern Europe and Latin America ...See all stories on this topic »

Mobile Commerce Press

Technology news made as device giants shield their profits
Mobile Commerce Press
A Federal appeals panel has just released a ruling that is making technologynews headlines and that has entitled tech giants Apple and Samsung to proceed ...See all stories on this topic »

Mobile Commerce Press

Latest Technology News
Latest Technology News. 'Saints Row IV': Hail to the chief · Review - Mario and Luigi: Dream Team · Review - Race the Sun. Share ...See all stories on this topic » 
Image Caption: L. Brad King's prototype of a ferrofluid ion thruster. When subjected to voltage, the points of the crown arise from a ring-shaped trench circling a ...See all stories on this topic » 
According to a TechCrunch report, the headline “Google Owned No News Is a Good News” topped the redirected site. Four names — what appear to be the ...See all stories on this topic » 
While there's plenty of time in between now and a driverless future, today's announcement confirms automakers see this new technology as the future of ...See all stories on this topic » 
While 3D as a format for movies and TV is mostly flat, with sales of sets failing to gain steam and actually fewer movies being produced in the next-gen format, ...See all stories on this topic »


Google Hangouts Going HD, May Enter Enterprise Market
Google has begun to upgrade its Hangouts video conferencing feature to include 720p HD video, thanks to a switch from the H.264 video codec to VP8, an open ...See all stories on this topic » 
Facebook announced another round of changes to its privacy policy and user rights policy in an email sent to its users late last night. The social behemoth now ...See all stories on this topic » 
The official news comes after a week of speculation about Google's interest in Uber. It was discovered late last week that Google invested $250 million in Uber in ...See all stories on this topic » (Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher)
IFTTT / SkyDrive Channel. Once you set up Skydrive on Windows 8, you'll want to active Skydrive on if you're using it for automation (I've written ...Cool Cat Teacher Blog 

Pilot plant to trial new carbon capture technology that converts CO2 ...
A new method for permanently and safely storing carbon emissions generated from fossil fuels and other industrial processes will be trialled in a mineral - latest science and technology news stories 

WTOP Adds Tech News Section To Website |
HUBBARD News WTOP/WASHINGTON has launched a new section of its WTOP.COM website dedicated to technology news. Reporter NEAL AUGENSTEIN ...Latest Net News from 

Cary Technology News Update: September - CaryCitizen | CaryCitizenIan Henshaw
Our friend Ian Henshaw has been busy updating the technology news for Cary and the Triangle.CaryCitizen 

Software Update to $20 Phones Could Topple 2G Cell Networks ...
Swapping software can give one GSM phone the power to prevent incoming calls and text messages from reaching other phones nearby.Communications - MIT Technology Review 
James Cull
An unusual patent awarded to Apple today suggests that the company is looking into the possibility of integrating so-called "silent disco"...MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories 

Autonomous driving technology takes center stage - Automotive News
Automakers love to display their technological prowess at the big auto shows, searching for that cutting-edge feature that will dazzle consumers.Automotive News Automaker News Feed 
Jeff John Roberts
In a new film about the end of the world, Google Glass makes a cameo appearance -- a move that may suggest tech firms could replace governments as ...GigaOM
Indy's Impact on Marketing Tech (and How Marketing Tech is ...
TechPoint Staff
Marketing technology has emerged as one of the fastest-growing and highest-profile business clusters in the greater Indianapolis area. In fact, there have been ...Indiana Technology News | TechPoint 

Yahoo! picks up image recognition company IQ Engines
The acquisitions keep coming in at a frantic pace for Yahoo! The Internet giant has purchased image recognition service IQ Engines in hopes that the technology ...India's Technology News, Analysis, Reviews, Videos, Downloads, Products Comparison on Alexander Language Schools, Franchise Alexander Language Schools or Products and Services  Surrender the Heart (Surrender to Destiny)Alexander Dictionary of English Idioms: English-FrenchUnder the SunStealing JakeAlexander Dictionary of English Idioms: English-Swedish

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